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  1. I am in favor of using 4x8 or 12 black thick cardboard boards creating a sound baffle which stand up on their own, when a couple of them are taped together. More effective than sound blankets, zero erection time and no reflections (camera department loves them due to the negative bounce). Not easily foldable like the sound blankets, but I strap them on top of my car, IKEA ad style.
  2. Definitely a MK41/CMR Colette combo. You will be forever changed.
  3. Has anyone tried 3D printing the first locking collar an old vdB boompole?
  4. I Hi I have this spare Rycote SuperShield front end which you could easily modify to fit a 8060 with an end cap.
  5. Nice idea. I have the same problem with my G1 and G2 Sennheisers, which I use for timecode and camera hops, besides IEMs. Could you print coupla more for me?
  6. I am looking for a 25mm top collar for this vdB carbon fiber boompole. I have reached out to the manufacturer in Paris, but the technicians appear to be on vacation. In the meantime, I am looking for used parts from Rode, Ktek and the like.
  7. I need a solution to connect a Schoeps CUT60 and a CMR. Will a GVG do the job?
  8. I am looking for work in multi-camera narrative in the North East. Tons of gear and experience.
  9. My Edirol R-4 Pro timecode recorder has been my workhorse for many years. https://proav.roland.com/global/products/r-4_pro/ It powers up and all other functions appear fine, except when the Record button is pressed would light up, but not activate. I have reached out to Roland for the pressure switch part, but I would need a tech to put it in. Best, Mano
  10. So where does one get it modded to the regular curve and P48 conversion?
  11. I have some cables which need their ends/connector swapped. Mostly XLR and TA5 (mini-XLR). I supply the connectors and cables. May I please get a newbie "without-an-income" rate? Thanks!
  12. What Lectrosonics transmitter did you use? How much was the extra drain on the 9v? How would you rate the CMR vs a CMC1 in terms of sound quality?
  13. A dashboard 3d printed with three slots? Dig the Boscam too. Gives me ideas to mod an apple webcam to transmit to my wrist-watch-monitor? I have some wifi solutions mostly for my boom ops and also the video village as a secondary hop. From the sound mixer's POV, I would rather let my boom ops be ears than my eyes. In other words, I like my boom ops to listen hard thru their cans first, and then look at the monitor. I have found that, it usuallly distracts them from micro booming. I wud rather have them talk to me over IFB thru IEM first, if they could raise the boom. I have a l
  14. It would not let me sign up. I get an error message stating that my email address is invalid. Same deal with google. Don't wanna FB.
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