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  1. Peter Mega


    HI, Finally getting time to report back. After using the Scorpio and A&H SQ7 for the past few weeks, I must say it is very nice in many ways. The Scorpio simply sounds superb especially from the Dante. The local line inputs also sound superb. I haven't tried a nice condenser mic at mic level in as yet as all mic signals are line level from radio mic receivers. I'm currently recording 23 tracks on the Scorpio. 10 outputs and 2 returns. Time code feeding an Ambient ML. Its been flawless so far. A nice feature is the longer PFL switches. Very easy to get to as I find the 688 PFL switches a bit short. I'm not using an Icon control surface so I'm finding getting to the PFL/channel screen for channels 13 onwards is easy but tricky to remember which is which. eg PFL 3 to the left with the */** switch is channel 15. Hard to remember when trying to get there quickly. I guess I'll have to get the Icon control surface! I agree with Geoff that the folder structure isn't what I'm used to like in the 6 series and 7 series and I find it a bit quirky. I have addressed this with the kind folk at SD along with other little things. Would love to see the good old "Folder Options" menu like the 6 and 7 series back on the Scorpio. I would like to see meter ballistics as an option. Currently it only has VU/PPM in one. The latest update has brought a myriad of short cut options using the PFL switches. Great feature. Would love to see headphone preset edit short cut like on the 688. All in all, the Scorpio is very user friendly and I think it definitely has a lot more updates and features to come. The A&H SQ7 deserves its own thread but its proving to be an outstanding mixing console with incredible flexibility and sounds pretty darn good. Great tools at our disposal, thanks Sound Devices. Cheers
  2. Peter Mega


    Hi Jim i haven’t decided on my work flow as yet. I’ve been doing my show for 10 years in a certain way so I’m working out what I’ll do with the new gear over the next few weeks with the SQ7 and Scorpio. Have to say, the SQ7 is also an awesome beast (just bought it too) and getting head around it has been really easy. Everything is freely assignable. Ill be plugging signals into everything soon so will see how it all sounds and works then.
  3. Peter Mega


    Picked mine up yesterday. Had a quick play with it today. Initial thoughts are it’s awesome. Will be going through it more thoroughly over the next couple of weeks prior to my show starting up soon. Seems very easy to get head around especially if you’ve used a 688. Many menu settings are very similar. Will be connecting up Dante to an Allen and Heath SQ7 to try that out as well. The LED show upon boot up and firmware update is very sexy. I haven’t plugged any signals into it yet but I’m betting it will sound great. Will report back but it’s pretty much an awesome beast.
  4. You mean the M2R? The antennas are a deal breaker for me. Lovely system though.
  5. Hopefully it’s something in the works. Im reposting an old post of mine which is hopefully what this is, if it actually is something new! Would love this idea to come to life someday. Hi Quoting myself here because I want to add some features to the ones above for my suggestion to Lectro for the next generation IFB receiver which I hope will be a reality sooner rather than later. More preset channels like 50 would be good. (I said 10 above but the more the better). This is so we could tune in talent radio mics for discreet monitoring for the producers wearing the IFB receiver. The shows I do regularly have up to 30 radio mics and sometimes 10-12 sound recordists. The IFB receiver would be native 400 mode (can also do other modes, including current IFB mode) so could do the above and also receive a transmitter from each sound recordist who has a 400 mode tx in their bag transmitting a mix. The preset channels can be labeled with sound guys name or number so producer can select who ever they want to listen to along with the talent mic channels labeled with talent names for discreet monitoring of mics. The unused presets can be hidden so producer doesn't have to scroll through unused presets. Only the labeled presets are "visible" Easy to read screen on top. Lock out of deep menu settings so producers can't change settings and only have access to headphonevolume and preset channel select. A way of programming multiple receivers with a cable from a smart phone app so can set up different shows/names/presets. Receiver would be as wide band as possibly, say block 19 to 26. Should be no bigger than current R1a. Battery could be AA, need to think more on this, ideas? A UM400a type clip, like the optional belt clip that's available for the current R1a. The current pouch doesn't last and the clip on the current pouch gets loose and eventually tears off the pouch. A UM400a type clip mounted on the receiver with a pouch around that would be better. Anything else anyone can think of, please add yourthoughts To the fanatics at Lectro, I give you the IFB R2. Please make it soon!! Thanks Peter Mega 
  6. I also have a number of Whirlwind products. They’re great and reliable. Just bought a Catdusa system. Yet to unpack but looking forward to trying out very soon. Anyway, have a look at this too re splitters. http://whirlwindusa.com/catalog/snakes-splitters-and-multiwiring-systems/splitters/split-6-line-level-parallel-splitter
  7. Have a look at these. Passive, 1 in 3 out. Cheers http://www.violetaudio.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=25
  8. Will one of these work for you? you could adapt cables accordingly. https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Computer-Audio/Accessories/LEVEL-PILOT/p/P0D71#googtrans(en|en)
  9. I have an older model Whirlwind DI box which has saved the day quite a few times and never let me down when required, even after 100’s of flights in a Pelican case. They now produce passive or active models. One model with Jensen transformers. http://whirlwindusa.com/catalog/black-boxes-effects-and-dis/direct-boxes
  10. M2R is awesome however the antenna's are a deal breaker for me. I use my R1a to feed the judges inductive neckloops and earpieces on my regular show. They're tricky enough to hide sometimes even without antenna's. Even for field producer IFB, antenna's are going to get in the way. I'm pretty sure Lectro could make a 400 mode ifb that also could be switched to other existing modes, LCD screen, lots of presets, IR with app to program etc as per my other post in other thread, WITHOUT an external antenna. I'd buy a bunch, for sure.
  11. Read the last 2 posts in this thread. I've dreamt about a 400 mode ifb plus other features as described in my post for a long time now.
  12. PM sent. I will have a 788 with CL8 plus a 552 for sale in the next couple of weeks. These will be in the For Sale section on this site too.
  13. Yeah I know! I have the roller case and the rugged cover too. The whole lot cost me an arm and a leg but it's worth it. One of the best bits of kit I own.
  14. I have one of these with a wireless PTT hand mic for location and VOG. runs on NP1's. Has all the inputs and metering, battery levels etc. sounds great with plenty of grunt. This is the ultimate in my opinion. https://en-au.sennheiser.com/lsp-500-pro
  15. Hi Rob Hope you're well mate you always have the most incredible stories to tell! That would have been the ride of a lifetime! The car is an absolute beast with an insane power to weight ratio. Funny you stumbled across it. Cheers mate Peter Mega
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