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  1. Here's my kids...Maya (long hair) is an 8 yr old Border Collie / wolf mix we rescued at 7 months old and Jax is a 1 yr old Border Collier Pit mix we rescued earlier this year...lucky we have 5 acres of field and woods to run off some energy...
  2. Not @drpro but I've suffered from G.A.S. (gear acquisition syndrome) too for many years 😜
  3. These were $13.50 for 7 plus $10.00 shipping using the first time order discount code
  4. Thanks...ordered a set
  5. didn't Film devices mention something like that here a few weeks ago? https://filmdevices.com/product-category/audio-equipment/
  6. For reference here's a 635a for sale in Portland with clearer pics: https://portland.craigslist.org/nco/msg/d/garibaldi-electro-voice-ev-635a/7131560858.html
  7. Thanks for the good vibes...nice of you to reach out...being a ways away from the big city things aren't too bad here in the PacNW...spending LOTS of time with family, training the new rescue puppy and just trying to finger out which way will be up when we get to the other side... Take care and best to you and yours. ...Ric
  8. Hi Jez... I have the newer F8n and they've changed out the battery "system" so it no longer uses the "sleds"...from what I gather frequency of exactly this kind of failure was the reason... Looked at BH and they have them in stock for $25.00...but as you mentioned shipping overseas is a mess right now...I'm 3 weeks into a pkg from Canada and 5 weeks into a pkg from Portugal...Maybe BH has a better relationship with the shipping companies... Good luck...and yes, they're really nice units for the cost ...Ric
  9. My Sony PacNW rep is a really helpful sort..even though he's primarily Pro Imaging he should be able to dig into this for you...tell him I said hi... Glenn Weinfeld Sr. Imaging PRO Support Rep – Nor.Cal./Northwest Professional Imaging Support - IPSA Sony Electronics, Inc Glenn.Weinfeld@Sony.com (858) 371-1364 good luck...Ric
  10. Thanks...looking forward to seeing/hearing what you think when you get a chance... BTW: want to echo your experience with NoHype and JPG...almost immediate, friendly yet professional responses to emails and a tracking # really quickly after pushing the pay button...seems like any after sales questions will be handled well. Shutdown has really hurt my wallet as I have more time to indulge my G.A.S. 😜
  11. Jim...any first impressions yet? (I have a pair in the mail now) Thanks...Ric
  12. found these: https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/florida-dog-tracks-close-over-coronavirus-leaving-hundreds-of-greyhounds-in-need-of-homes https://www.awesomegreyhoundadoptions.org
  13. If you need a foster home for a couple out west of Seattle give me a shout... We currently have 2 rescue dogs (Border Collie/Wolf and Border Collie/Pit) and 4 rescue cats on 5 wooded (fenced) acres...plenty of running/playing room...trainable hoomans ;-) ...Ric
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