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    I'm a production sound mixer working primarily in documentary films and documentary-style work for corporations, charities and the like.
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  1. Just bought some of the 700mAh 9v iPower rechargeables to supplement the aging ones I already use. They outperformed the 520mAh ones by quite a bit, running a Lectro UM400a for nearly 8 hours.
  2. Happy Birthday Jeff, really appreciate this site
  3. Those look pretty solid for hardcore transportation needs, but I always find that these storage solutions ignore your foam windscreens which get trashed quite easily. I like to use a simple heavy cardboard mailing tube that fits snugly around the mic with windscreen. They work quite nicely for everyday use, come in a variety of sizes and cost next to nothing to replace. I do love a DIY solution--fly fishing rod storage tubes are great for boompoles!
  4. +1 Love the combination of regular and IEM G3 units, the IEM units are especially flexible for both client headsets and camera hops. Plus the used market is full of them and it's not such a pricey situation if the camera op or clients abuse them.
  5. Guess it's time to stop bitching about my aching back and put a little creativity into it. Great work Simon, and very inspiring. Pete
  6. Have a shoot that morning, but will try to stop by. Thanks for doing this!
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