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  1. If you have only receivers in the bag it should not matter that much.
  2. I love the Italian Restaurant Menu design of the brochure. 🙂
  3. Annual NAB party “in memory of Eric Toline from now till the end of time. “ Monday April 25 9PM Drinks courtesy of DPA Microphones Crown and anchor 1350 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States https://www.crownandanchorlv.com
  4. What a great place to tide down and hide a body. (:
  5. One of the best qualities of zaxcom is exactly that: you get 100% good sound or none at all. With analog wireless especially when late in the day and ear fatigue you get strange hisses frequency response anomalies and other strange artifacts. the piece of mind that I am getting 100% of the sound or none at all “which I can replace with transmitter recording if it happens “ is priceless.
  6. Welcome to the cinela club. I can not imagine using anything else. Did you get the plastic case?
  7. Apparently the Jensen vaccine is not as effective as the Phizer. Also it gets you a lot sicker than Pgizer's second shot.
  8. My first shot of pfizer I felt nothing and did not get even redness at the puncture spot. No idea if I maybe already had it. I tried to get the Johnson and johnson but they were out. I wanted the classic vaccine. Unfortunately I am required to get one so I could bot just wait. The needle is hair thin.
  9. Or if you want solar: XS-60 Portable Solar Panel 60W – Antigravity Batteries
  10. Just get a Inspired energy charger for charging. I have to check but I believe I paid $100 for my CH4040 dual simultaneous charger without calibrator. Inspired energy have a lot of good options. If you want the extra info like charging cycles get audioroot one.
  11. All smbus readers show that information on smbus is battery. . Nothing to do with the branded battery.
  12. Works fine. No need for 742. Just a stereo TRX with a Y cable.
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