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    It's a great community. I am just starting with audio and have a rather low budget audio bag. (Mixpre 10 ii ans Sony uwp-d), and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. Can anyone help me? Does the input have a locking connector?
  2. Still I don’t get why it’s possible to send the signal of a single transmitter to three receivers but it’s not possible to pair say four transmitters to a stereo receiver and switch channels just for monitoring. This way you could save a lot of bandwidth in the crowded WiFi area because you could stop the transmitters that are not being monitored at the moment so that they are only recording internally.. this way you wouldn’t need a sound bag at all anymore and have no problems with the audio delay in post because you are only recording in the transmitters.. but most of all I hope we will
  3. still waiting and hoping it will release soon! by the way: it would be great if you could combine the mono wireless receiver signal with the analog input, so you can output a single wireless channel plus a small mic as a stereo signal to the camera. is that possible? At first maybe I will use a single unit as a stereo recorder with Timecode to record my two Sony analog wireless units through the stereo analog input. Just for the case when I cannot carry a large sound bag.. as these units have no delay they can be easily synced with the camera tc.
  4. Here’s a great review of the non bt version. https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/01/14/zoom-f2-review/
  5. That’s a misunderstanding. I was talking about the ultra sync blue which syncs Timecode to the f2 and the iPhone mavis Video App. But I’m not sure how this can work at all as there is no reliable fixed frame rate even with third party software on a phone..
  6. I would be very curious how Timecode works on a smartphone.. for example you can sync the ultra sync blue to five zoom f2 plus the Mavis app on an iPhone. But I am not sure if this works as the frame rate on a smartphone is not constant at all. Even if you set it to 50p it’s constantly changing by a frame or two.. so no way to lock the variable frame rate.
  7. You don’t need tentacle sync studio at all if you don’t want. Most editing software can decode audio tc like resolve or avid. But tentacle sync studio is the fastest way, it can output the video files together with the synced audio channels without reencoding the video, so it’s very fast, and it has no problems when the audio recording restarts during a video take - for example when you reach a file size limitation (4gb) on some recorders. Editing software mostly only syncs one video file to one audio file, no matter if audio is recorded simultaneous or subsequently, or it just messes everythi
  8. I saw this as well. Hope they will fix it, at least they have a lockable input and output connector. Tentacle does not. That’s a good point. I knew that there can be some drift on video cameras when I don’t use word clock. But I wasn’t too sure about audio - I was hoping that software like tentacle sync could compensate for drift when the Timecode track is updated during recording just like plural eyes compensates audio drift by stretching the audio. And indeed tentacle sync studio can compensate at least the starting point a little when it detects that the audio Timecode doesn’t start
  9. You can only connect a single unit to your smartphone. But I don’t know hos many to the the ultrasonic blue..
  10. Did anybody here try to TC-sync multiple Zoom F2 units with an Ultrasync blue? I didnt find any review on the web so far..
  11. Thanks, good to know that the timecode sync is accurate enough! Still I think Zoom F2 is the better option to pair with my ultrasync one.. I often have to let them run for more than 10 hours a day so swappable AAA-batteries seem like the better option - or even lithium-batteries that should stay on for 18 hours. Did you use them only as a backup or as the only recorder on the field as well?
  12. Ok, maybe I will keep my Sony UWP-D units - I think its easier and a better connection if I am using four or five of the analog units as to use four or five 2.4 ghz units.. I was still hoping that I can just use them to monitor the signal and record directly on the talent with timecode and then just sync everything up in post. Would be much more reliable and I could get rid of the heavy soundbag. But I havent found a single test with more than one unit of the tentacle track e or the zoom f2. I think there will be phasing issues with the tentacle as its not constantly syncing TC.
  13. Hmm, 19ms really is a lot. Especially when compared to my sony analog units. I think I would have to set the same delay for my other units in the mixpre 10 Ii as well and somehow compensate in the Timecode settings, because mixpre and camera is synced via tc as well. But I don’t know if a tc compensation Settings exists there. Does it affect monitoring your audio? Is it annoying to live monitor audio with a 19ms delay?
  14. For word and phrase searching in Video files I use the Phrase-Find option in Avid media composer. Works great if you just want to find some words and dont need a transcript.
  15. I don’t need or use the track e. I use three ultra sync ones. Avid media composer for example is able to read audio Timecode as well but doesn’t sync it flawlessly - like most editing applications. And constantly working with grouped clips in avid is not that easy. For example if you do a match frame edit you only get to the video file - not to the attached audio. It’s easier just to sync everything first and after that just import it into my editing application. I don’t want to use the track e because it’s too annoying using a second unit without a lockable minijack connector to my wirel
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