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  1. Peter Mega

    OT: Best all-round DI box?

    I have an older model Whirlwind DI box which has saved the day quite a few times and never let me down when required, even after 100’s of flights in a Pelican case. They now produce passive or active models. One model with Jensen transformers. http://whirlwindusa.com/catalog/black-boxes-effects-and-dis/direct-boxes
  2. M2R is awesome however the antenna's are a deal breaker for me. I use my R1a to feed the judges inductive neckloops and earpieces on my regular show. They're tricky enough to hide sometimes even without antenna's. Even for field producer IFB, antenna's are going to get in the way. I'm pretty sure Lectro could make a 400 mode ifb that also could be switched to other existing modes, LCD screen, lots of presets, IR with app to program etc as per my other post in other thread, WITHOUT an external antenna. I'd buy a bunch, for sure.
  3. Read the last 2 posts in this thread. I've dreamt about a 400 mode ifb plus other features as described in my post for a long time now.
  4. Peter Mega

    Advice on sound kit R4+/SD/Zax/Zoom

    PM sent. I will have a 788 with CL8 plus a 552 for sale in the next couple of weeks. These will be in the For Sale section on this site too.
  5. Peter Mega

    Perhaps the ultimate location speaker

    Yeah I know! I have the roller case and the rugged cover too. The whole lot cost me an arm and a leg but it's worth it. One of the best bits of kit I own.
  6. Peter Mega

    Perhaps the ultimate location speaker

    I have one of these with a wireless PTT hand mic for location and VOG. runs on NP1's. Has all the inputs and metering, battery levels etc. sounds great with plenty of grunt. This is the ultimate in my opinion. https://en-au.sennheiser.com/lsp-500-pro
  7. Peter Mega

    Back in the day

    Hi Rob Hope you're well mate you always have the most incredible stories to tell! That would have been the ride of a lifetime! The car is an absolute beast with an insane power to weight ratio. Funny you stumbled across it. Cheers mate Peter Mega
  8. Peter Mega

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    Excellent information from Dean at Lectrosonics. Outstanding customer support as usual. I have 23 x 411a so I'm not going to bother opening them all up! Would do my head in! Good to know though if it ever becomes a problem. Thanks Dean
  9. Peter Mega

    UCR411a select buttons beep

    I've heard the said beep in some 411a also. It's very faint but it's there. Seems to be some, not all 411a. I've never worried about it.
  10. Peter Mega

    sound devices 633 inputs 4-6

    Just wondering how you guys are recording the ISO's on the 633, pre fade or post fade? Although I don't use my 633 that much (I tend to go for my 788's), I can't say I've heard this clipping. However, when I first noticed I couldn't get the desired level on 4 - 6, I got around it by recording the ISO's post fade. I can always find a moment to drop the channel in/out of the mix from the PFL screen on the type of shows I do. I understand this work flow may not work for some. Will be experimenting with my UCR411a and inputs 4 - 6 to see if I can recreate the clipping mentioned. What headphone level are you on when it clips?
  11. Peter Mega

    Best Handheld For Voice of God

    Hi After years of searching/waiting for a portable VOG system that satisfied my needs, I finally found it last year and used it for my big show last series. Will tell in a moment. Prior to this, and during my waiting period, I was using one of my Fostex 6301B for the location intro and outro scenes. Volume wise It was okay because I could get it really close to set in amongst all the cameras and lighting stands etc. However it was annoying because I had to run XLR and power to it. Audio was fed to it by a console in the video village that was used for monitoring and I gave the director a cabled hand mic with a slide/fader type mute switch built in. The system worked well but was annoying for me. What I wanted for years was a system with a wireless hand mic and a self powered battery operated speaker that I could easily place anywhere and move quickly and easily when it came to jib wide shots etc. i looked at all the systems out there like Samson, Behringer, Mipro etc but I wasn't happy with the sound and quality plus the built in battery. I finally found the Sennheiser LSP500!!! After researching and talking to Sennheiser Australia, checking it out, I bought it along with a Sennheiser SKM 300 series hand mic with programmable button and the half rack receiver that slots into the LSP500. The unit it very well built, has superb sound, the hand mic has excellent range. It's loud enough to address very large groups of people outdoors and can be linked to more LSP500 speakers if required. The deal clencher for me was the battery system. It takes 2 NP1 batteries! I have 10 of these already with 2 chargers and it came with 2 so I don't have to worry about power, nor changing internal gel cells when they crap out . The NP1's are hot swappable and the unit also charges them when plugged into mains I set up the button on the hand mic as PTT. System works beautifully and is so easy to plonk down anywhere and pick up and move by it's built in handle. It has the ability to take 3 radio mic systems or to receive 2 and send to another LSP50. Im absolutely loving it. It saves me time in location and the director loves it. It's definitely one of the best bit of kit I own. It's not cheap by any means, especially compared to the Samson etc types but well worth it IMO. I highly recommend this system Cheers Megs
  12. Peter Mega

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Thanks for the replies. Keep them coming please. Has anyone used the SRc with just whip antennas in a multipath situation ie lots of radio mics, big reality show style with 20-30 radio mics. How did they perform in this situation? SRb doesn't handle this very well, hoping the SRc does. Testing 1 SR against 1 411a both on the same frequency might perform similarly but doesn't indicate how it will go on a big show with many transmitters. There must be someone who's used them in this situation?
  13. Peter Mega

    SMQV SRb Hop Modes

    400 mode is native for your equipment. Tx and rx should be 400 mode for optimum audio. If you're using SM transmitters on talent and you use the remote control tweedle tones on talent mics, you should disable the remote control on your hop transmitters otherwise every time you make an adjustment on your talent tx, it will change your hops too, unless the faders are down on your mixer.
  14. Peter Mega

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    Yes you can use a single pair of antennas for more than 1 UMCWB. My rig is 16 x blk 26 411 in 4 x UMCWB. I use the ZFSC41 to split to the 4 racks. Since the photos in the thread below, I now use for each antenna (A and B ) ALP650 with Lectro ARG100 cable, BIAS T, then out of BIAS T to the ZFCS41, then split to all 4 UMCWB. The cables from the BIAS T to the ZFCS41 are all Lectro ARG2 with virtually no loss, they're so short. This set up has been absolutely amazing with astonishing range in some locations and more than enough in major cities. The ALP650 has the jumper inside on the setting that provides the most gain (can't remember which) to compensate for the loss in the 100 foot ARG100 cable. Ultra reliable and sounds superb. I currently have this system fed from my RF out of my Venue system of 3 racks with 16 blk 24 for a total of 32 running off a single pair of ALP650 with the ARG100 powered from the first venue. So that's antennas into venue, in/out of 2 more then into the ZFSC41 then into the 4 UMCWB. This too is working perfectly. So, try some ZFSC41 and split your pair of antennas 4 times ( I think there's one that splits only twice) if you want. Run them close to set with long cables (don't cheap out on the cables) and you should have great results with good antenna placement on a high stand and well coordinated frequencies. See pic in this thread below. The UMCWB system has done at least 200 flights in that case with no issues. To keep on topic, I'm interested in the SRc to compliment my block 24 and 26 for the bag style challenge days we do on my show which typically involves up to 30, sometimes more radio mics plus our links and IFB's. Would love to hear your findings. Cheers Peter
  15. Peter Mega

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    I too would like to know how the SRc is performing in the field. Mainly in a bag scenario with whip antennas. Are they really as good as a 411 regarding RF robustness in a multi radio mic situation. When I say multi, I mean like up to 30 radio mics, IFB's and camera links on big reality shows. 411's shine in this situation and previous SR models just cant cope in that situation. Love to hear people's experiences with the SRc please. Thanks