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  1. My experience with the casing is the opposite. Ikea ladda break easier in my opinion. There has to be a big difference in quality. As soon as my maha smart charger tells me to discard a battery I try to do factory restore and if that does not work I toss it. Ikea ladda and amazon rechargbles last a lot less then eneloop. If I need batteries for slates, erx and house appliances I use the regular eneloop which last forever and are cheaper then pro. And the price difference does not make me use inferior battery.
  2. Ikea Ladda does not hold up against Eneloop Pro and Powerex Every ikea Ladda I had was discarded by my maha charger a lot quicker then ENELOOP Pro. But You get what you pay for.
  3. 1.69 works fine. I have not experienced any bugs. No fader bugs. We should make it a default version after other beta testers give it a go.
  4. The sonosax sxr4 have ASRC. Nothing to worry about.
  5. The final breath of life for the original OneUnit. I am assisting its suicide. RIP my friend. You served me well and inspired a technical revolution. I will keep using and reusing your organs forever. And leaving the battery slot in you because it’s still better then Nova.
  6. www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.54.zip http://www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.64.zip http://www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.66.zip http://www.zaxcomftp.com/fileshare/software/Nova_v1.69.zip ------------------------ Nova Release Notes -------------------------------- !!!!!!! WARNING for ZAXCONVERT USERS: DO NOT INSTALL LAME-3.99 !!!!!! You MUST use LAME-3.97. If you install LAME-3.99 on your MAC you will need to remove it and then manually search your hard drive for any LAME related files and manually delete them before installing LAME-3.97. ----- Nova firmware installation ---- Place the NovaProgFile_vXXX.bin file on a CF card (no extra formatting needed). Insert card into the mirror slot. Hold the STAR key while powering on the Nova. When you see blue text you can release the STAR key. Wait a few minutes for it to complete. Cycle power and check the version in the About Nova screen ---------------------------- Version History -------------------------------- ---------------------------- Version History -------------------------------- ---------------------------- Version History -------------------------------- 1.69 Dec 4 fixed divide by zero which caused fader position to jump under certain circumstances 1.68 Dec 3 2019 fixed ISO ATTENUATION feature not working on all selected tracks fixed STORE and RECALL memory preset feature 1.67 Nov 27 prevented F-Keys from interfering with frequency entry on RX Config page 1.66 Nov 26 If power to a slot was OFF in an older version and Nova was upgraded to newer firmware, the 2nd half of the slot could flash and not understand its power state. Even a Factory Recall Defaults would not fix this Fixed problem with auto pick not sending freqs remotely Don't send freqs when pressing "PICK" in scan men, only when pressing "SEND" More fixes to prevent pots from jumping 1.64 Nov 22 fixed output mixer on playback prevented repeated attempts to send frequency setting to RXer module after pressing "SEND" in the scan page to prevent clicks in audio 1.63 Nov 21 fixed issue where RX modules could think they should be in ANALOG mode which caused no real audio to be available 1.61 Nov 19 fixed playback not making it to outputs 5 or 6 or Zaxnet IFB audio out 1.60 Nov 18 fixed not remembering RX output mode after power cycle (always defaulted to NORMAL) added blinking OUTPUT MODE text which includes suggestions for use with MONO and STEREO fixed Zaxnet TX gain not being scaled quite right when sending to TXer fixed RF status in audio meter not always being from the correct Rxer channel 1.59 Nov 15 more fixes to frequency changes and auto pick no longer automatically send freq out zaxnet when RXer freq is changed 1.58 Nov 14 increased IFB module reliability no longer allow scanning on RX2 and RX4 1.57 Nov 12 attempted to fix Auto-Pan matrix confusion added auto-pan such that moving a fader changes pan cursor on ENG (Pan) home screen 1.55 Nov 8 moved RX POWER to RX SETUP page (slot1 and slot2 power) 1.54 Nov 8 Fixed jumping RF meters Fixed ISO ATTENUATION being off by a large amount No longer reset time and date when there is missing real time clock data 1.51 Nov 1 made sure Output Mode is sent RXer after power cycle 1.50 Nov 1 new bootloader V9 for faster boot-up times (go to ADVANCED SETUP::BurnBootLoader) fixed error checking of RTC clock chip on bootup which could reset the timecode sometimes increased mirroring speed fix to try to prevent Flux Capacitor filter from booting up at the wrong center freq fixed some output levels not being remembered after a re-boot 1.46 Oct 31 more fixes for RXer metering 1.43 Oct 30 added soft keys in LEVELS menu so user can set all output levels at once 1.42 Oct 29 fixed return meters not working in INPUTS screen made REC / STOP work in INPUT SETUP screen 1.40 Oct 25 added Encryption menu in RX SETUP (controls both ZAXNET and Receivers) 1.39 Oct 25 made faders go all the way down to "full mute" 1.38 Oct 24 added old style receiver drawings when no MRX-414s are present added check to make sure faders don't jump stereo support for MRX214: requires MRX module version MRX-121 to allow second pair of audio channels to work 1.37 Oct 24 opened up frequency range to 700MHz 1.36 Oct 22 working on new RX meter layout for stereo support 1.35 Oct 18 fixed auto pick problems made RX config screen auto-config the page 1.35A fork Oct 24 opened up frequency range to allow 700MHz (on QRX212 module only) 1.35 Oct 18 fixed auto pick problems changed RX config screen 1.33 Oct 17 Fixed outputs not really being routed to tracks after a power cycle made green output track meter a bit brighter 1.32 Oct 15 fixed possible crashing on rare occasions 1.31 Oct 15 mega scan works (scans whatever you are "viewing" in the scan window) 1.30 Oct 14 fixed "MONITOR ALL TRACKS" in the playback menu fixed SCAN menu fixed problem where record would not work sometimes (primary card could not be accessed after bootup) 1.26 Oct 10 added RECORD lockout for 4 seconds after bootup to prevent strange behaviour and to let timecode jam itself fixed problems with KEY HOLD TIME and TRANSPORT HOLD settings (now in ENG SETUP) moved all meter hold time settings to ADVANCED MENU fixed TC SLATE not being flipped upside down correctly fixed TX freq not being remembered on RX inputs added new 8 ch compact RXer display page with meters 1.19 Oct 2 now top row of home page function keys are all headphone select keys pressing BACK in home screen now refreshes the function key labels 1.18 Sep 30 we now save settings to ROM when entering the HOME screen so before turning off the unit, go to the home screen to insure any settings are saved immediately before powering down. now check for midnight crossover every second instead of every 60 seconds added red LED indicators on faders to indicate clipping fixed AES42 power not turning on correctly 1.14 Sep 27 **** ZAXNET version 022: Fixed clicks in transmitted audio!! **** fixed some problems with trim diamonds in track meters fixed warning concerning inputs 3 and 4 being turned off (was "1 and 2") fixing meters position oddities aligned RF meters better we now allow up to 14 meters on the home screen (2 outs + 12 tracks) fixed Red and Blue colors on bootup text added temperature display in ABOUT screen 1.07 Sep 25 fixed Headphone preset ENABLE setting not working fixed Headphone preset ENABLE setting not being remembered fixed current primary folder not remembering after a power cycle cleaned up OUT /CARD meters page 1.06 Sep 25 added arrows for RF meters added RF meter to track meters 1.01 Sep 20 added new IFB module firmware 020 to fix problem where IFB module did not always put out the right transmit power (causing no ZAXNET reception) fixed RX inputs not assigning to outputs 1.00 Sep 19 fixed possible headphone muting after playing a segment fixed meter trim diamonds for returns made sure zaxnet module is updated when it is turned on added RX restart timer to fix dead RX modules 0.99E Sep 17 added menu item INVERTED XPOINTS: OFF = you don't have to cycle thru inverted crosspoints in track menu added menu item TRANSPORT KEYS: for REC and STOP keys: 'PRESS' = normal HOLD means you have to hold the key (like nomad) changed RX input matrix labels to "1c,1b,2a,2b,3a,3b,4a,4b" changed RXer PFL text 0.99D Sep 16 fixed holding of STOP and REC keys not doing anything fixed mirror not remembering its state after power on added bootloader v8 (fixed POTDEX error messages) 0.99C Sep 16 changed FF and REW to PREV and NEXT in play menu changed meter trim diamond so its easier to see Fixed front knobs not remembering their positions after power cycle changed bank colors to rainbow order: Red,yellow,green,blue, purple 0.99B Sep 14 sped up digital trims fixed bank not being remembered after a power cycle 0.99A Sep 14 lots of changes to how IFB module commands are sent 0.99 Sep 13 made STAR KEY go directly to home screen (when not in use) fixed NO PRIMARY CARD warning(s) 0.98 Sep 13 FIXED BANK decrement key in fader assign menu default LCD brightness = 10 instead of 30 0.97 Sep 13 fixed Log screen 0.96 Sep 13 added support for burning IFB module (to v19) fixed RX LEDs on home screen made it so bank key does not change bank unless you hit it twice (while Popup is still displayed)
  7. Driving range. David lav in the pocket. Car mic clipped on the back of the passenger seat. Range is more then before by a lot. I have not had to give transmitter card tracks yet. FullSizeRender.mov
  8. As far as selecting frequencies you can trust Zaxcom selection because you can pretty much go every 0.5 0.6MHz. I just did a IAS coordination with an RF explorer just for the heck of it and got 144 frequencies from 512-608mhz.
  9. You don't have to disable. you can scan on the 7th or 8 RX without interrupting the other. I have tried it.
  10. Do try a good amp. It makes it almost as good as UHF talent wireless. i noticed the less gain on xlr balanced input. I use the 3.5 unbalanced and gain is correct. Another user asked me about the less gain on the XLR. So 3 people have already noticed.
  11. Forgot to mention the rogers "like many other digital systems" sounds great 100% all the way to cutting out. With analog invisity there has been a lot of noises and buzzes. Roger does not have that.
  12. After some rumors about electronics availability phonak finally and officially confirmed that PHONAK INVISITY is discontinued. I was in the market for earpieces and have used invisity many times but was presented with a dilemma: Should I buy a discontinued product or venture in to the Rogers 2.4gHz. I have had enough experience with Zaxnet to know how 2.4gHz behaves and what the limitations are. Gene from AudioDept let me borrow a roger system so I can test for my self. Here are my findings: Range. Off course the range out of the box is not great. Rogers glue a small antenna and the first step is to carefully remove it and free the SMA port for better antennas and amps. Just putting a larger antenna improves the range. 2.4gHz works like a wifi router. It has difficulty going through walls but reflects very good in one open space. The range is very manageable even without an Amp but there are rules to be followed. Some users have reported that they remote the antenna closer to the earpieces. This is not a good practice for 2.4gHz. Cable loss at that frequency is a lot and will make the system unusable. Even with an RG8 cable you loose 22dB every 100 feet which is a lot. I added the L-Com 1W amp and corner antenna " my cart zaxnet setup" and the range increased 20 times. With the setup installed inside my old metal office I was able to go outside the parking lot walking around and getting in the buildings next to me. even going behind the corner antenna gave me clean signal but it did not go as far. So why did I decide to buy the roger 2,4gHz apart from invisity being discontinued? The sound! It sounds a lot better and It is a lot louder then invisity! Rogers "like many other digital systems" sounds great 100% all the way to cutting out. With analog invisity there has been a lot of noises and buzzes. Roger does not have that.Every time i used the comtek system talents asked me for more volume. And I have always feared that I will blow a receiver while increasing the level. It was constant pressure and fear. The rogers is loud and clear. I actually had to turn it way down because it was loud. You can not change the volume on the earpiece like invisity but I honestly has never been asked to turn it down for anybody. Another reason I got the rogers is that while the transmitter is not small it works on 5v battery and can totally be used in a bag if I have to. I want to try the repeater for that. I was told the repeater helps a lot with range in random environments. The build quality/plastic seams better with the rogers. I like how they tune remotely to the base station and no need for "Oven Baking" to change frequency but I don’t like is the random frequency selection. There is no control. I wish I had the control to keep the frequency above 2.470 to be absolutely clear of interference "apart from zaxnet which goes up to 2.475". With Zaxnet I only use 2.475 and have never had issues "other then the physicals limitation of 2.4gHz signal. Also I need more information about the "adaptive frequency hopping" How does it work? If I have to get closer to the base station to change the frequency how would the "adaptive frequency hopping" work when the earpiece is away? Does it program a few freqs and hops them in real time? I will contact Roger and get that information. But they should really improve on that. In conclusion If you know how to manage a 2.4gHz signal the rogers is a no brainier. Its louder by a lot! It sounds better. Being one piece it looks and seams sturdier and stronger. But most importantly it is not being discontinued like invisity and can serve me well for many years in the future. _____________________________________________________________________ Rado Stefanov | Las Vegas Sound Supervisor | Insert other media
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