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  1. Michael McQueen


    cinela pianissimo for heavier wind or the rycote soft-lite 21 for normal usage.
  2. Michael McQueen

    Working in Canada?

    nope, its a lot more complicated than that. residency is a lot different than citizenship. your best bet is to reach out to a immigration lawyer. i have one I've been speaking with in whistler.
  3. Michael McQueen

    Boom OP / mixer Greensville SC

    I'm an hour and half away in Brevard, Nc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Michael McQueen

    How to price your kit.

    Then match the rates! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Michael McQueen

    How to price your kit.

    $200 for basic mixing kit: mixer, 2 top shelf wireless mics, boom, top shelf mic and eng cable to camera. Add $100 if they want a timecode recorder Don't charge less than rental houses, you are a rental house, act as if. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Michael McQueen

    mercedes benz metris cargo

    i've been in a transit van for a year, i love it. i drove all the new vans for a good bit and feel like the transit drives the best. also, maintenance cost is very affordable. i use my van for a lot more than work so i have different needs. the metris is sweet tho.
  7. Michael McQueen

    Sennheiser G3 in ear monitor

    i have 2 iem rx's that i'll use for boom op/utility or for producer/camera feeds on some jobs where i can't use zaxnet (some football stadiums). i have the 12v base station tx pn my cart and use a g3 body pack with external power in my bag.
  8. Michael McQueen

    XF305 hops ground loop

    i had good results with just lifting the ground. i have a certain set of cables i use for those types of camera setups with the ground not connected.
  9. Michael McQueen

    Mounting a 411a on a canon c-305

    i would say this: http://www.bracket1.com/Item/bracket1hd2 is probably the most solid setup. i've got 2 that i keep handy for using the prosumer style cameras.
  10. Michael McQueen

    The Grand Canyon

    i think next year, along with the pre game whole foods breakfast, an adventure outing must be added to the schedule. Paul, that means we are getting amongst on bikes!
  11. Michael McQueen

    RED Weapon - Red's new body

    yea, thats pretty stupid of them to switch connectors on the 2 different backs. so now we have to face scenarios like this: producer or DP: "hey sound guy, we're shooting on the red weapon! how awesome!" sound: "do you know which back the camera has? the one with xlr's or the one without?" producer or DP: "we don't know yet till we pick it up from the rental house, the PA is picking it up, i'll have him text you the morning of" sound: face to palm. so now, we need another damn cable set... RED really doesn't like being a team player.
  12. Michael McQueen

    NAB social activities updates

    swing by and pick me up!
  13. Michael McQueen

    NAB social activities updates

    whoa, i was actually thinking about driving westward and getting amongst
  14. Michael McQueen

    NAB social activities updates

    anything going on monday night? most of the dudes i'm with will be attending the media motion ball so my schedule is open.