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  1. Thanks very much Dan! PM'ed you already regarding those Embrace Earmounts
  2. Hi folks, I'm embarking myself into a low budget sci-fi feature-film with space helmets where the talents will communicate to each other via radio. Director is happy to have mic visible since it makes sense for the story, hence I'm looking into headset mics such as the Countryman E6, DPA 4067, 4066, 4088, 4188... which one would you recommend? I'm assuming a low sensitive mic would be wiser? The only thing is that I have Sennheiser G3 RX/TX, so I'd need an adapter from either TA5F to 3.5mm or MicrDot to 3.5mm for my Senny. For some reason, they are not ea
  3. Very nice, Niels! they actually look alike. How old is it? And it has never had any rattle/noise inside? Btw, Sennheiser confirmed me that of course my 416 is legit. But when I asked for the age, they said it's not possible to know the exact date but it should be 3-4 years old .... which is not possible at all since the previous owner bought it from a friend in 2014 .. so don't know if they didn't bother at all to look at it properly, or they just don't really know.. a bit disappointing here. Anyways, I sent it to Mike Harris (sells/r
  4. Yeah I'm sure is the one that is 2.5inches from the xlr connector and underneath the paint of MKH 416 P48, right? I mean the one and only visible screw in the mic really. I might want to unscrewed it, open it and see if it's real and also tight up that screw. just standard phillips screw I guess it'll work (?) from inside it looks like this (pictures attached) a bit different from others I've seen (they normally don't have two of those round things at the end, just one, bit it might the year of fabrication? Sorry for my ignorance).
  5. It's sort flat concave; the angle of the photo doesn't help but it looks as it should be. Is not completely flat. right, that might be it really. I want to open that black screw -- do you know what screwdriver do I need? Just an universal phillips or what is it? Thanks both!
  6. Hi folks, I think there's a few topics like this but since every mic is different, I'd like to open this and see what are your thoughts about this MKH 416 P48 that I've just bought. First of all; yes, I emailed Sennheiser with details and I hope they'll answer soon, but I'm sure it'll take a while. Also, I have seen the blogs of comparing fake MKH416 with real ones, but there's also well-done fake ones ! Now, this mic sounds good, but feels odd.. basically it has a rattle when moving it, quite present, and I believe it comes from the xlr conn
  7. Hey Folks, YES, it was most likely the frikking focus puller thing because I was shooting this weekend with a different crew (with a different focus puller device) and it did not happen. So yes, it's all good ! Thanks again everyone!!
  8. Hi everyone, thanks very much for the replies! And Bernie specially for your time with the RX, amazing! I'm pretty sure it was happening due to the wireless remote focus pulling thing and/or other wireless things in the Amira they were using, 'cause it was full with stuff I've never seen before. Maybe some bluetooth things -- I should have asked exactly what they were using.. (although it wouldn't have changed much I believe). I'm saying this 'cause it happened on both days of shooting, in different locations (2nd one more present though), a
  9. Hi folks, I've had this beeping/pulse sound issue with my G3 these two last days of shooting in two different locations. Have a listen here --> (5 seconds audio) 9C7JOaTy https://drive.google.com/open?id=1O73QDLKLfPaWPiQYrRCNpnDM (longer version here --> https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ncHqt0VoH5PP0DeUNf1TU-jyR0dvOdXT ) I don't understand what the heck is it, and is driving me crazy; been testing at home with exact setup and all and the sound does not appear. I can 90% assure that is NOT (or shouldn't be) the following
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