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    Audio technician specializing for 35 years in repair of location sound recording gear.
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  1. Hello, My name is Forrest Forbes. I'm a repair tech for all modern location sound gear, but I am old enough to have worked on hundreds of Nagras and still have requests for this service. As such, I have need for replacement pinch rollers and tension felts. Thanks, Forrest Forbes Lightning Sound repair
  2. Update: Thanks to Chris, I have the manual. Forrest
  3. Hello all, Forrest Forbes here. Some of you may know me from my 35 years servicing location sound gear as an employee of our local sound houses. I'm doing the same work now with my own company, Lightning Sound Repair in North Hollywood. In the course of this I have received a Nagra SNN for repair. I have most other Nagra service literature, but not this one, so I'm looking for a schematic for same (service manual would be ideal but schematic will do) Will purchase. P:lease call me for this or any other issue at (818) 239-2941 or email lightningsoundrepair@gmail.com. Thanks Forrest
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