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  1. Peter Mega


    Hi NKL Your trim at 9 o’clock seems like it would be too low. I have SMQV which I generally set to 18 - 22 with COS11 with SRC in my SL6. My trims in my Scorpio are usually around 11 o’clock. Are you using a Scorpio or 688? It should be similar anyway. If you trim up and hitting the limiter, where is the trim pot when it hits the limiter? Something might not be right with the SR or the ribbon cable between SL6 and the recorder? You can also try reducing the output in the SR itself in the output menu. Hope that helps. Regards
  2. I have both the older grey and newer blue JL2 Plus chargers and 6 of the new NP9X batteries. I can confirm the older grey JL2 Plus chargers are compatible and fully charge the NP9X batteries as well as the newer blue JL2 Plus chargers. If it has JL2 Plus written on it, then it works. Cheers
  3. https://www.netgear.com/au/business/wired/switches/fully-managed/m4250/avline/ These switches are designed for AV use. Select use for Dante and it will configure the port accordingly. It’s not 12v DC but these are designed for what we want as far configuration goes.
  4. Peter Mega

    SD A20 Nexus

    Please do let me know when they tell you what happened. Id like to know in case anything happens to mine. Thanks
  5. Peter Mega

    SD A20 Nexus

    What happened to your Scorpio? I have a Scorpio and it’s been rock solid. Thanks
  6. Amazing! Thanks for finding that and the prompt reply. many thanks
  7. Unrelated to your question but where did you get that Velcro thingy that holds your COS11 please? Make and model also if you have it. That looks useful. I have about 50 COS11 which can get messy at times. Thanks
  8. What revision firmware are you running in your 833? 8.91 caused an issue with analog inputs 5 and 6 in some 833’s. Not sure what the issue was exactly. 8.92 fixed the problem. Regards
  9. So I have to apologize first of all. My bad memory! It wasn’t my friends 833 with this same problem, it was his Scorpio on one of the TA5 inputs. Same issue though, distortion after a while. He hasn’t had it fixed yet so no info regarding repair. Confirming my Scorpio does not display this problem. Sorry for the confusion. Regards
  10. This exact same problem happened to a friend of mine with his 833 on channel 5 IIRC. This has not occurred with my Scorpio on any input and I’ve used them all on long days. Seems to be an 833 thing after the machine warms up. Sorry to hear about your problem but at least you know what it is now. Good luck
  11. Without rereading through the replies, I don’t think you’ve mentioned trying the SL6 on a different filter. It appears you have Lectro SRC in A1 and C1. So have you tried the SL6 filter set to 470-700 instead of the “wideband” setting? For example, If you have a scene where you only use C1, set the SL6 filter to 580-700. The SL6 filter really matters and makes a huge difference. Please report back. Thanks
  12. Try the SL6 filter on another band that suits. I have a Scorpio with SL6 and if I’m on the wrong filter, it’s very bad. Im on 580-700 with no problems and excellent range with Lectro SRC in C1.
  13. I use the 64 and 128 GB 150MB/s and they’re both fine. Having said that, I’ve also been using the Extreme Pro version with no issues. The 95MB/s ones are fine and the 170MB/s version has also been fine in my Scorpio. Just buy the Extreme version, gold in colour. They’re cheaper anyway and they’re solid. Regards Peter
  14. No worries Jeff. Battery discussion is fine and informative for all. However, it’s a very obvious “sales” kind of tone that comes through. Maybe the ZMT4 needs its own thread or a personal message to Backfocus about a demo unit might’ve been more ethical.
  15. I was trying to hold my tongue but I can’t believe you guys are hijacking this Sound Devices thread to talk Zaxcom and make sales. Zaxcom make nice reliable products and I own some Zaxcom items that I really like, their service is also great, but really? Congratulations to Sound Devices, more nice products for us to choose from. BTW, can the A20 receive signals from other brands like Lectrosonics for example? For those who have many transmitters from other manufacturers (like me 😉) Also, can they slot into an SL6? Thanks
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