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  1. Brain89

    First Film

    I am working on my first film. I have 1 scene with 23 people speaking at one time.....I am new to this. My thought was lav everyone and chase with a boom which puts me at 24 total....I have a 664 so I know I have 12 channels there but what's the best way to handle this? Do I need a second recorder 664 or 688 or scorpio? Or, should I get a sound devices 970 and record them all to something like that?
  2. Yes. Forgive me I am new. For a commercial 500 for me and 200 for gear what should have been charged? 664 4 lavs 1 boom and comtek
  3. I did a job Friday, Saturday and sunday of last week. We agreed to 700/12 Saturday and sunday and a half day (350) friday to setup mics in the car to make sure we are ready to roll at 6 am. So saturday we went 13 hours (1 hour of OT). No problem. Sunday we were 7 am call, wrapped at 3pm and then we reset gear and downloaded my card till 5. The producer asked that since we didn't do a full 12 hours on Sunday that we cut the half day and to not charge OT. I also took some tracks that needed clean up into izotope rx7 and removed some noise and reverb at no charge.... They were great to work with and I really want to work with them again but I dont know how to respond. Can I negotiate? If I stand firm on $1750 do I burn a bridge?
  4. I worked with the pocket 4k 3 days last week. You jam it through the 8th in microphone Jack. I had a couple issues with timecode drifting so I would rename hourly and you will be fine for sure. I only jammed at battery swaps and at lunch and we had some drift on 3 out of 50 takes.
  5. Yeah so it was 400 on both and when I called lectrosonics they had me bypass the pilot tone to try and get them to pair. When we did this the receiver just. When sending whitenoise into the recorder. I tried a few different channels and nothing changed. Just decided to send it in. Seemed like it would be the wise call to make.
  6. I am somewhat new to lectrosonics but I bought these used and I cannot get them to pair. I have scanned frequencies with the receiver and I know they're both on the correct frequency. Compatibility is on 400 Is there something I am doing wrong?
  7. I am looking for gear to use to be a freelance audio mixer. Someone I am buying from has a sound devices 552 and said I should also have a 633. Is it necessary to own a 552 mixer recorder and have a 633 recorder? Why would you do that when you could get both by getting a 644 and a 688?
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