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    Noisy R1a?

    I'm very glad I found this thread. I was very surprised by the noise floor of the R1a, even when just barely clicked on and volume all the way down. Considering they're what, $650 each new? Saved me hours of additional tinkering trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. Thank you!
  2. Thanks, Karl! I guess that's why I sometimes see a pair of sharkfins (likely going into a powered dual-channel distro) I assume for Receivers and also a SNA600a, likely for IFB/Hops on a sound cart. I appreciate your response! -Sam Mikelic Huntington Beach, CA
  3. I'm prepared to have this filed in the "stupid question" column, but just to be SURE I understand: Say I have a Block 22 Lectrosonics IFB, two Block 20 SR-B, and 2 block 20 UCR-411a's in the same bag. Is it acceptable to use two passive combiners along with two passive sharkfins or sna600a's for the receivers and the transmitter at the same time? In one combiner I'd have 4 receiver antennas, and into the other I'd have the other 4 receiver antennas + the one transmitter antennas. Would that put the Voodoo RF Gods in a negative disposition? Tx and Rx from the same antenna is OK? Or not so much? Thanks for the clarification, Sam
  4. Thank you for all of the information, David! Great stuff! That answers a lot of questions.
  5. Hi David, thanks for the reply and I enjoy your Youtube videos very much! I actually was surprised by this request as well! But 2 of the 3 times I've mixed for boom operators (who were not me- haha!) they asked to hear the lavs as well. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's an unusual request. I'm told it's quite common, but also may be a preference to the region in which you're working? Dunno. As to your video, wow that looks awesome! So- as I understand it, the Sound Deviced MM1 is doing several things: A ) it is feeding 48V to your microphone B ) it has a headphone out for the boom operator to listen to the boom. C ) it has a line in, which allows them to plug in that receiver you're talking to them on, AND it is mixing that input with the boom input. D ) it has a Mic (or line) output plugging into a TX they are wearing to get back to you. E ) (not MM-1 related but a clarification) this means the boom op is wearing a TX, an TX, the MM-1, and talking to you through their boom mic and not a lavaliere they wear. Is all of that correct? If so, I REALLY WANT AN MM1! Sam
  6. Sounds to me like a Sound Mixer wants to talk to their boom op wirelessly, and they also want to hear the boom op answer them back in their headphones on an un-recorded channel. Is that correct Roly67? What I am doing (most likely in the hardest way possible thanks to my my newbie experience) is coming out of my recorder (which has a slate microphone built into it) on an output into a transmitter which is sending to a Receiver my boom operator is wearing. That output/transmitter is sending the boom mic track and a little of the lav tracks to their receiver, and when I want to talk to them I click on the slate mic which is routed only to that output on my recorder, so only the boom op hears me. The Boom Op also wears a TX which is sending to a receiver hooked up to a channel in my recorder I am monitoring but not recording or sending to any mix. One day - I hope!- the wise ones on this board will explain the 2019 version of how to accomplish this better and in great detail and then we can all up our game. Sam
  7. My condolences to Don's family and to those who knew him. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him but by the sound of it he was an amazing man who took his craft as seriously as one should who has a passion for the medium. Rest in peace Don. Sam M. Huntington Beach, CA
  8. This is one of the most unexpected and best threads I have ever read! haha! Living in Huntington Beach today, it's truly great to hear some of the history of the era as it pertains to that genre of music. Very cool, thank you all for sharing your stories! The topic of "sound" certainly goes far far beyond the more boring conversations of freq scanning and which are the best lav expendables, right? Sam M. Orange County, CA
  9. Oh no! That is such an easy accident to have happened. There's no way the M2R shouldn't be protected against Phantom48 natively. I have ABSOLUTELY mistakenly fed Phantom into a 411 or an SRA/B/C in my day, and there has never resulted in a hardware failure. I hope there is more to this experience than meets the eye, because for sure that will happen in the fog of war with many an M2R out in the field. Sam M. Orange County, CA
  10. Thanks Tom, that makes sense. I can definitely forego the boom only track for a mixed output, and the Zoom F8n is capable of adjusting Tx feeds on the fly and mixing a PL in is not an issue- though there are more outputs to independently mix to on say an 833, so I agree with a recorder upgrade being on the list. For now, I'm more concerned about two (or even just one) Lectro IFB-T2s & four R1a's being usable for both camera hops and coms at the same time- am I in good shape there? Thanks so much! Sam M.
  11. It's a good interview and a great real-world representation of the performance of the Invisible Lav Covers (which is what I like the best about it). Thanks for making it! Sam M. Orange County, CA
  12. Hello everyone, This is my first post to JWSOUND and I'm happy to have found the community. Here is my question: I have avoided needing IFB until now, and I want to be sure I'm barking up a good tree. I've come across a great price on 2 Lectrosonics IFBT2's and 4 R1a's. I can't find a whole lot of feedback out there about the IFB-T2's, so I want to make sure the configurations and objectives I'm listing below are achievable with this equipment. Can someone please have a look at my plan and and let me know? 1) One IFBT2 will hook up to the Left TA3F output, and the other to the Right TA3F output, of my Zoom F8n recorder. 2) I will Route the Zoom's L output to hear only the boom track, and the R output to hear the remaining lav tracks. 3) I will program each of the R1a's to pickup the Freq's from both of the IFBT2's. I hope to then accomplish the following objectives: A ) I can wear an R1a myself while booming out of bag's reach and click between the two transmitters to hear either the boom or the lavs. B ) I can use a second R1a as a camera hop to feed a scratch track of the boom channel to a camera. C ) I can have the remaining 2 R1a's on standby for a director, scripty, or AD as needed. Did I get all that right? Thanks very much for your feedback. Sam M. Orange County, CA P.S. If anyone knows why the T2 looks so much different than the T1 and the T4, I'd be interested in knowing the story. And was there never a T3? Interesting product evolution for this model..
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