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  1. I my experience anything slow motion needs 96khz khz or more. Also I have been gathering and editing sound FX in 96khz Software plugins tend to work better in higher resolution 1
  2. I live in Las Vegas and have a lot of time on my hands lately? "not a lot of work here" Contact me if you need any help with anything/car rides/directions/organizing the party/bailing out wild mixers..haha email rado....at....hazna.....dot...com
  3. iT DOES NOT slow everything down. only works with time code meta data
  4. Nothing beats RME-ADI-2 price performance. Comes with battery cable as well.
  5. To clarify I was shooting 744t's screen then sliding adobe premiere slider and comparing the time code of the video with what I see on the screen. Very easy and accurate.
  6. 25p show 25p TC 24p shows 23.976 TC 30p shows 29.976 TC Did not have time to shoot longer then a minute. I will try longer shots tomorrow.
  7. Download waveagent from Sound devices. Does everything
  8. If you have any more Vegas work give it my way.
  9. Just to let you know... You can use the RME FIreface like a mixer with a midi controler. Also you do not need a computer to use it as a mixer at all. Stand alone mode works fine. My friend has the 400 and it works well.
  10. Do your solution work well (avoiding handling noise) for on-the-go documentary situations? (boom while walking, etc.) I have not had any problems with it apart for the lack of connbox and a bullky 5pin cable that needs adjusting. I am going to bed now but tomorrow evening when I go to my office I can send you a few samples.
  11. Sorry I think I sent you a personal msg. I am new to the site. And that upside down treading totally screwed with my head. I am in my opinion an intelligent person but I found myself not knowing in which direction to scroll,which page to select to go to the next and the weirdest one: I started reading posts upside down sentence by sentence.
  12. Here is one setup that requires large modular bar which I do not have. If somebody have an extra one for sale let me know. http://www.flickr.com/photos/rycote/3073730661/#
  13. The only problem I get is adjusting the 5 pin xlr cable in the rycote since it is wide. Do not have money for connbox. Also I use the same rycote for my 416 and will have no time exchanging connboxes.
  14. http://picasaweb.google.com/rado.stefano/SankenCSS5# Enjoy
  15. Hallo, My first post here. I have been using WS4 with lyres. CSS5 is mounted upside down. Works very well. I have problem with my 5pin cable being to wide when I am closing the ws4. Other then that very happy with it. If you are interested I can post pictures...
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