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    I am a Photographer who is learning Video. I am interested in learning to produce quality audio.
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  1. Thanks for the Info. That is what I anticipated...
  2. I am using this battery to power my Zoom F8N Recorder. I have it and this battery in an Orca OR-30. There are (3) gold post on the back side. I am using the DTAP to Hirose to get power into the Zoon F8N. These three post are making insertion of the battery extremely difficult sliding the battery in or out. Here is the question: What are those post for and can I remove them? I have ordered the same battery from Amazon without them, with just the DTAP and USB ports..... Jeff
  3. I tried a PNY meme stick and was able to update the receiver. The SanDisk wouldn’t work. Thanks Jeff
  4. Received my Connect system. Have a couple of questions. The two TX have 1.33 Firmware on them but the Receiver has 1.22 firmware.I tried to update the receiver per the instructions and it fails.Question 1: Do they need to match?Question 2: Any suggestions on the fail?Jeff Waldrop
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