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  1. Hi all, I have a mixpre 6 II and some rode/akg mics for most work. But i find myself more often using a small Track E rigged to a gimbal or camera because of the TC sync and general simplicity of it. The Track E is a 3.5mm jack and the only shotgun i've found is the Deity D3 Pro and it works fine, sounds good. But i am wondering what other options there are? I can't use Phantom power or XLRs and ideally don't want to adapt (the whole point in this scenario is weight) Are there any standout options in that area? Kindest Paul
  2. Thanks everyone for all the information. It confirmed what i thought. IMHO, float audio is a bit like RAW on cameras. There's a whole bunch of workflows and opinion that really doesn't get RAW or in fact needs it. But once you are working in a RAW environment it's wonderful. You can work a bit faster knowing that you have managed to capture everything you need to in order to give some creative decision making further down the line when it's less frantic. On the sound side if it's a full on production then we'll have dedicated sound dept with all of their standard tricks, experience and kit. But if we're doing a short, pilot, or something at a lower level - having float audio offers just a little bit of a net. I've been burnt in the fast working too fast and screwing some levels up on audio. And i've done a couple of things where float has really just helped. I don't see anything *wrong* with it - it doesn't appear to be a trade off for some other aspect. Storage is next to nothing and application support is helping. So it makes sense. Doesn't remove any jobs, just gives a bit more wiggle room. All IMHO of course as all of our work will differ! But really appreciate the responses! (i believe tentacle have a 32 bit float box coming out that you could pop on a boom individually and have that basically 'wireless' in a sense. And being tentacle sync shouldn't be an issue. It's an interesting idea.,.. Kindest Paul
  3. Hi, First post, be gentle. I have a MixPre 6 II and it dawned on me that if i use any kind of wireless system then i'm basically loosing the float recording benefits because each wireless system will be doing AD and then DA? So the weakest link between the mic and recorder would be that hardware? Is that correct? Does anyone not do a digital feed from a receiver, so it doesn't have to go through the DA at the end? I have some Rode gear and also the little Rode Gos which i know aren't that useful but sometimes i pop them around to pick up backup ambience. I was really thinking of consolidating the wireless side with Deity as that seems in budget and decent - but i am enjoying the MixPre float recording and didn't really want to compromise that? (and yes, i'm mostly a VFX & Camera guy but do love sound as well...but that's not my professional area) Kindest Paul
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