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  1. in our new fact free age; that makes sense
  2. Thanks, that they are ‘proprietary’’ was confirmed by one of the manufacturers as well. i just discovered the updates app, didn’t know that function was included in the controller app too. The firmware file did, in the app, seem to qualify to update all the Brooklyn Ii devices connected regardless of manufacturer.
  3. I have a few different items that all have Brooklyn II cards. Can I use the same latest firmware on all of them? regardless of the the actual device make? thanks
  4. you might have to change it from wav mono to wav poly https://www.sounddevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/688ug_en-1.pdf page 72
  5. Thanks for this. Regarding the manual I did look on page 42 and page 57 but would ask if you knew another page. I don't want to merge I want to playback my 2 mix and record some takes on separate tracks The INSTRUCTIONS for this I found on PAGE 62 of the latest CANTAR MINI Manual (10/10/19) I will watch the video - thanks
  6. Do you have a source for the instructions on how to pursue that set-up?
  7. Yes or a tutorial. I think I am going to have a difficult time understanding it. I have been asked to have a mix on it that background singers can record their performance onto a separate track. I will bring that back to my DAW. Up until now, I have only used the machine to record high track count live on-location performances. Thanks Does the movie show the Cantar playing files while recording? The far two tracks are blue and the rest are green. Thanks
  8. Interested in the Play Record feature and how to operate it Thank-you
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