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  1. We've done a few tests which you guys might find useful in getting a feel for the Spacer Bubble in all its forms and capabilities - I hope they help! Transparency test in Death Valley - very little to no wind with the DPA 4017 ==== San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm - Heavy wind with the DPA 4018C supercardioid: ==== Grand Canyon with high wind and the DPA 4017
  2. Professional sound mixer and Editor-In-Chief at Wav.Report Jared Elkin took a ride with us to chat about his experience in sound, the state of the industry, gear and anecdotes. I hope you find it interesting, perhaps useful. If you can take a 20 minute break, it's always a good thing to get perspective from other sound mixers. Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsdI6n1HwmU
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