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  1. Hey everyone, I know things are a bit funky right now so I don't imagine anything popping up other than MOW's and the odd commercial. But I'd like to put myself out there as a Sound assist. I usually do sound for smaller projects on the side and being based in Vancouver, BC, there's PLENTY of indies going about. Honestly looking for someone to learn from. This is a great time to really focus while it's slow and do things right. Please feel free to reach me via email or call/text. I am as of this post available 100%. Firstpositiondavid@gmail.com
  2. Hello there! I know this is a funky time to be throwing myself out there. But I'd love to make some connections if at all possible. I'm looking to get into booming or sound assisting full time. Pref to boom-oping. But I'm still learning and would love to connect with other sound mixers or even boomies. Right now I'm glued to Vancouver, BC in Canada. Email: firstpositiondavid@gmail.com I would love to chat!
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