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  1. I'm using sanken cos-11d I am using a lectrosonics smdwb transmitter Like on the lectrosonics homepage I wired with a 1k resistor I have a question I'm a beginner of a recording engineer so please understand I am curious about why I need to do 1k wiring What's the good thing? And in case of not wiring 1k Tell me about the shortcomings
  2. I'm a beginner in recording I use lectrosonics SRC products The frequency band between 580Mhz~600Mhz is mainly used. 1) Distance between antenna and antenna 20cm 2) Distance between antenna and antenna 100cm Which one is more efficient?
  3. PSC RF Multi SMA Specifications include Power External DC, 10-15Vdc, 120mA It is marked like this Can I use 17v external power DC battery? Will 17v cause any damage to the equipment?
  4. 833 I bought a new recorder. I mainly use SRC+HMA PLUG ON+MKH60 What's your SRC output level when 833's input is line?
  5. Hello Thank you for your answer I will definitely buy micplexer2 ^^ I'm really curious How is v1.v2 used? Can you elaborate on me? And is it okay to use DC 17VDC?
  6. hi I have a question I am a user who mainly uses hma plug-on in src (B1). There is too much frequency interference these days. Walkie-talkie frequency (403 ~ 470MHz) frequency interference ARRI WCU-4 (2.4KHz) frequency interference Teradek Bolt 3000 (5khz) frequency interference Avoid these frequency interferences zaxcom micplexer2 trying to buy 1.src & micplexer2 Want to know if it's okay to use it in combination? What I want is not important that the signal goes far It is a priority that you do not receive frequency interference from other equipment. 2.src@PSC RF Multi SMA (470-700 MHz) I wonder what this combination is like 3. Be sure to let me know which of them is better to buy micplexer2 PSC RF Multi SMA (470-700 MHz)
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