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  1. I used this for a handheld mic holder but now I use it on the front of my kit bag. It’s adjustable. Has a clip on it. Holds boom pole and sometimes my umbrella! cheers https://ktekpro.com/product/kbac2-boom-accessory-clip/
  2. Thanks for the replies. How many discreet channels can be used at the same time? For example, a show with 4 hosts requiring discreet PTT feeds from director/producer? Thanks
  3. This looks awesome. A couple more questions please. Once the frequency on the control pack has been set along with other settings, can it then be locked so the wearer cannot inadvertently bump it off frequency? The only function they would be allowed to have would be volume, correct? Is there any typical delay with the Bluetooth? Any plans to expand the frequency range of the control pack to say…mid 600’s? Do you have some pics of the unit in the ear from various angles please? Congratulations, this is very promising. Thanks Peter
  4. Deep down I knew this already but the way it was worded sounded like analog distro/slot units (like the SL6) could support 4 channels of AES. We can only live in hope 😉
  5. Thanks Karl, this receiver is very welcome in our world. Does this mean we can get 4 channels out using the Sound Devices SL6 with a Scorpio? Having 12 channels in a SL6 would be amazing. Thanks
  6. These tubes can be found in childrens playgrounds in Australia. I’ve come across a few with my son. We talk over long distances. Another interesting place in South Australia is the Whispering Wall dam. Whispering voices can be heard clearly from one side of the dam to the other, 100m away. I’ve seen/heard this for myself a few years back. It’s pretty cool. https://southaustralia.com/products/barossa/attraction/whispering-wall
  7. Sounds like a very bad idea. I wouldn’t do it myself. The last thing you want to see is the magic smoke they put in at the factory, come out!
  8. Have a look at your antenna filter options in your SL2 menu in the 888. You will surely need to select the correct band.
  9. What mixer/recorder are you using? is the SRC in a SL6 or SL2? If using SD 8 series, make sure the filtering is not set to wideband. Try it on 580 - 700MHz. Regards Peter
  10. I think what you described happened to me at first. I used a long orange pillow that came with one of my old Petrol bags to prop the Scorpio up a bit. I’ve used the velcro loops as well which is something I’ve never had to use with any mixer/bag combo I’ve ever had so it felt odd to do so. The other thing I had to do was squeeze the top of the divider right up against the SL6 to hold the whole rig in firmly. Seems to be okay but the real test will be on my next job. I’m hoping it all sits nicely when working off the shoulder.
  11. Picked up my large X purple. I was hesitant at the shop when I tried my Scorpio with CL6 in it as it seemed like the straight XLR’s would be strained by the side walls of the bag. I ended up buying it to try out and in the end I hooked everything up and if I leave the sides open a bit, the XLR’s are not really getting strained. If the sides were zipped up all the way, the XLR would be strained a bit. I’ll leave the back side zips down pretty much all the way with the front side zipped up to the top edge of the bag which seems to be good. Will allow for ventilation as well. Cam link is in the right outer most pocket. IFB tx on the left outermost pocket. Only gravity holding them in at the stage. Will look into a better solution for securing a bit better. Access to SD cards and time code connector is easy. Antenna attachments on the front are very handy. Headphones in the mesh pocket on the inside left. I’ll probably tweak where I have the NP1/cup and the spare NP1 as it’s in the front pocket at the moment. Will see how it goes where it is. I don’t like burying the NP1 deep into the bags to allow for quick battery changes. I might try some shorter articulated arms for the antenna at some point or go back to the little mounts that came with the bow ties. Bag is very well made as is everything from K Tek. It’s a lot more compact than the Orca OR334 I was using. I’ll probably sell the OR334 if anyone is interested. Yet to try on a gig. Looking forward to it. Cheers.
  12. Has anyone received the large yet? Any experience with fitting a Scorpio with SL6? Im interested in seeing how the straight XLR/TA5F etc ins and out connectors on the side of the Scorpio fit in the bag without putting strain on the cables from the side walls of the bag. Is there enough space in the bag for straight connectors? I agree with Soundwill re right angle connectors not being practical nor to my liking in the bag. Thanks
  13. Thanks Karl. Are these backwards compatible in any way? With modes? I can’t seem to find anything that says they are or aren’t. Thanks Peter
  14. Congratulations Lectro. Nice. Will there be a B1/C1 version in future for us in Australia? Thanks
  15. Peter Mega


    8 series firmware version 8 released a couple of days ago and includes copy and paste feature. Many thanks for listening, Sound Devices. Much appreciated.
  16. Thanks for the info. regards Peter
  17. Nice set up. I’ve been looking at the “Fish” for some time now. The A32 Dante in particular. I have a question about your Cisco switch. Audinate recommend using switches that do not have EEE as it can cause problems with Dante. Or switching the EEE off an all ports if the switch has the ability to disable the EEE. Does your Cisco switch have the option of disabling the EEE on all ports of the switch? (EEE - Energy Efficient Ethernet aka Green Ethernet) Thanks Peter
  18. Thanks again for the info PMC. I’m liking this idea more and more. I think I’ll give it a try. To the OP, sorry to hear about your hearing troubles. Hope you recover soon. Thanks
  19. Thanks for the info. Last few questions: Do you find them loud enough, especially in noisy environments? And with headphones on? Is the twin Jack plug standard? Does the Jack plug stay in the radio well? Or do you find it pops out easily? It looks like it doesn’t screw in like the other earpiece set ups. Thanks again
  20. Which headphones do you use over these? Is it comfortable, especially on long days? Does it come with the PTT inline switch? How well does it work/sound when listening to audio and and an incoming call comes through the comms? Thanks
  21. I never really got to try the demos properly because my Scorpio locked up when trying to switch between both. This freaked me out so I promptly downgraded to 7.20 and haven’t updated since. The issue must be resolved in 7.41 but I won’t know until I update. So I can’t really comment on the noise reduction demos at this stage. Sorry.
  22. The issues (I guess SD refers to the lock up I experienced) when switching between noise assist and Cedar demo have been addressed in the latest version 7.41. Thanks SD for rectifying so quickly. Will update soon. thanks
  23. Has anyone else had a lock up since updating to 7.40 while in the noise suppression menu? My Scorpio locked up while I was switching between Noise Assist and Cedar. The pop up that says it’s a demo/beep etc may have been the culprit but I think I’ll downgrade to 7.30 for now. Although I like the new folder options in 7.40 Re license etc, maybe a license that allows the plug-in to be used on say, 2 devices. For the folks who have 2 x 8 series for example. I have a Scorpio but I’ll be getting an 888 at some point. If I decide to buy a plug-in, it would be nice to have it on both machines for a 2 device fee for example. Thanks
  24. Peter Mega


    Hi I’ve sent Sound Devices a feature request. I thought I’d describe the feature here as well in case 8 series owners are interested and keen to see this feature. I've requested a copy and paste feature like large consoles have. Mainly for EQ but also good for compression and possibly noise assist. An example that came up recently was a day with insane cicadas. EQ notched out most of the cicada noise however going through the EQ process for every channel was time consuming. Copy and paste from 1 channel to the others would be superb. Thanks and regards Peter Mega
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