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    I’m a freelance sound recordist based in Slovenia.
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  1. Thank you all for your feedback. @Jeff Wexler will try the Zax Transmitters for the backup. Will try to cover all the gear in case of unexpected vomiting 😬 What about recording all the comms .. I was thinking the good old way to mic up one Motorola on the ground .. Cheers Grega
  2. Hi guys, Next week I’ll be shooting a documentary and will need to record the dialogue from two skydivers + their communications with the base which is going to be on the ground. I plan to use two wisycom transmitters with DPA 6010 lavs on the skydivers and my sound devices recorder with Betso sharkie antennas on the ground. Does anybody have similar experience ? Any suggestions on how to get the best sound out of this situation ? 🙂 Greets, Grega
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