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  1. Hey all, my apologies for the late reply- I was MIA there for a bit! I think you're workflow is basically the same as mine (only major difference is the Maxx), so thats great to know! The first time I noticed this discrepancy was when I put it on rec run for a particular job. Normally I work in free run with multi cams and so far I haven't had any comments/complaints from post. All the settings seem to be set properly on all the devices, no offset on the ERX's. I'll do as @joinwooHK suggested and record a beep in all timecode modes. Thanks mate, i'll test this out and post the results. Yeah I thought each display might be different. Thanks guys!
  2. Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster here - this forum has been an unbelievable source of information and I want to thank you all for being such a kind community of pros! I hope you’re all keeping well during these uncertain times. I have a question about Zaxnet timecode. The gear in question includes: SD 633 (master clock) TrxCL3 Camera Link 3x ERX’s RX200 As a test, I set the 633 to Rec Run and reset the TC to 00:00:00:00. The CL3 is auto jammed to the 633, and in turn jams the ERX’s and the RX200. What happens, though, when everything is jammed, is the 633 is at 00:00:00:00, but the CL3 is at 00:00:00:02 ERX’s are at 00:00:00:02 RX200 is at 00:00:00:04! (Via UHF, not Zaxnet) No matter how many times I reset the entire system, this is the result. I am wondering if this is only a screen display discrepancy or if the actual timecode is not synced? If any experienced Zaxcom users might be able to chime in, I’d be hugely grateful! Thanks!
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