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    I’m a production sound mixer, also supervising sound editor/sound designer and re-recording mixer, as well as owner of studio “Digital Mono”.
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  1. I also have cheap no-name batteries that power up whatever device you put it in, but the point is that this particular Sennheiser LBA500 battery is not. I’m saying this because those are new item from Sennheiser gama and there are not many informations you can find on internet (especially false claims that those are NP-type compatible - NOT true).
  2. As I promised, here’s the report: 1. Sennheiser LBA500 battery is NOT powering Zaxcom devices with NP-1 type slot. I’ve tried with my Fusion/Deva recorder using two fully charged LBA500 batteries, so possibility of battery malfunction is excluded. 2. NP-1 chargers can NOT charge Sennheiser LBA500 battery. I’ve tried two chargers by different manufacturers that normally work with other li-ion NP-1 type batteries. Charger is not even recognizing battery. Bottom line: Whatever they say on their website, Sennheiser LBA500 battery is NOT NP-type compatible. Bad move by Sennheiser!
  3. Well that is true, but even Senn official distributor can not import because of those regulations (at least they say so). There are also other ways to get them, of course. The point is, if those LBA500 batteries could be used in equipment made by other manufacturers besides Sennheiser and their speaker LSP500, that it would be very cool and great move by Sennheiser. As a matter of fact, I started this topic so we can inform ourselves and not make a mistake and buy those batteries if it turns out unusable for intended purpose.
  4. I’m sorry if you find me arrogant John, but it wasn’t me who started it. If this is about newcomer (although I’m not that new as it might appear) traditional “welcome” or whatever, then ok I’ll take it. Anyway, I’ll try to use Sennheiser LBA500 battery to power up my Zaxcom Fusion as soon as I get one of those and let you guys know about the outcome. Thank you all!
  5. Sorry Constatin I’ve just noticed that you are from Germany. Yes, there is Thomann and other stores where you can get those batteries, but here our Sennheiser distributor is unable to import because of reasons stated above (legal limitations of transporting li-ion batteries).
  6. Nobody is asking you to do anyone’s job John Blankenship. You can ignore and do whatever you do, but you do not need to post non-constructive comments and assume things you are not sure about. Maybe some people are not doing their homework and posting stupid questions here, but to assume that is always the case is not really the best way to communicate with someone you do not know. Btw this is not true because I’ve tried that personaly with two types of NP-1 chargers (IDX and Sony). Chargers are not recognizing LBA500 battery as I’ve said before.
  7. In US maybe, but here it’s a problem. Firstly because many sellers can’t import them because it is forbidden to carry li-ion batteries on plane. To be more precise, they can import but can’t fly them over.
  8. Thanks Peter Mega. I was thinking in the same direction
  9. Well John Blankenship, did you find any answer on the qestions I asked? All that I’ve find (typing not only what you’ve suggested, but a little bit more thorough reaearch) are links to stores where to buy. It seems that there is no kind of manual for that battery, even for charger, not to speak about battery pinout and other things that might actualy lead to constructive conclusion. What I’ve found out so far is that these batteries would not charge on standard 14,4v li-ion NP-1 charger (charger is not “recognizing” the battery), and it seems that it is so because of different number and placement of battery contacts. What I want to know is would LBA500 power Zaxcom devices with NP-1 slot? If you have found that information on internet, would you be so kind to share it here, because mr. Google doesn’t work that way where I’m from. That information would be useful not only for me, but also for many others because Sennheiser just started to make these replacement batteries (meant to power their speaker LSP500 pro in a first place), and it would be nice to know if we can use them for our purposes, especially knowing that supply of NP-1 type batteries are pretty low here in Europe. Also if anyone had any experience using Sennheiser LBA500 battery with any type of gear we usually use in our location sound arsenal, please share? Thanks!
  10. Hello everyone! This is my first post here. Does anyone have experience with Sennheiser NP-1 type replacement batteries LBA500? Question is, are those good to power Zaxcom Fusion, Deva ...etc? I’m asking because it seems that there is different pin assigment, at least comparing to other manufacturers. I’ve searched this forum and internet and haven’t found any info. Thanks. Best!
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