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    It's a great community.
    I am just starting with audio and have a low budget audio bag
    (Zoom F6 and Sony uwp-d) and I am very thankful for all this great advice!
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  1. I guess the only solution right now is to add a -0,05 sec shift in tentacle to get it in about the right ballpark. It shifts slightly between clips but this for me seems to be the best middle ground for HEVC 50p 422 10 Bit. With audio Timecode there is no shift at alle, I guess Tentacle compensates when the timecode signal does not exactly meet the start of a new frame that's been recorded. I didn't test it extensively though so I wouldn't rely on it right now. I will continue to shoot with Audio Timecode plus USB time and will be comparing if there is any massive drift when the Timecode box stays connected to the camera via VMC-BNCM1. Still its not a good sign that tentacle warns you about using this cable.
  2. You are right! I set it from H264 to HEVC - both 50p - and now the delay is one frame. This is one thing that could definitely be fixes in FW, but there have been loads of updates since the cable came out and nothing happened.
  3. Thanks, audio LTC is perfectly fine as always. I did a clap test an it’s the usb adapters problem. There are lots of other users warning about the issue, for example in the comments here: https://www.newsshooter.com/2022/07/14/how-timecode-sync-works-with-the-sony-fx3/ and even tentacle has a warning on it’s webpage: NOTE: We have current information from Sony that there may be deviations of +/- 1 frame or even more when using the Sony timecode adapter cable VMC-BNCM1 with external timecode generators. Therefore we recommend the timecode synchronization via the 3.5mm Mic input as audio timecode if this is feasible in the workflow. https://tentaclesync.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403308580241-How-can-I-sync-my-Sony-FX3-camera- But no statement from sony ever. Although this could destroy a production: not fair for a camera from the „professional“ cinema line. Could anyone make it work?
  4. I tried to sync the Sony FX3 via the new timecode cable, which connects to the sony multi port and translates an LTC-timecode to Video timecode. I connected a Ultrasync One via the two connectors to an audio port and to the cable so the signal is absolutely identical. I waited for a few seconds for the camera to find the timecode and then recorded in 50p (for europe). Now when I try to sync in Tentacle Sync Studio there is a constant shift of 2 frames of the video-timecode compared to the audio timecode. Does anyone know what's going on and does anyone have the same experience?
  5. Not sure, even rode wireless go seems more reliable to me in terms of recording AND transmitting.
  6. I just bought the sony urx-p03d dual channel receiver for about 1000 euros. I guess the whole set will be available for less. But I will wait, because the Wi-Fi audio system from deity was so unreliable I had to return it, so I hope there will be very thorough reliability tests for reception in dual channel mode AND internal recording anytime soon. Will it support real true diversity in dual channel mode? (sony has only antenna diversity in dual channel mode) and will there be frequency management with channel groups when you want to use four or six?
  7. You were absolutely right. The pins are not available separately from LEMO as they are fixed to the inner part and the cables will be soldered to them. You can get the inner parts with pins for about four euros/dollars.
  8. Strange.. its nowhere printed on or inside the connector
  9. Thanks! You are right, I think it’s g. I was only thinking about the size of the connector, which must be 0b, and forgot about different connector styles. Not that easy to find.
  10. Thanks! I will contact them. I guess those pins should work as well: https://www.mouser.de/ProductDetail/LEMO/PAG56204C?qs=PBTnamSx0KzADb0pHfXumw%3D%3D&mgh=1&vip=1 Although 20 Euros shipment from germany to germany seems quite expensive. If I get it right the connector should bei FSB 0B 2 Pin (rotateable) or FHG 0B (non rotateable). Just tried to pull the broken pin out of the plastic part - it was not possible. Maybe they sell just the plastic inner part with two pins - otherwise I will try a new connector. They start at about 10 dollars on aliexpress.
  11. A pin of my lemo power cable broke of. Does anyone know where to get replacement pins? (in germany?) Its for a new tilta float rig - powering a dji rs2 gimbal from a v-mount battery via two 2-pin lemo cables. It should be possible just to replace the pin inside the connector, right? https://tilta.com/shop/2-pin-to-2-pin-lemo-cable/
  12. Sorry for all this stupid questions. There are a lot of resistor-sets on amazon, they differ in the wattage and size. Is 1/8 watts enough for those audio needs? That would be best to hide it in a cable. And I will connect my Din 1.0/2.3 connector to the tip and the sleeve of the minijack, so its going to the left channel. I will add a resistor to the connection of the tip of the minijack to the Din-connector. And then I will connect the wires going to the tip and sleeve from the Din-connector to the minijack-connector with another resistor, is that right?
  13. Thanks! With the custom built attenuator from TC-Systems it works perfectly fine - no bleed at all. I have a very cheap rode micro scratch mic on the other audio input and it sound ok given the price. I often used it and it saved me a lot of times when there have been sync issues or wireless audio issues. So I will try to build this.
  14. Thanks, I see, even for a mono signal there are two resistors required. I must admit, I am absolutely new to all of this. I can estimate the attenuation, but whats the impedance in this case?
  15. I know but unfortunately even the lowest level it too high, so there is still bleeding and I can hear the LTC signal on my audio track. USO was so kind to send me a small resistor to add it to the cable some time ago, but I was wondering if I could build a cable myself with a resistor included so I dont need to plug in an additional box.
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