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  1. Am I able to use a RF Venue Diversity fin with the nova? Will I still need to used a PSC SMA Multi Splitter or something similar?
  2. Thanks everyone for the response! I've implemented a lot of your suggestions and seem to have found a middle ground. I changed my TX channel 1 to a more open frequency, swapped my Comtek cable for the manufacturers cable, and changed the Sony TX (hops) freq as far away from everything else as I could. My range has mostly returned to normal but I am still battling some issues with the Comtek's. They seem to work decent indoors but when running around outside every so often theres a terrible clicking sound that lasts 3-5 seconds sometimes. It's pretty loud and persistent and seems to
  3. Hey all! Firstly I want to say thank you to everyone within this community for sharing and passing on insight and knowledge. Also I just want to say I'm a bit of a location sound noobie so go easy on me! I've recently started a show in Galveston, TX and am having some range / RF issues. I'm running block 20 / 21 Lectro 411a's with SMQV TX with a PSC Multi Splitter and RF Venue Diversity Fin Antenna in a K-tek bag with a Comtek M216. Also the DP provided some Sony TX/RX units to be used as camera hops as he has a super slot within his Sony camera. I've been clipping the Sony TX (ho
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