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  1. I'm using SRb plugged to my F8. Simple stuff. I'm on a shoot now and no issues whatsoever. Lectro 1 still happens, only with that Sanken and that TX. I can 100% confirmed the it's plugged correctly to the TX. I spent literally 40 minutes with that mic and TX alone. Both Sanken and TX TA5 connector were replaced by professionals just weeks/month ago
  2. Hi folks, I bought a SRb with x2 TX SMDB/E01 with x2 Sanken from a reliable sound mixer in the UK a few months ago. They were used, but he said they worked fine. They've done a good job until the last few months, where a weird noise is popping up sometimes and I just can't figure out what it is. I asked to replace the TA5 connector from both Sanken, and it happened again. Then I asked to replace the TA5 connector of both TXs, and it still happens... I've just bought a brand new Sanken and there was a clicking and popping sound in TX1, and when swapped with TX2 even worse sounds happened. So it has to be RF issues? It really shouldn't be the mics, and the connector from the TXs as I've just said have been replaced by a professional. The audio clips are the following: >> Lectro 1 issue.wav was a test with a specific Sanken (let's call it Sanken 1) with a specific TX (let's call it TX 1). I was moving the Sanken connection at end of the cable, and all those issues occurred. That same Sanken 1 with TX 2 didn't create those issues at all. That same TX 1 with Sanken 2 didn't have those issues. Weird? But on today's shoot I had similar issues with TX 2 and brand new Sanken (listen to audio "Lectro issue RF I guess.wav"). >> Lectro 2 issue.wav on today's shoot, with a brand new Sanken (literally bought it two days ago via pinknoise), with TX 2. I was so surprised 'cause I thought it was a specific issue with TX 1 and Sanken 1, but I guess not... or is this a different issue? >> Lectro issue pops.wav this was with TX 1 and brand new Sanken. After that I swapped TXs and that's when I got those other sounds issues heard at audio "Lectro 2 issue.wav", which is way worse. So confused I was. Is it then a malfunction in the brand new Sanken..? >> Lectro issue RF I guess.wav Just another take, same issues and problems than in "Lectro 2 issue.wav" audio. This is with TX 2 and brand new Sanken. It does sound like RF signal issues, right..? Here are the audio files --> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Dihq9GbHdbyQBWLUhu2pWfOUcVvdkSeb?usp=sharing -- I did look for new frequencies before the shoot. It's true that we moved locations though, but it was within the same uni campus, like maybe 800m apart? 3 minutes walk -- I was literally 3-5 meters apart from talent. TX clipped on her bag, just one layer of clothing. RX was showing normal signal, just a crazy dropout when that weird sound happens. -- I don't think camera has anything to do with this, if someone is wondering. It's just a simple Sony FX6 with nothing on it. Also one of those small Canon or Sony I'm really confused and it's giving me a headache, after replacing and spending money on new TA5 connectors for Sanken and the TXs, now this is happening... If someone could give a listen to these short audio clips examples (5 or 11 seconds each) and share their thoughts I'd really really appreciate it. I'm of course in touch with the person who did the TXs connectors. Thanks in advance 1752354721_Lectro1issue.wav Lectro 2 issue.wav Lectro issue pops.wav Lectro issue RF I guess.wav
  3. The exact cable is this one --> https://www.pinknoise-systems.co.uk/sound-guys-solutions-power-cables-for-lectrosonics-various-connections.html Lectro DC Jack to MD-6 Locking Jack
  4. Hi all, I've just upgraded to Lectro, and I have the SRB rx with SREXT bottom plate, which means I can power up the RX with 6-18VDC I have a Talentcell recharg battery 12V that works fine with my F8, but for some reason it doesn't power up the receiver... I don't understand why. I have the right cable, since I've just bought it via pinknoise (DC lock for Lectro to DC) Any power solutions for this? It can be DC or 4-pin hirose, since I have that cable too. Thanks a lot
  5. I have actually just bought Lectro! Found a good offer for a SRB RX with x2 TX SMRB-E01 Only thing though is that I can't power up the RX. The bottom plate is a SREXT, and I have the right cable and a 12V battery that I use to power up my F8, but for some reason it doesn't work with the Rx... Am I missing something? The Rx says that power requir are 6-18VDC, 0.20A The Talentcell battery I have is 12V, so I don't understand why it doesn't work anyone here could recommend a power solution for this receiver? I have the cable with 4-pin hirose too, that came with the receiver Thanks!
  6. Ah, I see... That's doesn't sound very good Will wait for the new dual receiver probably then, I guess it'll be a similar thing than the MCR42 Thanks a lot! Yeah, that makes sense and it's probably a good guess. Still can't find anything anyways, but I guess more info will come within the next months Thanks Daniel, hope you're well mate!
  7. Yes! You're right Just talked with Raycom and they said a MCR54 dual should be out in a couple or months or so. Will wait for that and decide then Can't find anything online when I type MCR54 dual though, but I guess something will come up soon Thanks a lot !
  8. Hi folks, I'd appreciate very much if anyone here wouldn't mind to share their thoughts about the upcoming upgrade that I'm seriously thinking to do. I usually do a few weeks of research before buying anything expensive, and I thought opening this thread and read people's thoughts about buying the bundle of Wisycom MPR52 receiver with x2 TX (MTP41s) for £3k new I'm based in London (UK), and I mostly do bag work on my own (loads of short films, documentaries, corporate, online content...) and sometimes I assist as 1st on mid-budget productions or/and 2AS dailies on big productions. I've been working for almost the last 3 years with my Zoom F8 and x3 Senny G3 (SMA mod antenna) with Sankens. They're doing good, and I'm happy with it but sometimes the size of the transmitters and the freq range makes my job complicated and stressful. That's why I'm thinking to upgrade to the Wisy, as I've worked with them as assistant a few times and I liked them, and I know they're just better than G3s, of course. My questions are: Is it really a good upgrade? worth it? Will work fine with the F8? would you upgrade the recorder instead? TBH I'm happy with this machine and even though the pre amps and headphones out and outputs are not as great as SD, it does the job for the kind of stuff I do. I don't think getting a pre-mix 10 would be such a worth upgrade, and SD 8 series is out of my budget. I always think about second hand 633, but again, I think it's better to improve the sound of my wireless first rather than the recorder itself. Anything I should have in mind if I go with this bundle? Frequencies wise or power or anything that people have noticed working with it? I know there's the MCR54 4-channel multi-band true diversity receiver with x4 TXs ... but that's +£6,570 and it's a bit too much for me. Plus I don't think I need that many transmitters. But maybe I should just save more and get this instead...? Of course if anyone is selling any, don't hesitate to send me a message! Thanks very much Javier
  9. Thanks very much Dan! PM'ed you already regarding those Embrace Earmounts
  10. Hi folks, I'm embarking myself into a low budget sci-fi feature-film with space helmets where the talents will communicate to each other via radio. Director is happy to have mic visible since it makes sense for the story, hence I'm looking into headset mics such as the Countryman E6, DPA 4067, 4066, 4088, 4188... which one would you recommend? I'm assuming a low sensitive mic would be wiser? The only thing is that I have Sennheiser G3 RX/TX, so I'd need an adapter from either TA5F to 3.5mm or MicrDot to 3.5mm for my Senny. For some reason, they are not easy to find (?). Anyone know a place where they could rent both the mic and adapter? (I'm based in London). I'm looking into AudioDept and just sent them an email. Also, even though the helmets are made of foam hence they might not be very isolating, I might need to have a IEM system going on so the character on the helmet can hear well the other actor feeding lines and Director's instructions. Any recommendation for that? I was just thinking having more sennheiser RX and TX feeding my mix and having the feeding lines character and director with lav on them. Would that be fine or is there better solutions? And wouldn't the mic pick up some of the sound from the IEM? Any help would be very much appreciated ! Thanks
  11. Very nice, Niels! they actually look alike. How old is it? And it has never had any rattle/noise inside? Btw, Sennheiser confirmed me that of course my 416 is legit. But when I asked for the age, they said it's not possible to know the exact date but it should be 3-4 years old .... which is not possible at all since the previous owner bought it from a friend in 2014 .. so don't know if they didn't bother at all to look at it properly, or they just don't really know.. a bit disappointing here. Anyways, I sent it to Mike Harris (sells/repairs sound gear outside London) for the rattle and it should come back in great working order.
  12. Yeah I'm sure is the one that is 2.5inches from the xlr connector and underneath the paint of MKH 416 P48, right? I mean the one and only visible screw in the mic really. I might want to unscrewed it, open it and see if it's real and also tight up that screw. just standard phillips screw I guess it'll work (?) from inside it looks like this (pictures attached) a bit different from others I've seen (they normally don't have two of those round things at the end, just one, bit it might the year of fabrication? Sorry for my ignorance). but I guess is legit? I tighten the screw but the rattle stills there. It was there with the mic disassembled actually
  13. It's sort flat concave; the angle of the photo doesn't help but it looks as it should be. Is not completely flat. right, that might be it really. I want to open that black screw -- do you know what screwdriver do I need? Just an universal phillips or what is it? Thanks both!
  14. Hi folks, I think there's a few topics like this but since every mic is different, I'd like to open this and see what are your thoughts about this MKH 416 P48 that I've just bought. First of all; yes, I emailed Sennheiser with details and I hope they'll answer soon, but I'm sure it'll take a while. Also, I have seen the blogs of comparing fake MKH416 with real ones, but there's also well-done fake ones ! Now, this mic sounds good, but feels odd.. basically it has a rattle when moving it, quite present, and I believe it comes from the xlr connector. The paint name, the letters, looks fatter, compared to others MKH 416, although the screw is black and the xlr pins silver (as it should be). The serial number is 14768 -- I hope to find out how old it can be. I've emailed Sennh asking it and the ebay buyer (a guy from Manchester who replied telling me it's not fake and that Sennheiser has been changing manufacturers and stuff during the years, so it might just be that). Also, I managed to take out the tip (top of the mic) quite easily, and found this foam. Is that normal? Never seen the top of the mic opened so can't tell if that's how this mic should look, with white foam ... (pictures attached) and also in this link --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aRsuWuJNSoVzGv1X5oHCLUiQYNrmUKBK (Can't open the mic completely 'cause not owning a Phillips screw). And can't check with the case 'cause it came without it. What do you guys think about it? Cheers
  15. Hey Folks, YES, it was most likely the frikking focus puller thing because I was shooting this weekend with a different crew (with a different focus puller device) and it did not happen. So yes, it's all good ! Thanks again everyone!!
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