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  1. The evolution of bags. My sd888 is kind of small as well
  2. The biggest Reality production company in the world just asked my buddy who was renting a grip truck “just the truck” to carry insurance on set of somebody gets hurt by his grip gear that he does not operate. He said no.
  3. maybe their new stuff is good but those old receivers are very finicky. Get interference from … me breathing to close to them. 🙂 But seriously they have good range but get interference from walkie talkies. And the wide band is not ideal for transmitters in the bag. Wideband imho is a bad idea.
  4. Trying to have it small but it is impossible. COuld have made it smaller but the 633 sprays so much RF garbage in the wisy receivers. Physical separation works but separate power source is the best. But I am not willing to carry the weight of an another battery for it.
  5. Looks small and compact. Do you need the giant distro?
  6. Every time I did not loose the job. Just became an employe. Gear on an invoice
  7. If the contract is not explained to you it is not as binding.
  8. What I said. I have been asked to carry my own insurance if loan out “and I become employee” but asking for me not even being there is hilarious..
  9. Funny story. I am renting gear for a long show. Production asked me and the grip company “ who are also just renting” to provide our own production insurance and to free them of liability if somebody gets hurt.
  10. I use a $25 bag from amazon called condor. There is tread somewhere here. I designed a bag for Nova OneUnit but have not had time to make it.
  11. CLasic. Check the Cal Tjader version. Mongo Santamaria VInce Giraldi. CLassic!
  12. Yea yea I know they stole. But everybody else in business steals including the usual bag manufacturers so … I know I am going to get a lot of hate but as you all might have found out already I don’t give a F@ck. This is just information. Proaim made a bag. Still old school heavy design and made of polyester but a cheaper version. Price is $167
  13. the mood I envy everybody who lived in california before the 21st century!!!!
  14. Well deserved vacation after 28 days for the super bowl - mission pacific hotel Oceanside California. Gabor is so cool
  15. This is cool . I do something similar.
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