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  1. Have a look at A&H QU- PAC. Or Yamaha TF-RACK
  2. After you’ve fixed it, get one of these and never take it out. https://www.sounddevices.com/product/xl-14/
  3. https://www.swamp.net.au/sun-rise-svp555p-wp-xlr-male-waterproof-panel-mount-connector-ipx7-black https://www.swamp.net.au/sun-rise-svp556x-wp-3p-xlr-female-waterproof-connector-ip67 How about these?
  4. Have a look at LK connectors and Eurocable for analog multicore. I’ve got a 24 channel (20/4) made from these components and it’s never let me down. It’s been extremely reliable. I had a company in Sydney make up 2 x 25 metre lengths with 2 sets of tails so I can use it as a 25 metre or 50 metre. It’s completely modular. LK have 4 channel versions etc. http://www.lkconnectors.info/lk_audio.htm ive also got a Whirlwind CATDUSA that I bought for a job and then never used it. Though on testing it worked fine with all line level signals. Mixed mic and l
  5. Do you have an older Zaxcom stereo link in your bag? They can also cause a high frequency squeal in your Lectro.
  6. Have a look at Sescom https://www.sescom.com/products/view/category/categoryslug/smartphone
  7. Hi Im still using my R1a. The new R1b is cool but doesn’t really do what I want so I doubt I’ll buy any time soon. Will make do with what I’ve got. Good luck Cheers
  8. Yes it’s for a waist belt to pass through. I’ve never used it though. When I tried it, I found it uncomfortable. I clip my waist belt onto the D Rings at the bottom of the bag at the back. The Velcro strip over the belt flap thingy is for when the handle is folded down. You can secure the handle with the strip of Velcro.
  9. maybe these? https://m.alibaba.com/product/1146076540/wholesale-silicone-cover-custom-stock-rubber.html?s=p
  10. Peter Mega

    DCHT & M2R

    Let us know how it goes in the real world. Thanks Peter.
  11. The Sound Devices XL-14 is what I use. I have a few which are permanently plugged into my recorder bag kits. I bring the 1/4 inch end up to the top of the bag for quick in/outs. never had a headphone jack issue
  12. Probably because there’s a new CL coming for the Scorpio and 833 that is possibly backwards compatible with 6 series (and maybe even 7 series)
  13. Congrats! one of my colleagues picked his 833 up a couple of days ago here in Sydney so you’re the second guy I know of to have an 833 “downunder”. I’m going to hold off picking one up because I bought a Scorpio a few months ago and can honestly say you will love the sound of the 833 since it uses the same preamps as Scorpio. Awesome features too, so enjoy mate. looking forward to picking up mine at some point to add to my collection of 2 x 788’s, 688, 633, 552 and Scorpio! Do I really need another recorder? Of course I do!
  14. I’ve just finished a 10 week show with my new Scorpio and brand new 128gb Sandisk SD cards. I did not encounter any media issues at all Recording miminum of 14 tracks, usually over 20 and a couple of days, 30 tracks at 16bit/48k. The internal SSD has no issues, the 256gb Sandisk card I bought as my own back up and the production Sandisk 128gb were all perfect. An an email I got from Sound Devices support said they’ve over provisioned the SD so you can pretty much use almost any SD card in the Scorpio (and probably the new 833) and it should be f
  15. I recently bought an Ambient ML and 2 x Nanolockit package that includes s bunch of cables. LOVE IT! The ML is awesome and with my ambient slate that I already had, it’s so easy to sync wirelessly. The cam assists didnt didn’t need to bother me with jamming either. Just turn on the ML and his ACL204 are done. Outstanding products from Ambient. Thanks
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