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    I'm a professional Audio Producer, I do both Production and Post Production Sound. 4+ years of professional experience and graduated from SAE Institute London in Audio Production.
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  1. I am looking to upgrade my equipment and stepping up my game and so I'm looking to add monitoring systems for clients, directors, producers, etc. I've been hearing "Comteks" everywhere I go so I decided to give it a go and found what I thought it was a great deal on Ebay, and got a set of old Comteks but they aren't anywhere near the quality and expectations I had in mind. Would it be only a matter of upgrading to the newest of their systems or are there any other systems I should be looking into? I considered buying more 2.4GHz systems that I use for my Lav Mics which are cheap, but the range
  2. I'm upgrading my gear and stepping up my game and need to get a monitoring system, for either clients, directors, producers, etc. I've hear a lot of talk about "Comteks" and so I went on Ebay and bought an old set which seemed cheap and like a great deal, but after it arrived and I tested it, it wasn't anywhere near to the quality and expectations I had in mind. Is it cause they are old, and the new models are the way to go? or I don't really know, I've tried to do some research on this, but I'm a bit confused. What do you guys recommend and what do you use to provide monitoring to multip
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