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  1. @kavenzmann @Shastapete Any impressions yet?
  2. I am very interested in hearing your impression. I got a good deal on an mkh 30 but the bulk of the wind protection contraptions it needs is depressing. It might be a deal breaker for me. We travel a lot. I'd love to be able to just buy a cinela MS Leonard Ball and be done with it.
  3. I love small and light but noise is more important and i hope to never boom in any serious way. I appreciate the perspective.
  4. Hmmm... this is making me wonder if i should just try to get an mkh30 and pair it with the 4017b. If i ever get more serious i can get an mkh 40 etc... It is bigger, but besides size and cost i can't see a downside to the mkh 30 over the emesser.
  5. I have recently had a couple of requests for stereo and thought it might be time for a gear upgrade. I have a 4017b and a cs3e and would like to be able to do a M/S setup primarily with the 4017b. The emesser appears to be a good option for this (although I'm open to something else). I'm curious if anyone has experience with the new 308 model compared to the 208. It sounds like they significantly reduced the noise floor, which is appealing. OTOH finding a used 208 and saving $300 is also appealing. Any thoughts/impressions appreciated!
  6. Thanks. That was my take, but i am relatively inexperienced in this realm.
  7. Thanks for listening and the feedback. I should be clear that DPA support has been nothing but courteous and helpful. I just don't want to get the mic back without the problem fixed.
  8. Thanks! There is literally no other gear on set and the noise came and went while stationary (in the middle of an interview). A cell phone is the only possibility, but it seems strange that it wouldn't be more consistent.
  9. I purchased a used 4017B and have had this horrible noise occur intermittently with it the 2 times I have used it (see attached wav file). Currently it is out for repair with DPA. They have found "something loose" in the mic but believe this artifact is "digital wireless interference". I'm doubtful of this explanation as our gear is the mic, a MixPre-3, and canare L-4e6s cables. One location was in a private home, the other a field on the outskirts of a rural town with nobody else collecting any media at either. The 2nd time we swapped the 4017b for a cs3e and had no more issues that day. I love the sound except for this issue and would love to find a way to salvage the mic. Any suggestions? DPA Mic Issue Sample.wav
  10. Thanks! It is the UM400a version which i believe means i need the dad3056 adapter.
  11. Got lucky and found a nearby forum member with a used 411/400 setup in good condition. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Re daniel: Thanks for the explanation. I think it is a good thought for the future. For now I want to try it out as inexpensively as possible.
  13. I think I'm going to hold out for a 411/400 given the thoughts here. The fact that i can probably resell it without losing much money if it doesn't work out is a strong selling point. This is over my head but i do know that $3500 is out of budget.
  14. Thanks for all of the input. It sounds like the used market prices are a pretty good reflection of the quality you get.
  15. Thanks! I was curious about the 200 series. I've read some comments that they are actually pretty good. Others indicate a considerably worse battery life and more problems with interference. I think i could live with the battery life if the sound was was actually really good.
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