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    It's a great community. I am just starting with audio and have a rather low budget audio bag. (Mixpre 10 ii ans Sony uwp-d), and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. No, I am doing sound and sometimes use a small camera with it.l
  2. Thanks a lot for all your help so far! I will figure it out, now I have some great options to choose from. It's a pity that there are not a lot of reviews out there for the high end mics, only for the cheap rode ntg5 I found a lot of reviews because people got it for free for their "honest review".
  3. Now I canceled my order of the sanken cs-m1 because the pickup pattern is too wide for me. For example when I use it as an on camera mic.. The candidates remaining are sennheiser 8060, schoeps minicmint, rode ntg5 and sanken cs-1e (which seems more directional according to the specs). And with these mics I can maybe even use a small super softie from rycote. Does anyone know which has the best "reach"? Or any other ideas for the mic with best reach-to-size-ratio? With the schoeps, i read about some problems with moisture which could be a huge problem for me. So maybe I will be going for the 8060.. but still dont know. Thanks for all your help so far!
  4. Oh, that's to big for my setup. The only disadvantage of the cs-m1is the directivity as the Sennheiser 8060 has a much sharper pickup pattern in the high frequencies. But maybe it's easier that way and maybe off axis coloration is slightly less if high and low frequencies are equally dampened from the sides.. and maybe it's easier to use it indoors.. who knows. Still Sennheiser seems like a great option. Does the Schoeps minicmit habe an even sharper pattern than the Sennheiser? It's hard to read from the data sheet.
  5. Thanks! Is there a M/S Mic with a real long "reach" or directivity? I really like the MKH8060 and the price difference isnt a big issue (1000 compared to 730 euos) but the size and weight is my main factor. And its 10cm for the sanken compared to 18cm for the 8060, and 112grams to 55grams. And with a shorter mic I will need a smaller and lighter wind shield. Its annoying that there is no Super Softie for the Sanken 7cm tube - only for 5cm and 12 cm. Maybe I will just get a Furr from rycote and put it over the included foam if needed. I hope the sanken RF-shield will do well.. but I dont know
  6. Yes, I will maybe just let it swivel. Attaching to my harness will not work as it should be always recording when clipped on and it will bump against my harness when clipped on there
  7. You're right. But I get paid for my equipment in total. Not for worn out lavs. Does an insurance for equipment cover that kind of damage. Then I have to get one soon again for the next lavs to come. This one should be three years old, but I didn't use it too frequently. I try to fix it with heat shrink and keep it as a backup. Does anyone know good and not too expensive lavs for Sony wireless units? Unfortunately they have a different minijack connection than Sennheiser..
  8. Hmm. I used some wipes my TV station provided me with.. I don't know if that's the reason my lav looks like this now.. it could be the talents as well, as they have to attach the lavs themselves now as I am not allowed to get too close..
  9. Thanks!!! Maybe it was a misunderstanding. I didn't talk about the angle of the antennas but their position in the bag. Do I have to turn the whole transmitter 90 degrees to have the antennas next to each other instead of in front of each other relative to the transmitter?
  10. If you have the money and space, that's great! I always thought of audio gear as an investment but I am not that sure about it anymore. Rode ntg3 drops in resale value after the ntg5 comes out. Maybe a bit similar with the 416 and 4060? (I don't know! Don't hate me for that from all my camera and audio gear the things that loose value very quickly are accessories for outdated gear. Battery grips... Baseplates for cameras.. audio adapters for mixers..) And so I am afraid to spend 500 for a windshield for a mic that may not be the "go to" mic in a year or so when an even smaller version comes out. The cosi windshields are specific for a special mic and if that's outdated they are virtually worthless. Even if the weight of a cosi seems alright starting at 200grams according to the manufacturer.. I think I will start with the rycote kit shield even if it's the old furry version and not the supersoftie but it's just 70grams. So here a winner again.
  11. Sorry for my late answer. I was blocked due to "too many interactions".. Yes, exactly, its a one handed boom. I will buy the Sanken cs-m1 (55 Grams) and the rycote softie kit (about 70 grams I guess). So all in all about 125 grams. If it's a light boompole I think one handed operation will not be a problem for five minute interviews. An internal cable would be nice but is not necessary. Here is my emergency boom pole clipped to the side of the bag. Still the mic is way too heavy (rode ntg3 with rycote softie) and the pole is too long so I cannot put the bag down..
  12. Wow. That's a long answer! I am mainly using my lav mics - especially indoors. but for documentaries I need a very small mic for unexpected situations when somebody is coming around the corner and there is no time to give him a lav mic. so I am attaching the mic on the soundbag to have some ambient sound and if I need it I can use it with a very small boom pole (which I am still searching for..) but the ntg3 is too big and heavy for that. With the supersoftie mounted on my bag it's wobbling around. So basically the situations when I need the extra mic are all outdoors. So it should be a very directional and very small mic that replaces the ntg3. I guess the Sanken should be perfect for that.
  13. Thanks! I am afraid 20 inch is still to long for me (50cm). I would rather need 10 to 15 inch. But I guess it's not possible..
  14. I am looking for a VERY compact boom pole, which I can always carry around as a backup when using lav mics. It should ideally be less than 30 cm when fully collapsed. Most poles I found were minimum 60 cm, so I had to use a selfie stick which is a little embarassing..
  15. My Rode ntg3 with the big supersoftie is 270g right now and very long and front heavy. The Sanken CS-M1 with the small softie for 120g seems like a great improvement. I asked cosi about the weight of their products, if it's less than a supersoftie I will definitely consider it. One advantage of a blimp is that you can mount the microphone in the middle instead of at the rear end of the mic. But with a mic that small I don't think that's necessary at all. Why is the Sennheiser better than the Sanken?
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