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  1. So where does one get it modded to the regular curve and P48 conversion?
  2. I have some cables which need their ends/connector swapped. Mostly XLR and TA5 (mini-XLR). I supply the connectors and cables. May I please get a newbie "without-an-income" rate? Thanks!
  3. What Lectrosonics transmitter did you use? How much was the extra drain on the 9v? How would you rate the CMR vs a CMC1 in terms of sound quality?
  4. A dashboard 3d printed with three slots? Dig the Boscam too. Gives me ideas to mod an apple webcam to transmit to my wrist-watch-monitor? I have some wifi solutions mostly for my boom ops and also the video village as a secondary hop. From the sound mixer's POV, I would rather let my boom ops be ears than my eyes. In other words, I like my boom ops to listen hard thru their cans first, and then look at the monitor. I have found that, it usuallly distracts them from micro booming. I wud rather have them talk to me over IFB thru IEM first, if they could raise the boom. I have a larger aspect ratio on my monitors, a wireless hop from camera, with overscan on all the time. I give them a warning when boom is too close to the active frame. Much better booming and sound that way, as then can ride the frame much closely. We have some great ninjas over here who take it to a level of art. Two booms? Even sweeter... I don't care so much the camera dept is getting ticked off, esp the shot is unnecessarily wide. I bribe the DP with cans of beer, the beer can being the measure from the top of the frame. So it all boils down to how many cans of beer he or she want was EOD, HA Ha ha... Has worked flawlessly in many a features.
  5. It would not let me sign up. I get an error message stating that my email address is invalid. Same deal with google. Don't wanna FB.
  6. Bitte, Jemand verkauft aus Deutschland, einen verbrauchten, aber im guter Stand, der Schoeps MK41Mikro? I brauche nur den ersten Teil. Biite, lassen Sie einen Nachricht an mir.
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