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    I am a Photographer who is learning Video. I am interested in learning to produce quality audio.
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  1. Rick, I could be ignorant on what I am missing, but directing the audio in with a Cos-11d lav mic and this Zoom F8n, seems waaay better than the Rode Video Mic (I gladly unloaded on EBay). Yes, I am aware of the crappy pre-amps in just about all DSLRs, but I think the workflow I am describing is a vast improvement.... But, as I noted at the beginning of this reply, I may be just ignorant enough to not know what I could be accomplishing. At this point I am trying to learn basic sound / video capture, post production, etc. I have a day job and this is strictly an interest at this point. Thanks Rick and I will check out Plural Eyes. Jeff
  2. Thanks, Pillepalle, Yes, I assumed those TA3's were for more sophisticated cameras. I am trying to avoid syncing separate audio tracks with my video simply because I don't know how to do that. Yes, I know there are timecode and clapper boards, but I just want to keep it simple. I know no one locally to help me along. Thanks again Jeff
  3. I am capturing sound with a Zoom F8n and want to pipe it right into the Mic Input on my DSLR. I am a newbie, so in my mind, this method leaves out the syncing of Audio (better captured with quality mics / equipment) with the Video my DSLR captures. My question is: Is there any advantage of Main Out vs Sub Out on the Zoom F8n? I have male to male 1/8" cables I am able to use Sub Out right away with no adapters or other cables. The Main Out outputs are TA3 jacks and I would need an adapter to go from TA3 to 1/8" male. What do you guys and gals do? Jeff W Waldrop
  4. Yes Sir, I understand what you are saying..... now. Thanks, I will try that. I may be worried about something that I can even see yet..... I will report back... Jeff W Waldrop South Louisiana, USA
  5. So, I am new folks to sound capture, processing, etc. I recently purchased a Deity connect 2.4 GHZ wireless transmitter / reciever kit to run sound thru to a Zoom F8n and out to my Dig SLR so sound track can be supplied to video in camera. How do you account for the 19ms delay that is created by the "wireless" method? Is it as simple as delaying the track in the computer? It use a Mac with Final Cut Pro.... Am I making any sense? Just want the lips to match the soundtrack... Jeff
  6. Thanks, all. I appreciate the recommendations.... Jeff
  7. Recently I commented that I was using Adobe Audition as my software to process recorded sounds and (mostly) human dialog. I referred to Audition as a DAW. Most of the replies seemed to say Audition comes up short as a DAW..... I am on a Mac Book Pro btw.... What is your recommendation for a beginning sound recordist? I am a photographer who has gotten in to video short films or documentary style video and I am using the Zoom F8n and the F6 to capture the audio and sync with video. My audio has, for the most part, been clean and honestly acceptable... Any comments, criticism or suggestions will be most appreciated....
  8. Ok, Thanks all. I am trying to learn the ropes. I will look into the books. I also have Final Cut Pro, just the iMovie isn't as difficult to understand. Jeff
  9. I am relatively new to recording dialog voice sound for video with a DSLR. I am using a Zoom F8n and a Zoom F6 to capture sound independently to an SD and also patch it in to the camera. I have read the importance of room tone for use to repair splices in the audio (?). I am using Audition for editing of the WAV files and I am using IMovie on the Mac to edit video and rendering. Where can I find some examples of how room tone is used in editing sound preferably with Audition since that is what I am using for a DAW? Any recommendations on a good YouTube video explanation on it? Just a newbie, Jeff
  10. Thanks for the Info. That is what I anticipated...
  11. I am using this battery to power my Zoom F8N Recorder. I have it and this battery in an Orca OR-30. There are (3) gold post on the back side. I am using the DTAP to Hirose to get power into the Zoon F8N. These three post are making insertion of the battery extremely difficult sliding the battery in or out. Here is the question: What are those post for and can I remove them? I have ordered the same battery from Amazon without them, with just the DTAP and USB ports..... Jeff
  12. I tried a PNY meme stick and was able to update the receiver. The SanDisk wouldn’t work. Thanks Jeff
  13. Received my Connect system. Have a couple of questions. The two TX have 1.33 Firmware on them but the Receiver has 1.22 firmware.I tried to update the receiver per the instructions and it fails.Question 1: Do they need to match?Question 2: Any suggestions on the fail?Jeff Waldrop
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