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  1. I reviewed one years ago. The sample I was sent was a true Russian Okatava set (there were/are evidently a lot of Chinese knock-offs around at the time). I found it to have nice sound but it was extremely microphonic and incredibly susceptible to handling noise. It's the only Okatava I have ever used so I don't know if my experience was atypical. Personally, it was too impractical for me to get excited about but on a mic stand, it was usable but for boom mounted, it wasn't a good choice.
  2. Worked with Sam and his colleague Chris, both excellent sound mixers and pleasure to work with. Thanks guys, you're both true professionals, we will be working together again!
  3. I've mainly been considering the EW512 for cost. I've been patient but locating Block 19 400 sets for a reasonable price has been frustrating. Not being a f/t sound mixer, it seems like it's going to cost me around $2k for a set. Of course, the Lectro will sound better but it's not making much financial sense for a non pro to spend so much when I will often hire a pro who will have Lectros. If you guys have any tips for locating a 400 set in Block 19 for a reasonable cost, LMK. Been watching Ebay and the Marketplace here, am I missing another source for finding a good set at
  4. Any opinions on used Lectro 400 set versus a new Sennheiser G4 EW512? FWIW, I am almost always within 20' of the transmitter so I don't think the extra power is all that important for how I will use them.
  5. As some members here who I have recently hired to sound mix will attest, I MUCH prefer to hire pros to mix sound. But for those low end projects where there simply isn't the budget for a sound mixer on set, I am looking to buy one or two bargain Lectro 400 sets. Lately I work mostly in LA, which blocks should I look for? Seems like block 19 commands a used premium but not sure about if those are people in LA snapping them up? According to the Lectro chart, I should be looking at block 21 and 22 for LA, but I know there is no perfect block to get and that no matter w
  6. Great discussion gents, really appreciate the engagement and hearing the solutions everyone is using. I hadn't heard about the Overcover Advanced, I'll have to check that out and I've never tried the BubbleBee stuff, but I am curious to try that too. Those Countryman B6 mounts Jim posted look mighty interesting too. I did an all day shoot with talent on a stage last week and used the B6 on talent with just an Overcover, inside on a tight polo shirt and it was flawless, I didn't pick up any rubbing. I wish the Overcovers themselves were available in larger sizes. The stock
  7. I was offered a deal on 100 Rycote Undercovers so I picked them up. I've been a fan of the Overcovers for years and thought the Undercovers might be handy for placing lavs inside wardrobe. Am I doing something wrong, these things sound terrible, so much clothing noise and scratching. The Overcovers, I've used under wardrobe with decent to great results but the Undercovers seem useless. Anyone here use them and get a good result? If so, am I rigging them incorrectly, I am using the Countryman B6 and the OST 801s and 802s and place the back on the mic on the sticky pad and apply t
  8. Hi all: Looking for a good, flexible, positive attitude boom op for a run & gun shoot on September 24th, 2020 and October 9th, 2020. For a pro, this will be an easy gig. We will be visiting four employee's homes/office places of work with their boss and presenting them with an award on camera. Each shoot will be very brief, perhaps 3-5 minutes. No recorder, wired boom straight into camera, these recipients are all immune compromised so hand booming them is the only option, no lavs. No rehearsal, no setup, the award will be a surprise to the employee so it will be
  9. Cool discussion guys, I grew on on V1.0 Star Trek and always thought the same. When I was at film school, we had an old school Fisher platform boom in our studio and I had a few chances to actually work with and boom scenes with it, what a great piece of equipment that just like Fisher dollies, was a well made, perfectly crafted piece of gear.
  10. I have the Deity Connect system. It's perfect for this and the stereo capacity can come in handy for certain situations. It's well built and in a pinch, if one of your main Lectros went down, it could pull double duty and step in for one or two of your Lectros. It won't have the range obviously and will be noisier but with some gain staging, they sound good for the money at short working distances. The built-in batteries last all day and TX and RX can be charged as they are in use via USB C or on a break if you are shooting a long day.
  11. I own some Deity products. Makes me feel good that Andrew is taking care of his customers in a way that few others would. Props to Deity!
  12. Thanks for sharing that Constantin, I have not seen nor heard of that one. The specs look pretty good. What are you using for a monitor? High brightness or just a regular monitor? Do you work outdoor much?
  13. https://www.amazon.com/Accsoon-Transmitter-Wireless-Transmission-Incredibly/dp/B07Y8W3MC7/ref=sr_1_3?crid=15WJ9080VFSGS&dchild=1&keywords=accsoon+cineeye&qid=1592321372&sprefix=Accsoon%2Caps%2C200&sr=8-3 You guys will laugh, but I've been using the Accsoon CineEye for almost a year. It's cheap and the output is surprisingly decent. It's built really nicely for cheap Chinese. Downsides are that the internal battery is soon depleted (I used hook and loop fastener to fasten a small Anker candy bar battery to the rear of it and it goes all day now, no problem), the range is
  14. Having rolled a dozen GoPros on various racing boats for our Docu Series, I like PMCs solution above. Easy and works. We had to keep our GoPros waterproof so we couldn't run anything into them anyway, the ports weren't accessible when waterproof. GoPros, honestly, in professional production are a nightmare, they overheat, fog up, stop recording randomly. They are anything but pro. But at least using a phone TC slate, the editor gets some reference frames for off set in editing.
  15. Yes, if you get the one that Sound Devices suggests, the +20100. Wow, I just pulled up TVPostSounds link above, the price on this battery has dropped by 2/3 since I bought it a year ago, I think I paid $99.00 and now they are $32.49, killer deal, buy a couple. I have several other Ankers I've used for years for charging phones, Go Pros and other small gear on the go, they really make great batteries. I have the Accssoon CineEye, a small HDMI to 5G wireless video transmitter that only has an internal battery that wears out in about an hour. I used that heavy duty hook and loop fastener an
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