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  1. Hi, used the Nova for the first time today on a shoot. A few questions came to mind: How can I put the transmitters in record remotely? Not with the transport cmds option, because I’d like the transmitters to keep recording, also when the Nova’s not recording. As input-limiters are lacking, which dynamics settings are best to resemble the good old analogue input limiters. With the factory settings they were quite audible (pumping) is it better to address the “card compressors” or the “input compressors” or both? why is it that after each power cycle the compressors on the digital inputs and rx inputs are reset to “off”? And why is it not possible to group the compressors on the digital I puts and rx -inputs? why do I get an error message after trying to store the settings in memory 1, 2 or 3? By the way, I tried the CF -> SD adapter. Seemed to work fine, but after a power cycle I got the message “unrecognized disk format”. Take out the CF card and re-insert the SD card seems to do the trick, untill the next power cycle... also I missed one take today because I thought I was recording. From the corner of my eye I Sam the button light up red... appeared to be the “bank” button. Some clever suggestions anyone? thanks so much! Sander, the Netherlands
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