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  1. Thank you Janik for very clear explanation.
  2. Hi Janik. Your version 2 looks really good. Good to know about my russian video helped you to develop mini blimp. I know almost nothing about 3D printing materials. So, I wonder: can one print a blimp as flexible as f. ex. polypropylene?
  3. Thank You, Janik. BTW, here is the list of parts: Perforated ball Shock absorber Silocone rings Polypropylen pipe 110mm Silicone shock absorber damping ball 6 мм Elastic anti-vibration ball dual-head Sponge Tube 1/4''-20 Knurled Seat Screw Bolt 20mm  wiring grommet
  4. https://youtu.be/nOOGusih2Eg?t=206 This video is not in English --- could be useful anyway (but it would have been preferable to have it in English or have a translation). - edit: Jeff Wexler, JWSOUNDGROUP
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