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  1. Time code and remote start/stop
  2. I am doing well with the Fethead Phantom but I will buy the Mixpre 3 II. Zoom H6 doesn't have hdmi.
  3. I have bought fethead phantom. We use fetheads on the SM58 and ally they are great. We will see if the phantom goes well with the MKE8050. ▲ We start with the easy (cheap) variant. I have bought fethead phantom because I use fetheads on the SM58 and are they are great. We will see if the phantom goes well with the MKE8050. MKE 8050 directly to Atomos Shogun Inferno because we also recorded the video with it, and we removed the Zoom H6 from the chain.
  4. We just received the microphone. In a field of 100cm to 70cm in front of the microphone, the sound is much better compared to what we were using before. We have done many tests and, as best goes, it is about 30cm above the head, at a distance of 75cm, placed at a 45 degree angle. We have mounted it on a shock absorber with several rubber rings and it is quite tolerant with the fluid we make when we walk. We have also mounted dense sponge dampers under each foot of the tripod. We are very happy with the change. The only thing that concerns us is the low output level. A Zoom h6, with a sensitivity of 4, the background noise when normalizing the audio, is a little detectable. I imagine it is the preamp of the h6. We are already looking for something better than the h6. At the moment, the sound quality has improved a lot and we are happy. We thank those who have contributed to this thread!
  5. Can you put some photos with examples to follow?🤔
  6. MKH 8050 purchased, second hand. Thanks for all the tips!
  7. We do not know if what we are trying to do will give results or not, but if it goes well and is poorly documented, no one will take us seriously. Sometimes we can talk up close on an SM58 and the voice seems quite crispy, easy to understand. What we recorded with the ME66 at 1-1.5m no longer seems serious, it sounds like a duck no matter how much we put EQ on it. We can put a microphone on top of the lens or in a fixed boom, as you say. We cannot go to any store with the lock-down, at the moment and it is something that we need to fix. I think we are left with an MKE8050 because it is newer. The MKE50 is somewhat older and may not be as careful. We bought a used MKE40 and returned it because it sometimes stopped working.
  8. I probably misunderstood what you said but I am seriously thinking about the MK41. The problem is that there is no second-hand. MKE8050 can be found used and the price drops quite a bit. I also understand that if there are no used Schoeps it is because they are good.
  9. The ME66 does the job too but it sounds like a Trabant (never better said)
  10. On request, they only paint them in yellow.🤔 So even the Schoeps isn't going to sound good at 1m?😢
  11. I understand and respect that you protect your work. I have the same problem, but I cannot put doors on the field. For this reason, I do not ask about how to position the microphone or other details that I would not release. I'm only asking what tool. I have seen that the MKH8050 does not change much in tone when it is off axis and is quite sensitive at 70cm. I know that it does not have a low pass filter like MKH50 but I am not going to move it and I will not do air currents either. The MKH8050 can be found second hand and tempts me.
  12. The shotgun I have, ME66 is close up bad, it is far away bad, it is bad on axis and also off axis. It produces a very nasal and very variable sound to the smallest that I move. I understand that the more field there is less sensitivity and the less field there is more sensitivity. If the shotgun would only change sensitivity and not tone, we could fix this in post but the one we have changes its tone. We have done all possible tests.
  13. It may be a good solution to rent 2 or 3 microphones to try. Which one would you recommend to rent? Thank you!
  14. Lavs is impossible due to various security issues as well. We could bring the microphone closer to a meter, if we hide it behind something. We want the sound that we get with the Shure SM58 at 30cm to be able to get it with another microphone at 1 - 1.5m Yes, we are two people in a field of two meters.
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