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  1. 1. Add proposed times to the calendar on this site. 2. Have a set time each day M-F. People can then just drop in if they are looking for a chat.
  2. Of course if your wife ever says."Get that thing out of the house, I am sick of seeing it laying around" and you are feeling obedient, let me know.
  3. Thanks Dave. I live in the UK and would only buy privately if it were a ridiculously stupid price because you just want it out of the house. I generally buy only from a local dealer "Pinknoise" as they look after me, if there are any issues down the line. I am sure some in the States will jump at the chance to get that pole. All the best.
  4. Good points: A tad lighter and quite a bit longer Not so good point: A good bit longer when collapsed The PSC do have a right angled XLR version A nice travel pole but for my work I need 9' as a min.
  5. Just about to buy for doco / interview use K-Tek KP9 KlassicPro 6-Section Graphite Boom Pole (0.71 - 2.75m with internal coiled cable and side XLR Should I keep looking or have I found the holy grail?
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