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  1. Hi All! Recently been in the market for a mic for my small 10x12 bedroom studio (carpet floor, bed, and wooden shelves in the space). I'll be recording it into a Tascam DR60 dmkii. You could describe my voice as dark/bassy with not a lot of articulation in the mid range: https://soundcloud.com/herpinand-derpin/voice-007/s-JHkrcqYQOxQ Recorded on a Rode Smart Lav + I'm trying to find something that makes me sound clearer, yet is warm and comfortable to hear for long periods of time. But I am open to a flat/less colored mic if its generally better for my voice. The format is in video, but I'd like it to have that podcast quality. I've looked into the SM57 and Senn E835 but don't like how close I have to be to them. The At 2035 was another consideration but I worry it'll pick up background noise. Small Condensor Mics like the Oktava Mk012 with the Cardioid capsule was looked into since films use it for indoor shoots, however I can't find any information if they are appropriate in a untreated environment, and how sensitive they are to picking up noise from the room across from me (thin walls). My current approach is to compare the frequency charts of all the mics I've mentioned so far. This has landed me on the EV RE320 which seems like what I need for spoken word, and future voice overs if I pursue it. Anyone have suggestions on whether this mic is appropriate for my voice and environment? Open to other suggestions as well. Thanks all in advance for your helpful insights. The more I look into the audio the more confusing it gets, but I'm willing to learn.
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