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  1. A lot of times “as you must know” lawsuits are not only about winning or loosing. One time I got a phone call from a Swiss lawyer firm and I lost 2 days and a thousand dollars for legal advice. And after that I learned to keep stuff to my self and for only private conversations with friends. Exactly. It’s all my opinion. And while most of it is based on personal choice Rycote softie is actually a very good argument . Anybody with good ears can test and hear the frequency response difference and the lack of wind protection. And now days when other companies make similar products people have point of reference and can judge by themself. At the end of the day my opinion does not matter. Rycotes name recognition sales a bunch around the world.
  2. I have never been sponsored by cinela. What for? Also I am not saying recote don’t have good stuff. Lyre is a good cheap solution that works very very well and I use it most of the time. WS with lyre is good enough but transfers boom noise Sonics to the mic compared to the cinela “ I might be a little bit more rough on the boom handling” . Softie has always been bad sonically, can not deal with even light wind and it was always MY source of frustrations. The new rycote softie version I tried was not any better. There is always a chance I don’t know how to use them. And to get back to my original point I was making. I understand Rycote wants to shove this mini cmit mount down our throat as a viable solution but what I am proposing is to get back to the drawing board and come up with something better. A RYCOTE Invision lyre number 6 with hard lyre and tight with zip ties works a lot better with the minicmit “ I use the above configuration more often then the Cinela Cosi” then this new Frankenstein mount. And as a Rycote current user and a former client I feel expressing my opinion is not that outrages.
  3. You know my style of expression is more dramatic and theatrical. 🙂 Not garbage but I do wish apart from THE LYRE they researched and developed more good products. WS has been the same for 30 years. The softie has always sucked but as the only choice they were selling millions. But since now they are owned by a giant conglomerate I have to refrain from criticizing Rycote because the lawyers are no fun. 🙂
  4. Some companies have a track record of being a monopoly and selling majority garbage products. Other smaller companies spend years of R&D to make a good products and people notice "HEAR" the difference.
  5. And who the hell wants to use a rycote softie?
  6. Or one of those barber spinning cylinders.
  7. $1200 an year? what about utility?
  8. Many times I had been told that I don’t so as much as other sound mixers because they don’t see how many problems I solve remotely without interrupting the shoot.
  9. Thanks for answering. How much are dues for y1?
  10. That was not my question. I am familiar with the roaster procedure. I want to know the mixer boom and utility fees and their different prices.
  11. Can somebody share the 695 positions fees? I can not find a link on the website.
  12. Zaxnet does it from far far away without having to ask production to halt for you. Downside producers think you are not doing anything.
  13. What happens if you want to put a softie? Oh you can not? So it is far from perfect.
  14. I don't see how the Bluetooth is useful when you have to walk in front of the camera to be in range.
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