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    Boom op and sound utility starting out in France, I do my best work on large sets and that's what I set out to do!
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  1. Hello everyone, I have an issue I need more experienced input on! I'm shooting on an unpaid short film for a couple days, and I'm miking up talent with G3 And G4 systems, A and G band. Scripty brought along (for their own use) a cheap wireless system I'm not familiar with, a Boya by-wm8 pro-k1 kit. Issue I'm having is I can't find any frequencies on my systems or theirs that don't cause intermodulation, as their transmitter is sitting right in the middle of my frequency range. After switching out frequencies three times on both systems I had to resort to switching their transm
  2. Hello everyone, I'm currently looking into acquiring an IEM monitor to use with Sennheiser systems, as on set I'm finding headphones to be too much of a hassle when working as an assistant and boom op. I was wondering if anyone here used IEM monitors on set and if they had any recommendations in mind! I have my eyes set on Bubblebee's Sidekick, given how unobtrusive and flexible it seems, but lack sufficient testimonials and alternatives to make a choice.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm nearing the end of my first year in the industry and I'm looking for jobs to do and people to meet! I'm available for boom op and utility work in France (and more than willing to travel if you'll have me), and have a place to stay in Lyon, Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. I've done 3 internships as a sound utility so far on large sets, and do a fair amount of volunteer work with my own gear, and have also done an internship at a sound gear rental. I'm bilingual in french and english as well! Feel free to contact me, even if just to
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