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  1. Now My Mixpre is on job with my friend. When the device is back, I'll do a test and write to you....
  2. HI !!!. I have Mixpre 10 II, now with fw 7.10. I work in 25frame mode (Europe ). I found 1frame diference after turned off device and turned on after 40min. If I turn on device after 30 minutes TC diff is 0 frames. I tested and checked with two Tentaclesync E, but there are OK. 1frame is not a lot but...? In 7.1 firmware I found some BUG, sometimes when I turned ON Mixpre and want playback some recorded clips in list it works BUT: I want SOLO ISO Tracks but I hear for example same audio from CH2 on ISO track CH3 but in this take I recorded silent on CH3...Same problem is in normal mode I see on CH 3 where going silent from receiver I see and hear sound from CH2. When I restart Mixpre, BUG is gone...and Mixpre 10 II work properly. Hmmm Do somebody same experience ? Wolfgrey
  3. Hi Daniel ! I have some Questions about MPR52 with Sennheisers transmitters. I Have two gen. SK50 and G3 with MKE2 gold mics... Both has different companders SK50-HiDyn Plus and G3-HDX. I bought new MCR52 but Output audio from receiver is not good. It looks like low output AF level on EVO side. I setup freq./ompd. (Sen - HiDynPlus, EVO-HDX) but output level is very low( On SK50 mode Sen comp. was better ). I must set on both TX sides more mics gain for better results. With A-B comparisons Sen compander looks like OK, but with G3 and EVO looks bad. Low AF out and no low freq, I try set OUT level to 9dB but on Evo side was some noise and low bass than original G3 RX. I must set on Outbput level to 18dB and change IN on my Mixpre10 II to LINE and get Dig.Gain and it looks bbetter. On Headphone output is same problem. Wisycom recent the HP output is very strong bbubt in My casy, Isn't. Hmm I have not yet test - compare same config with Wisy MCR42S of my friend, do you have some idea where can be a problem? What I found in menu-version of firmware = 1.6. But on officials web sites there is version 1.4. ??? Thank you 🙏 Jan Czech Republic
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