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    It's a great community. I am just starting with audio and have a rather low budget audio bag. (Mixpre 10 ii ans Sony uwp-d), and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. Thanks a lot! Do you know good universal wind protectors as well for the deity w.lav? They fall of very easily. Its just a piece of foam with a hole of about 2-3mm for the mic. I cant find any replacements online, most generic wind shields are for mics with larger diameter. Maybe its a spare part from deity. Now I cut out pieces of foam and drilled a litte hole in them, but they are not very good looking.
  2. I guess the deity w.lav pro will not last long. And I didnt find any replacement wind shields for it, as the capsule is very small (2mm). Does anyone know some cheap lavalier mics that are screw-on sennheiser compatible like the w.lavs and a little more robust? Maybe with thicker cables? Then I probably will leave these mics here in my bag as a backup. For the headphone output of the duo rx I just soldered a screw-on male minijack connector adapter to female minijack for my headphones as plugging the headphones directly in the duo rx is not a stable connection at all.
  3. I received my connect deluxe kit and used it the first time with only internal recording while monitoring through the duo rx. Seems to work. No drift after nine hours. But I don’t like the included w. Lav pro. The cable arrived already damaged and the shield was damaged so you can see the wires. And you can immediately loose the wind protection as it’s just a piece of foam not locking at all and there is no easy replacement to order. And it’s very hard to see if the transmitters are recording on the receiver. It’s a very small box that transforms to a very small circle. So a difference of
  4. Ok, I couldnt cancel my order, but I must say: the tiny SA just works. I could set the frequencies my wireless transmitters can cover and added two markers to separate the bands I can choose from. I can just switch I on and see the whole spectrum in a second. Not bad. And I checked the results with my lav mics. It seems to be accurate.
  5. Does anyone know where to download the manual of the trx or the connect deluxe kit? (European Version)
  6. Ok. Still I am very glad not to depend on an app for my work.
  7. I guess you mean the tentacle recorder? I can’t understand why someone would prefer the simple tentacle tc generator over the uso. You have to sync the tentacle manually with an app regularly, the uso just syncs constantly on its own. There’s never a drift between the devices and you don’t have to rely on your smartphone. For me it’s just much more professional.
  8. I am using two ultrasync ones, which constantly sync wirelessly. They are fed from the mixpre as a master..
  9. Maybe you can contact sd. I didn’t have any problems anymore. But i am only syncing to a dslr. So just the starting tc is important. I thought this was fixed with a fw update.. And I am using tentacle sync studio to sync everything. I had some problems some time ago in avid..
  10. For tc I would always prefer my ultrasync ones. Much smaller and sync wirelessly..
  11. Hello Andrew. Could you please clarify: what happens if two camera teams use the duo Rx on the same location? I didn’t get an answer so far and I tried to contact you on multiple channels..
  12. I was just using my wireless lavs (sony uwp-d) and getting some cable noise. Mostly its because the minijack or the connector is failing. I replaced the unit, but I cannot replicate it. I can wiggle the connector and the antenna and nothing happens. The only reason I can see is, that maybe the connector wasnt screwed in properly, but I checked it on location. Any other idea?cable noise.wav
  13. Thanks! I guess thats what I will do. There has only been one time where I had massive problems with autoscan and that was years ago on a mountain near a tv-station. And I was in the wrong channel group, so the autoscan gave me only the channels from the group that it thought were the best. But they all had very bad reception. If I had looked on the display of the deviced I guess I would have seen that there was a weak signal for all of them. And even looking on websites like fmscan.org before going up a mountain would have helped me a lot I will cancel my order of Tiny SA, I think it will ma
  14. I am hoping for a new version of the duo RX as well, as its way too bulky.
  15. Thanks. Channel groups are much faster than setting each channel manually. I guess I will stick to channel group 7 most of the time to have the widest coverage. If I use to to 21 to 23 there is still a large Space covered. I guess you mean the model wsub1g? that’s right, this is 135 euros. https://www.digikey.de/product-detail/de/seeed-technology-co.,-ltd/109990010/1597-1172-ND/5488223
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