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  1. I am dropping the mini cmit as well and getting a 4017. I love the sound but my schoeps have been very unreliable.
  2. it does matter what they charge for chargers. And batteries. they should stick to selling recorders and anything else the multinational conglomerate that owes them sales. price gouging their customers is not only shady business practice but also disrespectful to their customers. make something and sale it! don’t resale price gouge like any other shitty greedy corporation out there. I don’t understand why people always jump to deffend multi national corporations like whoever Italian mafia family owns sound devices!!! do you work for them!? are you a resaler? what do you care? are you generally defending greedy capitalist price gouging as an acceptable business practice?
  3. No not at all. I purchased bunch of batteries from Ghotam when they were sold at $120-125 each “don’t remember the exact price. Sound devices are saying it is 5050 but it should be confirmed. My 4040s have the rubber buttons as well. Just FYI the calibrator does nothing with an aging battery. It only introduces unnecessary fan noise. Sound devices should sale 4040. Not to mention BS like bellow. It is preying on their own uninformed customers… 4 times the actual retail price:
  4. t was a typo that was corrected. Those chargers are 4040 not 5050! Those companies get even better prices buying bulk. 10% is an honest mark up. Not 60-70%!!! I imagine they get $160-170 price per charger. Back in the day when Vin found IE and pointed me to them and I started purchasing for everybody. they gave me a $70,000 deal for a bulk purchase with my branding R.A.D.O . I approached a LA resaler with a reasonable offer of $10 mark up for me a battery. This was back in the day around the time Audio Root battery were coming out for $330. I was offered around $100 a battery and $165 a charger pay as I go. I wanted the batteries to be affordable for everybody. But I was cut off the deal. I am not sour. I am actually happy that lesson keeps me away from the sound business. Don’t want to live without dignity!
  5. RRC is Chinese. inspired energy is American I use to buy dual chargers for my friends for around $200
  6. This charger is made by inspired energy and around $220.
  7. It is a shame when our people take advantage of us!
  8. In my experience Any pure Digital RF is way easier to handle.
  9. I love him so much.
  10. I am trying to emulate him on Facebook but the youth gets easily triggered.
  11. He would not read this but I will make sure to get the message to him.
  12. I kept in touch. He was in bad shape health wise but recovered and looks great.
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