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    It's a great community. I am just starting with audio and have a rather low budget audio bag. (Mixpre 10 ii ans Sony uwp-d), and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. Very sorry to hear. I had to send my connect deluxe kit back and cancel my order of a second one. Not sure if it’s a firmware or hardware problem. For just using them as a transmitter they didn’t seem reliable enough, so I am using my Sony uwp-d units again and hope Sony will release a version with internal recording ability anytime soon. Or maybe I will buy the next generation from deity. But as I need at least four transmitters I am still not convinced that that will work with those Wi-Fi 2.5 ghz units..
  2. Wow! Any details? Latency? Monitoring multiple units at once? Easy switching between them?
  3. I just tried out the Sennheiser to Sony adapter, works great, thank you! And I could compare my Sony UWP-D to my Sennheiser MKE 2. The Sennheiser is the clear winner, but with a little treble boost on the sony, I can get them to match quite well. I will compare them to the Deity W.Lav pro soon - I hope the microdot-adapter is reliable and durable enough. Its always some extra work to mix and match different lav mics in post, so sooner or later I will decide. Did anyone try the lavs that are shipped with the f2? Maybe they are already worth the price of the f2?
  4. Thanks. I already read the whole manual. The problem is: As soon as I do this I am not able to mix a track for monitoring anymore without altering the input gain. So when I turn two knobs to off because the sound is disturbing the input gain is set to 0. I was hoping i could somehow keep the "reference level" setting and still use "trim" to set the input level. I think this is only possible to keep "trim" when I use 32 and 24 bit recording simultaneously. But thats annoying as well. So I set the PFL-Monitoring so "solo" instead of pre-fader so that I am monitoring the post-fader signal in PFL-Mode. Then I have to correct huge gain jumps in post.. But thats the way it is.. Answer from Zoom: "There would not be another way to adjust the recorded level while in 32 bit mode. I will forward your suggestion to the engineers at Zoom Corporation in Japan to consider for a future update."
  5. I am recording in 32 bit float on the zoom f6. I am recordig only the isolated tracks and I am using the mix for monitoring. Usually I set the recording levels first, then I push record and then I mix my channels for monitoring. But what happens if I find out that the input gain of a track is totally off? I know that I can correct it later on in 32 bit, but its anoing if you need to use PFL or want a good starting point in the editing room or you need to convert it for some reason later on.. Is it possible to adjust the Input of the isolated tracks while recording? The "Trim" setting for every channel is disabled in 32 bit mode so I can only set it before starting to record, why? So I would have to press stop, set the gain of all six channels again, press record and set the mix levels again. Is this the only way?
  6. I am looking for new lav mics for Sony UWP-D and think about getting some with a microdot connector. What about the reliability of those connectors? Are they as reliable as Lavs without adapter?
  7. Keep us updated! I am curious. BTW: pretty expensive mics for such a cheap transmitter I only checked the internal recordings without external mics.
  8. Its not a scientific test. I just watched the bars at the receiver and they were not peaking. In the audio editor it looks like round about 4 db. first the pad is on - then off.
  9. I just received an answer, I guess some coworkers were on vacation. I hope everything will turn out well.
  10. I double checked: On my units the pad is working, although -4dB isnt very much.
  11. I had corrupt files regularly in the internal recording of the deity connect deluxe kit. Send them to deity one month ago. No answer and no reaction to emails since then..
  12. I wrote to vincent directly via email, one moth ago he asked me to send the broken unit for service. Since then no answer and no reaction to emails anymore.
  13. Thanks! Can you keep us updated? I will check my unit as well
  14. Found it: Low Sensitivity Mode Sometimes it may be necessary to reduce the sensitivity of the Wireless GO II's in-built microphone, so we have included the option to activate a pad for the input of the transmitters. To activate the pad, simply toggle the 'Pad' button in RØDE Central. You can also activate the pad from the receiver by selecting the transmitter using the pair button (‘∞‘), followed by a long press on the ‘dB’ button. Note: a short press will activate the mute function, so take care to hold the button until the pad symbol appears on the receiver display. This feature is particularly useful when using the transmitter with the Interview GO handheld adapter, where it may be used very close to the mouth. The pad function also affects the 3.5mm microphone input if you are using an external lavalier.
  15. Clipping is the concern right now because I cannot set gain manually. It just doesnt seem to set the gain according to the asymmetric waveform.. Its always the same, when I try it again..
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