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  1. Welcome to the cinela club. I can not imagine using anything else. Did you get the plastic case?
  2. Apparently the Jensen vaccine is not as effective as the Phizer. Also it gets you a lot sicker than Pgizer's second shot.
  3. My first shot of pfizer I felt nothing and did not get even redness at the puncture spot. No idea if I maybe already had it. I tried to get the Johnson and johnson but they were out. I wanted the classic vaccine. Unfortunately I am required to get one so I could bot just wait. The needle is hair thin.
  4. Or if you want solar: XS-60 Portable Solar Panel 60W – Antigravity Batteries
  5. Just get a Inspired energy charger for charging. I have to check but I believe I paid $100 for my CH4040 dual simultaneous charger without calibrator. Inspired energy have a lot of good options. If you want the extra info like charging cycles get audioroot one.
  6. All smbus readers show that information on smbus is battery. . Nothing to do with the branded battery.
  7. Works fine. No need for 742. Just a stereo TRX with a Y cable.
  8. Oldie but goodie: 🙂
  9. thank You. I was hoping her doctor will navigate her to the vaccination. will take it in my hands.
  10. Today everybody “crew and talent” just got a 2 minutes test. Took 2-3 minutes to test with simple paperwork and the results
  11. Exactly. WHO, CDC and ECDC "I listen only to the latter" all say n95 is the only way and why I wear them since the beginning of February 2020. Even saint Fauci agrees! On set I wear n95 as well. Because anything else is just for show and does not protect you or the people around you. It is just dog and pony show. P.S. N95 sucks in the beginning but I got use to it very quickly. This is great. Those heros that risked and continue to risk their life deserve to be first. Unfortunately I am hearing some rich people are getting vacines privately before anybody el
  12. Segway would be healthier than a bicycle because of your rate of breading.
  13. I was told RRC are copies made in China and not using the best Panasonic cells. I had 2 “third party” fail on me after 40-50 charges. I will disassemble one to see what is inside.
  14. BTW from your graph 4 kilometers is approximately 2.5 miles. Tell me how many people in the united states commute 2.5 miles to work and from work. Some people travel more just to buy milk.
  15. Hold on!!!!!!! Are we talking about the United states or Europe? Europe "especially Denmark" have addressed the car/bike situation. My home city Varna has a giant park running along it and major boulevards with restaurants and stores have always been bikes and pedestrians only. If you follow my comments I said if there are separate exclusive bike roads it makes sense. Biking with cars is where it gets really stupid and arguing that riding a bike in "lets say NY City" is healthy is ether ignorant or some serious propaganda. Lets make an experiment: You co
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