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  1. Zaxcom nomad or Nova with zaxcom recording wireless "including boom" gives you the most peace of mind! I would put a zaxcom on camera and send "if possible AES3" that would give you extra protection. And if the camera is an ARRI amira you can send 4 channel isos AES3
  2. Sorry Glenn, While Nova OneUnit is extremely power efficient your Math is wrong. It is impossible for a nova to go 11 hours with 4 receivers. However the nova OneUnit has 2 Hirose connectors for hot swap. You can run it forever.
  3. And RX8 and few others things. You know zaxcom Oven is always cooking!
  4. Actually dont know anything about the rx8. Sorry. I was thinking of the other RX.
  5. I use cosi for 95% of wind condition. Ans sometimes I will just throw an extra piece of fur i made for it on top.
  6. Try it. DPA older than 10 years will not work with Zaxcom very well. But No problem with older analog gear.
  7. I think the main problem is the lack of repair in the USA! . Waiting for the mics to be send to Germany and back is a giant issue for us in the united states. My my schoeps failed me twice and is not my main mic anymore. I rather have something more robust in my arsenal that even if it breaks can be repaired quickly. Also I am sure the extra cost of shipping mics back and forward ends up being put on the sale price and paid by the customers.
  8. Never had an issue with stereo headphones and comteks. Used for years and nobody ever complained.
  9. Eric Toline was a very important figure in my life and one of the only people who embraced me even though I was a strange mouthy eastern European immigrant. We use to talk on the phone often and also hang out when he was in Las Vegas for NAB. Eric changed my life. For real. I would not be where I am if it was not for him. Back in 2012 I was thinking about moving to Los Angeles. I told him about my plans when I was driving him from his hotel to the airport. He seriously turned to me and said: DONT DO IT! STAY HERE IN LAS VEGAS. If you go to Los Angeles you will be a small fish in a big pond. But if you stay in Las Vegas you will be a BIG FISH in a small pond. Well as usual I listened. And it was the best decision I have ever made. Eric was right. Eric was the most significant person in my life after my parents. I LOVE HIM. AND I MISS HIM. I hope he is sipping rum and fishing up there!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  10. Not my experience. If camera is setup correctly going in to high rate / slow mo makes no difference. Cameras stay in sync when normal frame rates are selected. I gave up using Zaxcom on ARRI mini. Totally ARRIs fault. They don’t really care to correct the issue which only happens on the mini after the last firmware. They are too lazy to make a different update for the mini.
  11. You can get different cables for it. I have both.
  12. Second. I met the guy who invented the like button at linked in convention. He was pretty upset that he created it to spread love but it caused teenagers to kill themself.
  13. Great little device Klaus, I own, love and use the UMPII. It is nice that I can use the same cables if I upgrade. Can you do a size compare photos? An AES42 splitter to fit 2 mics in one AES42 is something I would buy.
  14. What lemo connector do you use for DPA ?
  15. Bubble bee INVISIBLE LAV COVERS are magical how well they work. For everything else I personally buy Bubble bee fur and cut any size I need. Helps with noise from wind or fabric rubbing.
  16. Have you done USA repairs? How much is the shipping from India to USA?
  17. I have to send the mics to India? Is this you? https://www.facebook.com/soundtrackkservices
  18. Do you have a picture of a repaired DPA mic? I have maybe 8-9 DPA 4063 mics with harden cable that I would love to repair.
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