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  1. Thanks alexbooy! I can then check the schematic for the IVS. That is great help. It also corresponds with what I thought (the most sensible interpretation of "back view").


    The wiring inside goes to ground on the line in from one of the pins, so that's another hint :).


    EDIT: It was the same pinout. Thanks again!

  2. I am ready to solder up the Tuchel connector for an external PSU. But I am a bit uncertain about the pinout in the schematic (see below).


    What does "back view" mean? Is this seen from inside the Nagra or outside?


    I plan to solder to the pins matching 2 (plus) and 5 (negative), but not sure if 2 is up and right looking from the outside or up and left.


    I tried to measure 2 and 4 relative to ground, but got zero ohms for both...


    Any help would be appreciated!


    EDIT: Back view means as seen from the soldering side of the connector, inside the chassis. So I got it working with 2 positive and 5 negative.




  3. Thanks! The switch is very short, so it is hard to accidentally flip.


    So if I only record without need for sync (and might want to edit tape) - do I turn it to crystal or 50 Hz?


    Any idea on the connector? I have seen the additonal connector on one other machine on youtube - sure that is not an addition Nagra made to later models? Seems tidy inside.







  4. Sorry to add more questions, but I have a switch and an extra connector (Tuchel) on the right side of my 1967 Nagra III. Don't see these in the 1963 manual. Anyone know what they are for?





  5. Hi Gustavo,


    Which PSU did you end up with? Switching or linear?


    Wondering if I could just solder up a Tuchel connector to one I have lying around, but I guess it is switching...




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