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  1. Thank you Dave (davedv), I took a leap of faith and ordered Remote Audio's Y cables (Hirose to right angle DC). And they work just fine! : ) Thanks for such a comprehensive answer. C.
  2. I’ll be powering a few UCR411a externally but I have ran into right angles DC barrel connectors that wouldn’t reach deep enough as the flip door of the receiver adds extra thickness. Any idea what the barrel length should be? Or better yet if any of you is using the Audioroot distro are there any Hirose to DC cables you would recommend? Thanks! Charles
  3. Hello all, Just curious if you have ever encountered this sort of problem (see attached clips). Problem seems to be intermittent and I don't know what causes this, especially since the frame rate, shutter speed and ISO were constant in both clips. Thanks for your help! Charles Slate-weird_refresh_sweeping_at_23.98p_50fps.mov Slate-Just fine.mov
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