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  1. 100% true. Rigid bags are for people who can not organize their gear and bag. Rigid bags are also an excuse to charge $350 for a bag. The companies can make light and smart bags but they don’t because it will be hard to charge $350 for some cordura fabric and closed cell foam.
  2. I don use pouches. There is nothing that can break since the screen is surrounded by the antenna and the headphone jack. The rest of it is rock solid!
  3. My favorite contribution to Nova is becoming a reality. This is a game changer for reality bag mixers! it uses Bias voltage to enable the output to activate Push to talk on the walkie. Gene Martin is making me hd26 with a mic that will be connected to Nova and I can use the microphone and com to enable the walkie. I have been routing the walkie to my mixer/recorder for a very long time and now I don’t even need to use the walkie microphone and bring it to my mount. Everything is integrated and eliminates the need for those PTT walkie microphones.
  4. Hi David, Are you going to attend this year? Also I can not find the pictures from 2019.
  5. it’s an honor and privilege. And thank you for turning me to ZAXCOM and giving me all the valuable advises through the years. It changed my carrier and led to the invention of my OneUnit that turned on it’s self in to the perfect execution of Zaxcom Nova OneUnit. So in a way it is thanks to you Jeff Wexler that Nova OneUnit exist. I and the rest of community owes you so much!
  6. 100+ days update Running Nova OneUnit since the beginning in the end of august has been free of any major issues and only had minor bugs remembering settings and unavailable options. My Nova OneUnit has been used almost every day and I am already over 100 days of operation. The evolution of the software and the interface was strong and became more and more powerful. The RF reception value on the corresponding recording track is a game changer in the way we work. Time Code is rock solid. Analog front end and output/monitoring sound great. RF Range is well above previous zaxcom gear and the swift control over zaxnet was perfected to become so easy and fast. having 8 wireless receivers in such a small box is still something that awes me every day. I dont have to break my back anymore. I have been using 1.69 since Howy released it and consider it to be a major point for bug free operation. There was a lot of work done by zaxcom and the beta testers and there is a lot more work "and extra hardware 🙂" to be done. Looking at the prioritized list of future development there is a lot of good things coming. But as of the week before the holidays most of the Nova OneUnit has been complete. Zaxcom delivered the product. Now they just need to deliver it to the many users that want it and have it preordered
  7. RadoStefanov

    Nova fw 1.66

    Move to 1.69. A very stable release.
  8. I am taking the micplexerII out of it to sale it. Leaving the battery slot naturally. This is going to be my second bag for round tables and interviews. Nothing extreme. At some point when all the nova preorders are delivered I will get a second nova.
  9. My experience with the casing is the opposite. Ikea ladda break easier in my opinion. There has to be a big difference in quality. As soon as my maha smart charger tells me to discard a battery I try to do factory restore and if that does not work I toss it. Ikea ladda and amazon rechargbles last a lot less then eneloop. If I need batteries for slates, erx and house appliances I use the regular eneloop which last forever and are cheaper then pro. And the price difference does not make me use inferior battery.
  10. Ikea Ladda does not hold up against Eneloop Pro and Powerex Every ikea Ladda I had was discarded by my maha charger a lot quicker then ENELOOP Pro. But You get what you pay for.
  11. 1.69 works fine. I have not experienced any bugs. No fader bugs. We should make it a default version after other beta testers give it a go.
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