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    Nice to know they are decent. I was curious about how they sounded but did not have enough time to do proper A/B test. But I'm sure it doesn't sound as good as a 411a with SMQV/COS11 combo.
  2. Scotty What


    So producer says they want to split the cameras to two different locations tomorrow. One for an interview and the other for recreation with four talent. I'm the only sound guy. She says they have an extra wireless microphone that the interview cam can use. This is a picture of what they handed me. When I stopped laughing, I broke a lectro out of my bag, set the cam up to record audio and wished the operator good luck. Note the MIKE in and out.
  3. Hi Lawrence, Very well organized! Do you mind stating what connectors you used. Looks like they would assist with strain relief from hitting the sides of the bag. Hitting the side of the bag is an issue with me when using the std XLR neutrik. Thanks in advance, Scott
  4. WOW, Thanks for all the insight! I would think the horses used would have experience and not be a huge "boom" issue (but that most of the time depends on the personality of the horse). The reason I thought of a "golf cart" was it would be quieter than a truck/gator (but still have tire/ground sound). I didn't think of the tack being noisy, but like was mentioned "it's part of the shot" and to an extent, that works. I will ALWAYS boom as much as I can but have radios as a backup/adlib/CYA situations. What ever gets the highest quality is the ticket. Looks like my head was in the right place and I think I would mic up the actors and boom until they tell me not to. Then, boom it till they INSIST I don't. And go from there. If the day ever comes, I will "draw" it out and make sure to get stills and let ya'll know how it goes. Thanks so much to all of you for your past, present and future knowledge sharing. This is a great place to get it out there...thanks Jeff Scotty OUT YO! I Like To BOOMIT BOOMIT!
  5. Oh ya. I forgot about that one. Radios it is. I don't have a gig like this yet but I've always wanted to. Thanks Jason
  6. I have a question about recording dialogue for a western movie. Specifically recording the dialogue while actors are on horses. I wouldn't want to solely rely on radios or ADR if the shot allows a boom to get there. But If I'm on the ground, seems to me the angle of the pole would not be right. If budget allows, do you use a Fisher (or two)? (funny thought) Would the boom ops be on horseback as well? Ya like production would go for that! Does one build a "platform" on a golf cart (with safely harness of course) or something? Maybe we "hide" a mic mounted somewhere? On the horse/saddle?....don't laugh at me. As always, maybe mic choice REALLY comes into play here.....choose wisely A ladder doesn't seem to be practical unless it's a closeup. I'm just trying to wrap my head around how you position yourself (providing the horses aren't moving around a lot) in the a good spot to get all the dialogue safely. What do you guys think....or proven solutions? Thanks in advance. The Scott
  7. When I've used the setup with trx on the waistband the issue is reproed. Thanks for the ant. Idea. A couple of monts ago Lectro did find an issue with the ant. But it was on another system and related to this issue. My two systems are located near eachother in the bag but the sound persists when it's the only one powered up. I will keep y'all posted. Scott
  8. I have violently jerked/shaken the trx and it doesn't increase or decrease the issue. Like a paint mixer. I have the 552 mixer set to line input without phantom. But I do set the mics I use to to 48v when needed (not these). I was on the phone with lectro today and was able to repor the issue with some of the same suggestions that you all have. The result was to send it to them. It is in transit. One thing interesting was the audio signal indicator on the rx went nuts to match the sound today but I hadn't noticed it before. This may indicate an issue with the audio output side of the system. The trx lights were blank. Thanks so much guys. I will post here with what lectro says. Scott
  9. Thanks for the support. I have reproed the issue with another trx. Scott
  10. Hmmmm. The attachment didn't work? Take two. I'll try my other trx. Scott Lectro POP Issue.wav
  11. Hello Ya'll, I have a system (411a/um400a/COS11) issue that I'm running out of ideas on how to fix. The sound is a "verbed popcorn" sound that is intermittent. I have attached a recording of it. I have been able to repro the sound in every gear config I can think of. I've even sent the system to Lectro for tune up/testing and they could not repro the issue. Unfortunately I did not have a sample file to provide them. This system is used with one other system in a standard location bag with BDS/mixer/recorder. I've swapped out power/audio cables. Used wall power. Swapped mics, channels and frequencies. I've even relocated the units to other parts of the bag. All configs have reproed the sound. Has anyone heard this same sound? Know how to achieve reliable service again? Thanks in advance. Scott
  12. Thanks all. Here is my current test sinario, (the original issue was with um400a and 411a pluged into ch2 of 788t powered by np1/psc distro) ...I ran a ucr211/um200 all day today with no issues. So it doesn't seem to be the channel. Right now ive been listening to a um400a on the 411a (the issue sys) on ch2 ....with no issues for about 40 min. Prior to this I plugged in to ch8 with a um400 (dif tx) and 411a (issue sys) and had no issues for about 20 min. ....did I get a visit from the "fixit fairy" and made it all better? I'll make throught the show and keep testing. Then I'll look to be sending both my systems in for a check up. Rrrrrrrrrrrrr....Scott
  13. I do. I'll test tonight and report. I managed to get another for the rest of the shoot... Thank you Charlie Tamaras if I need to have it repaired, should I send it to LSC in LA or send it to Lectrosonics? I will prolly send the two that I have and service them both at the same time. Thanks so much for all your help. Scott
  14. Thanks for the info Larry. I plugged it in for the first time today an immediately heard the issue. I have phones on now and it's doing it. It sounds like the microwave popcorn when it's almost done. I alcohol swab the connector and that didn't fix it. It will act up just sitting on the counter.
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