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  1. Hello there 🙂 Seems like every time I post some here its because of a faulty mic... I was on a shoot today with a NTG-5 and suddenly this happened. (Weird sound in mic.wav) The change of pitch is when I move the mic. It also created a really high noise that didnt go any higher than +10 on my 664 even if I tried to. Changed cable, input and so on with no luck. But the noise came and went away randomly(tried to switch to 12v and the noise disappeared ) Came home and tried to stress test it for some minutes and suddenly It worked perfectly again. I recorded it and its the file 16T06.wav is the file. But!!!!! EXTREMELY loud sound at 01:18! Any suggestions? Is the mic going bad or could it be something with power that comes out of the recorder? Thanks for your time 😄 Weird sound in mic.wav 16T06.WAV
  2. Just finished a weeks shoot with three wireless mics were used. I made the talents wire them self and keep it in there own designated box. When we wrapped I wiped the mics (4060s) with 75% alcohol, let it stay on for 30 secs, when wiped with water. Repeated that a few times and did the same rutine with the transmitters. After that I left them in a box and havent opened it for over a week now until now. The cables seems good as ever. But I was at a shoot about a month ago where we used Cos-11s and we had to wipe them on loc since they were going to be used again the day after. Didnt wash them with water afterwards and the cables felt pretty stiff on day two.... so think the key is to use water before putting them away 😕
  3. Used it for 4 days now and everything sounds superb, så I seems like the screw was the problem. Thanks again for the help 😄
  4. I just tried it and was able to rotate it about 90 degrees. Didnt hear any noise before though, but going on some shoots from Monday on so will test it properly then. But thanks for the great advice and will report on how it went 🙂
  5. Hello there awesome people 🙂 I was on a shoot yesterday and after 5 hours I encountered a problem with my trustworthy 416. The same thing did happen for almost a year ago, but stopped after a while so couldn't identify the problem back then. Ive tried to change the cable, tried different inputs (Im using a 664), changed the settings and nothing works even when I try to provoke it. It was bought in 2011 and serviced in 2017. The static noise isn't really loud, but enough sometimes to be heard when people talk normal. I gained the audio in the clip so its more present, it is the static sound that is the problem. I do fear that the mic might be dying.... but hope someone here has an idea what might help 🙂
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