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  1. Im not sure in pounds, about 6.5 - 7 kg
  2. lets hope SD release a new system for 8 series, and support channel 7 and 8 for SL-2,
  3. Thanks for you guys answer this topic, but my question is how about Wisycom. If we set the receiver output to Max (Wisy +16, Lectro +5) and Mixer line input to 0dB, which means we have to adjust the signal on transmitter. But my thought is 0dB means input=output, if we max the output on reciever, and get a full signal on transmitter (Lectro 2 green light, Wisycom -6dB), maybe clipping on receiver? Thanks
  4. A1>B1>941, my experience is 941 band is cleaner than others, but distance is shorter than others.
  5. Thanks for sharing, is there any release date and price?
  6. already got this new toy. Now is good, but still something wrong with timecode, and you can not shut it down like 633.
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