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  1. Thanks everybody! Maybe Ambient is currently developing what I was looking for: https://logger.ambient.de
  2. Hi everyone, I‘m considering to finish my next documentary in Dolby Atmos for theatrical screenings. But this is my first time and I have not yet any experience recording on location sound beyond double M/S. To go more in to detail what I‘m planning: at this project I‘m the director and the sound recordist at the same time. My cinematographer and I will be shooting on an tropical island at the beach and the ocean - above and under water - as well as in the tropical forest. The under water part is very small, so my focus lys on the beach and the tropical forest. We will follow our protagonists through their island while their hunt, plant and sometimes swim and snorkel. As far as I can say now the Schoeps ORFT-3D setup would be the best solution in addition for an boom with a shotgun and lav‘s for every protagonist. But there will be situations where there will no time for setting up the ORTF-3D - beside the fact that I‘m currently not sure if we will be able to afford the rent of it. So I was thinking why not expanding a double M/S setup with another cardioid pointing to the to top to get a triple M/S. Maybe adding the CCM4V inside the Schoeps CMIT double M/S set. This third stereo signal could be used to feed the ceiling speakers in Dolby Atmos theaters/cinema - but I‘m not a sounddesigner and would like to hear your opinions. Has somebody experiences in recording for or finishing in Dolby Atmos and would like to share it?
  3. Is there any word of pricing yet?
  4. https://wisycomusa.com/product/mcr54/ 2,5 Watts max. are amazing!!
  5. https://en-de.neumann.com/kmr-81-d I was very curious to read that digital microphones could be used to achieve an even better M/S setup, but when I read on the Neumann website that everything might be discontinued, it made me wonder. Does anyone know the reason for that? And if you would to use a Sonosax R4+, for example, would you still have all the benefits that were mentioned?
  6. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum and hope I'm right here with my question: I'm a documentary filmmaker/director who is doing more and more his own sound. I've experiences with a 788T and a 633 and was using the sound report feature. But while shooting I always wanted to add a marker to the exact TC in that moment, so that I'm able to review this marker later – after a long shooting day with long takes – and add notes to all the markers. This notes would be very helpful for postproduction. I guess I'm not using the full potential of todays mixers/recorders. But maybe some of you guys are owning mixers/recorders and have experiences with more detailed metadata in a doc/run-n-gun typ scenario. Thanks!
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