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  1. You need the exaugurated low end to judge low end problems
  2. I miss him so much! We should get together and sponsor him coming to JWSOUND party. I will drive down to LA to pick him up if I have to.
  3. Making a good USB device is not as easy when it comes to jitter. I would stick with a proven manufacturer like RME who have steadyclock. I use their gear and even when SPDIF from motherboard the RME gear produces amazing results. Not all digital devices are created equal especially when it comes to PC hardware interconnection.
  4. You can see it is removed on one of the pictures. But on the Bubblebee it is soft rubber so it does attach silently and more secure. I actually like it on for certain wardrobe.
  5. Bublebee industries new DPA 406X concealer is the best one I have tried to this day. Softer flexible material is so much better for sticking on the inside of Tshirts without an obvious fabric bends and on uneven surfaces. The tape is the usual best we expect from Bubblebee. The metal buffer helps a lot keeping noisy objects away and the metal clip “ the design of which came from the design of the DPA slim and concealer “ is very easy for a corporate work compared to a old school regular clip. You can also clip on the inside of shirts “ for VIP people who do not want tape on their expansive clothing. I don’t see a reason to use the original Dpa concealers any more. Another top notch top quality release from Bubblebee Industries. Thank You BB
  6. Get yourself one good mic that performs great indoors and outdoors. CMIT5/minicmit/DPA 4017/ A lot of people use MKH50/MKH8040/CMC6mk41 outdoors as well
  7. Just got my camera. I have been working for 2 months straight and will work all the way to next Friday. But will try everything in the weekend..
  8. Does the fan kick in at all? You can reduce the fan speed inline or unplug the fan start charging and measure the temperature.
  9. Anybody knows where he is? He is not answering my emails.
  10. I don’t know if calibration is a big deal or not. As maybe the first inspire energy user I got a bunch of batteries that are over their life. Calibrating did not fix any of them. They still work and I use them but the only downside is they don’t rip off “ meaning they keep charging forever “. Check the OEM prices on the charger.
  11. You can use any charger. Remote audio is inspire energy. Ausioroot I bet is iinspire energy inside.
  12. Only the inspire Energy calibrating chargers have the fans. Regular chargers don't. Audio root is just a charger. No need for cooling.
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