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  1. Why not cordura 1000? What tape do you use? I use upholstry glue and it smells the first few weeks. 🙂
  2. Prices seam expansive but they have good stuff. Thanks for the recommendation..
  3. Great review and great bag. I can not recommended enough. You can follow my mod post here in the DIY section.
  4. Still not ideal to use 2.4gHz for ifb. Also freeze some sperm if you want to have some kids in the future.
  5. I did not see that it has a little power input. so it is not passive. Still those specks look like advertising mumbo jumbo. Do try it. Maybe it helps.
  6. I have used comtek 216 with Nomad and with Nova and as long as the comtek is physically away from the Zaxnet antenna and powered by a 9v battery there is no problem. I doubt a new IFBX00 is on the horizon. A lot more important things to come out.
  7. Through the years I have not seen any passive solutions making any difference. You can try a bigger antenna and it makes a little difference.
  8. I don’t know the exact model. Can find out tomorrow. It is basic upholstery closed cell foam. Nothing fancy.
  9. I doubt this makes any significant difference if any at all.
  10. Removed 2 treads and made 4 TX fit in front. The side pocket already works for 1 TX without a mod.
  11. I never trust any brands. The first orca harness is fine for light bags and it is light and breathable. for heavy bags nothing even gets close for me then the VersaFlex even without the bottom part. i suspect those rigid harnesses do more damage then help. minimizing what we put on our bellies is a lot more important then the type of harness.
  12. The zaxnet performance is improved by a lot. Today I controlled transmitters over 4 walls 4 rooms away. I would not have been able to do it with nomad.
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