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  1. Update, 6 weeks on - after too much back and forth I bit the bullet and opted for a couple of Schoeps CMC6 bodies, a Fig 8 capsule and a couple of Mk4 capsules. So, all bases covered, a dent to the bank balance but with flexibility for the future in terms of alternative patterns. I'm a happy bunny 😁 Thanks to you all for pitching in with advice and opinions - very much appreciated 👍
  2. It's not definite yet, but most likely each room (3) will use 3 projection screens to display visuals and a pair of loudspeakers for stereo reproduction. I'm pushing for multi-channel sound, but it looks like this isn't a priority for the folks creating the budget... However, a gig for later in the year (if distance restrictions ever lift sufficiently for filming of crowds) will feature Saxon battle scenes; the director wants immersive sound so I foresee renting a Soundfield - or possibly a double MS rig - come the time. Fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks haifai and Jez - some good, pragmatic thinking here; feel a bit dumb that it didn't occur to me that strapping an alternative fig 8 to an existing MS shotgun is an option 😂 I have access to a RSM 191, so will take the opportunity to play around with that and also rent one or two options to inform myself of what's possible, as haifai suggests. Thanks for the tip on trying a sub cardioid, Jez - again, I'd just assumed a vanilla Mk4 capsule was 'the thing' for the mid signal. Really glad to have found the forum!
  4. Thank you to everyone for their thoughts - it's really appreciated. It doesn't have to be MS, but having played around with the technique (after years of assuming XY was the 'only' way to record stereo) I've really fallen for the possibilities it offers. What would your preference be for ambiences, Constantin? By way of context, I'm currently working on a museum installation which will rely heavily on weather / outdoor + indoor environment ambience for its sound design and I'm intrigued by how stereo image manipulation might play a part in the final result. I'd initially considered going down the Ambisonics route, but hardware restrictions at the museum meant there'd be no benefit from doing so.
  5. Avantone MixCube is a good option - powered, sealed box unit, it's not a faithful recreation of the Auratone, but does a great job of giving the listener a real focus on the midrange of whatever they're listening to. You can buy in pairs or singles. Build quality is good - I've been using one for the last four or so years, no complaints.
  6. First time poster - please excuse the ignorance... I'm looking to put together a MS rig to capture ambiences and occasionally sound for use in special effects / sound design - dialogue recording is not the goal; the main requirement is a rig that's suitable for interior and exterior recording. My question is, should I only be looking at setups consisting of two separate sdc mics ( most likely choosing between a Sennheiser MKH or Schoeps CMC6 set) or would a shotgun MS mic (currently considering the Sanken CMS-50 or a used Neumann RSM-191) serve me just as well? Whilst researching forum posts I get the sense that the shotgun approach should only be considered if recording dialogue is necessary - for anything else only a two (separate) mic approach is appropriate. Have I got the wrong end of the stick? Is the shotgun option a 'no compromise' option? I'd love to hear any thoughts or advice from forum members. Thanks!
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