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  1. 833 I bought a new recorder. I mainly use SRC+HMA PLUG ON+MKH60 What's your SRC output level when 833's input is line?
  2. Hello Thank you for your answer I will definitely buy micplexer2 ^^ I'm really curious How is v1.v2 used? Can you elaborate on me? And is it okay to use DC 17VDC?
  3. hi I have a question I am a user who mainly uses hma plug-on in src (B1). There is too much frequency interference these days. Walkie-talkie frequency (403 ~ 470MHz) frequency interference ARRI WCU-4 (2.4KHz) frequency interference Teradek Bolt 3000 (5khz) frequency interference Avoid these frequency interferences zaxcom micplexer2 trying to buy 1.src & micplexer2 Want to know if it's okay to use it in combination? What I want is not important that the signal goes far It is a priority that you do not receive frequency interference
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