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    It's a great community. I am just starting with audio and have a rather low budget audio bag. (Mixpre 10 ii ans Sony uwp-d), and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. And you want it very small, you can now even get the rode wireless go II with dual transmitter internal recording (but no timecode)
  2. Must be HUGE commercial! ;)
  3. So I guess it’s a few days?
  4. Hey Deity, can you tell us if it will take days or months or years for the trx to be available?
  5. It has been like this for a while now..
  6. Why not? 32 bit has been advertised the whole time through. I would really love to hear if it will be available in about a month or a year. I don’t have a clue right now and I guess I will buy a tentacle if it takes too long..
  7. Since I didnt receive an answer from the MAVIS-app-developer for two weeks and Zoom and Timecode Systems (which is owned by Atomos now) didnt seem to have tested syncinc the F2 to an US blue, I tried testing the timecode drift on two iphones using the native camera app (which has variable framerate obviously). I recorded half an hour on an iphone 11 and 12 pro and added a sony a7 iii. As expected, the a7 iii drifted from the iphones (as the framerate is different, but sometimes davinci resolve can compensate for that). But to my suprise both phones stayed in perfect sync in these 30
  8. Thanks! Deity can feel free to contact me with a private message. I can need a lot of TRX-Units
  9. That's actually kinda an interesting concept. We never really thought of it like that, like a QC checking IFB to confirm audio, change settings, and trigger the recorder... That might actually be something we can roll out in Firmware 3.0 for the Deity Connect eco-system. That would be fantastic!! If I could map one transmitter to the left output channel and another to the right.. It hast to be fast to switch channels on the fly so you dont have to dive in the menus. So maybe just: Cycle through the channels for the left ear by pushing the left arrow button of the duo
  10. Can anyone help me? Does the input have a locking connector?
  11. Still I don’t get why it’s possible to send the signal of a single transmitter to three receivers but it’s not possible to pair say four transmitters to a stereo receiver and switch channels just for monitoring. This way you could save a lot of bandwidth in the crowded WiFi area because you could stop the transmitters that are not being monitored at the moment so that they are only recording internally.. this way you wouldn’t need a sound bag at all anymore and have no problems with the audio delay in post because you are only recording in the transmitters.. but most of all I hope we will
  12. still waiting and hoping it will release soon! by the way: it would be great if you could combine the mono wireless receiver signal with the analog input, so you can output a single wireless channel plus a small mic as a stereo signal to the camera. is that possible? At first maybe I will use a single unit as a stereo recorder with Timecode to record my two Sony analog wireless units through the stereo analog input. Just for the case when I cannot carry a large sound bag.. as these units have no delay they can be easily synced with the camera tc.
  13. Here’s a great review of the non bt version. https://www.newsshooter.com/2021/01/14/zoom-f2-review/
  14. That’s a misunderstanding. I was talking about the ultra sync blue which syncs Timecode to the f2 and the iPhone mavis Video App. But I’m not sure how this can work at all as there is no reliable fixed frame rate even with third party software on a phone..
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