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  1. Firmware version 2.0.1 has been released for the Track E along with an updated iOS app.  It includes support for the wireless audio monitoring as featured in the beta.


    BUT... there is a bug with this firmware:


    ***25. Jan 2021*** We have encountered a bug in V2.0.1 where settings are not saved to device after changing the recording format. We will fix this asap and have a new version for you hopefully tomorrow. It is safe to use older firmware versions with the latest setup app for iOS/Android. Only the monitoring will not work (and that's why you are here, aren't you)


    Sorry for the inconveniences!


    So hold off for now.  Check back after January 26th.



  2. On 6/1/2021 at 8:28 AM, kavenzmann said:

    From Rode there is the VideoMic NTG as a short shotgun or the NTG4+ as a traditional shotgun.


    Both have built-in batteries and don't need phantom power.


    Oh good idea!


    I have a Rode NTG4+ but I never thought to try it with my Track E.


    Will any XLR to 1/8" cable work?  It might be cool to have this as an option.  Like a very large plant mic.


  3. 16 hours ago, daniel said:

    The point about using photos to compare TC displays is kind of valid and overall it's a thorough review (i FF the walk tests:) but a more real world use would be to Jam both devices to the same reference (eg the recorder), use the displays to confirm source and stick the BP-TRX on the cameras (and if you're working with a single camera with an audio I/P use the spare box to send a scratch track). I would not be surprised if there were drift in the compared files but he didn't seem to test this. There are also few TC devices which dont have a numeric display at all unless you are using an app.


    I messaged Allen on the Youtube video.  He says he will have more videos about timecode on the BP-TRX.


    He also said there will be new firmware that fixes the display.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Justin Allen said:

    I am wondering if anyone besides me has anxiety with using the Tentacle Sync Track E and not being able to monitor the audio in real time. I know you can see it recording on their app but.....


    I'm guessing Tentacle's answer is to set decent levels beforehand and use 32-bit Float.


    Then if it peaks/clips... at least you can rescue it in post.


    It would have been nice if it could record a 2nd safety channel like the Tascam DR-10.  But the Track E strictly a mono recorder.


    Though this wouldn't allow you to hear clothing rustle or other audio problems during recording.


    Question:  How would you monitor the audio of a recorder if it's clipped on someone's belt?  Would you also attach a transmitter to them? 


    This is assuming you could get audio out during recording... Tentacle disables US headphone jacks because of the patent.

  5. So...


    $400 for a pair of Tentacle Sync E boxes... that *only* do timecode...




    $480 for a pair of Deity BP-TRX boxes... that do timecode, and record, and transmit, and camera hop, and IEM, etc...


    Is anyone else cross-shopping these two systems?  


    I already have a MixPre6-II with timecode... and I have a Tentacle Track E because I wanted a standalone lav recorder with timecode.


    So naturally I wanted a pair of Sync E to add timecode to cameras.  


    But now the BP-TRX has me tempted!


    I love how the Tentacle devices can all be synced with the phone app.  It's a very slick ecosystem.  


    But the BP-TRX offers so much more functionality.  It's a wireless audio system too!  That's also something I'm interested in.


    Decisions, decisions...  🤩

  6. On 2/24/2021 at 10:16 PM, IronFilm said:

    Zoom released the F2, that is basically their take on the Tascam DR10


    But..... they also released the Zoom F2-BT! Which adds bluetooth/timecode to the base model F2. 




    But the F2-BT only gets timecode from an external timecode generator like the UltraSync BLUE.


    Perhaps that's how Zoom skirted the timecode portion of the patent... since it not built-in...

  7. 6 hours ago, kavenzmann said:

    Also, the MixPre just freezes sometimes when powered with a powerbank. It always happens right after starting it sothat I can avoid issues, but I don't feel very comfortable.  That might be an issue with the powerbank I use, as I did not see that behaviour with my Sony NP-F style batteries or AA cells.


    Which powerbank are you using?


    I use the Anker PowerCore+ 20100 that Sound Devices recommends.  I've run it non-stop for hours and it's been flawless.

  8. 1 minute ago, pillepalle said:

    You don't need the studio software for the Track Es... the studio software is only used for TC recorded as some kind of morse code onto an audio channel.


    Yes I know.  🙂


    I was simply using that as an example of how TC would still be useful even if someone is worried about a tiny bit of drift.


    Whether you use the Studio software for audio-based timecode files... or your NLE's built-in syncing function for metadata-based timecode files... having TC is definitely awesome.

  9. 2 hours ago, Constantin said:

    The Track Es have as their tc part essentially a Sync E inside and they will stay in sync with each other for at least 24 hours. There will be no drift of tc. 




    That's the whole point of Tentacle boxes.  They have VERY accurate clocks inside them.  And once they are jammed or synced together... they will keep consistent time for a long time.


    If they didn't... then they wouldn't be very useful...  😀


    I haven't heard many complaints from owners of Tentacle boxes.  They seem to work very well and are usually highly recommended.  Though you should probably slate whenever you can.  Just to be safe.


    You can still use the Tentacle Sync Studio software to arrange all your clips... even if you have to adjust them a tiny bit manually from the slate.

  10. 2 hours ago, Mattias Larsen said:

    Ok, think someone might have pointed it out, but you can currently not use this to generate TC into something else at the moment. Thought this was one of the selling points from before the actual release, but I might have just hoped for it. Might be good to know if you previously planned to use it as a spare TC machine 


    Yes... I was hoping they could be used as extra TC boxes when you don't need audio recording.  


    But this way they can still sell you the standard Sync E boxes for each of your devices...  😎

  11. 5 hours ago, daniel said:

    In Video, Ulrich says Track E has "Sync E built in". So does this mean it can also be used like a Sync E for syncing other devices?


    Yeah I'm wondering the same thing.


    I have a MixPre-6 II that has its own timecode... so I was planning on getting a Sync E for my camera.


    BUT... if the Track E can do the same things as the Sync E... I might as well get that instead and have a bonus audio recorder for other applications.


    The Track E is slightly bigger than the Sync E... but both are still very small.  They both have timecode capabilities built-in... and both have 3.5mm jacks (which is how you would jam timecode in/out)


    So it's very possible that the Track E can perform as a Sync E alternative.


    I think Ulrich said they'd both be around the same price too.  If so... I wonder how much longer both products would need to exist?  IF the Track E can do all the same things as a Sync E.... *and* it also includes lavelier recording... it seems like the Track E could just become their default product.


    I'll be keeping an eye on this.  We've got a few months anyway.

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