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  1. Thanks, found the following text (a bit shortened by me). Seems so there is some kind of limiter but ??? __________________ Adjusting the audio input attenuation level (ATTENUATOR): You can set the audio input attenuation level in 3 dB increments to reduce noise distortion. The factory default setting is 9 dB on the UTX-B40, and 0 dB on the UTX-M40/P40. On the UTX-B40/P40, “---” is displayed if INPUT LEVEL is set to LINE and GAIN MODE is set to AUTO GAIN, and the attenuation level cannot be modified (fixed). Setting the audio gain (GAIN MODE): AUTO GAIN: Sets the gain high, and uses a limiter to help prevent distortion. NORMAL: Enables adjustment of the attenuation level. The attenuator can be adjusted to match the connected microphone. 15dB BOOST: Boosts the gain by 15 dB for when the microphone is not near the person’s mouth and the audio level is insufficient. __________________ After reading it I am unclear if the limiter is active if the Gain Mode is not in Auto Gain?
  2. Considering the UWP-D 2x with 470 - 542 MHz now (20% off until Monday - not sure about Sennheiser G4 even though rental company says it is the one to get). Mostly for use in northern Germany. What do you think?
  3. Got an info from Sennheiser via a dealer. They suggested the E band (823 - 865 MHz) which is the gap in the LTE range.
  4. If have read the tech specs on the Sony web site but something like a limiter is not mentioned there - maybe I am just missing it?
  5. The distortion noise got worse in further tests. In the end Deity asked to get the unit for inspection. So, ignore all the recordings, I might have faulty devices.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Mostly north Germany here. But as I read, it depends on the very local situation, so it is a bit of a gamble right?
  7. Like to get an Sennheiser EW 100 G4 set (stationary receiver + bodypack transmitter). Used 2,4 GHz so far. They offer the following frequency ranges for Germany: SK 100 G4-A1 470 - 516 MHz SK 100 G4-A 516 - 558 MHz SK 100 G4-GB 606 - 648 MHz SK 100 G4-G 566 - 608 MHz SK 100 G4-B 626 - 668 MHz SK 100 G4-C 734 - 776 MHz (not free) expected to be limited by more LTE ranges in the future. SK 100 G4-E 823 - 865 MHz SK 100 G4-1G8 1785 - 1800 MHz SK 100 G4-K+ 925 - 937,5 MHz Since April 2020 all except from G4-C are license free. Is there a range know to be better than others?
  8. Thanks for all your input. Proper gain staging solved most of the noise issues I had. So, user error. Only the "extra noise" when using any other RF value than 10 mW remains to be solved. I am in contact with Deity. Will let you know.
  9. Thanks for chiming in. Connect: TX +12 dB RX +15 dB (out dsl iso) (but I tried various combinations) RME line in +4dBu gain 6 Rode: TX +20 RX 0 (= max) RME line in +4dBu gain 12 (=max) DAW: all at 0 dB Because the rode is already at max I adjusted the Deity accordingly. The noise coming from the 25 mW output seems to be somethinmg different I think - it comes on top of the normal noise.
  10. Attached are now deity with Pro Lav and Rode with kit lav. deity-pro-lav.flac rode-kit-lav.flac And below is the deity with 25mW output instead of 10 mW. I also increased the gain on the RME. Gain was low before because the Rode was already on max. and I wanted the deity to be on the same level. If anybody has an idea how I can get cleaner sound from the Deity please let me know. I really like the kit but fear the noise is just to high. deity-25mW.flac
  11. Still testing. Found out that the mW settings are part of the noise. At 25 mW I get a high pitched extra noise on top of the normal one. Seems so at 100 as well. The recording was with 10mW which seems to not have that issue. Not tried 75 yet. But anyway with the kit LAV the noise is just to loud. Need to test again tomorrow with the Pro Lav and see if I can use the Connect at least with 10 mW setting. Don't have the EW anymore as I only got it for a quick test from a rental company. deity.flac rode.flac
  12. I did that before the test. TX and RX are running on firmware 2.0.
  13. I compared Deity Connect with RodeLink Filmmaker and Sennheiser EW 100 G2. Issue with the Deity is the high noise floor compared to the others (even with the W.Lav Pro). I tried with line and xlr out and a multitude of gain settings. Interface is an RME UFX+. Does somebody here use the Connect and also get this? I am not sure if I have a faulty or "lemmon" set. As it is I don't like to use it for interview in a quite environment because the noise is just to obvious.
  14. Thank you all for your input. Going the tryout route is obviosly the best to do.
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