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  1. That slipper thing is a hot tip, I'll look into that Robert.
  2. Hey all, Have a common problem with an interesting suggestion. In a few days, my current film has a day of stedicam walk-and talks to camera all down the same very reverberant concrete U-shaped hallway. We end up seeing almost every surface of the hallway during the shots, so noise abatement has been tricky. Production has nixed carpeting the hallway, for both look and cost. Art is being very supportive in trying to get soft-material deressing for the walls. And production okayed covering the ceiling in painted convolution foam. Also, the moving crew all agreed to get foot foamed (haven't specifically heard about the stedi op, but I'm choosing to be hopeful. Despite all this outpouring of inter-departmental support, it's still going to sound pretty crappy. Long story long, here is my question: DP offered to have one of the grips Hollywooding some kind of sound-blanket baffle rig behind the steadi, and I have no idea how useful this would be, and how to best implement it. I'm pretty sure it would be help a bit, but I'm vaguely hopeful someone has done something vaguely similar and can offer advice. After typing this out, i realize I have a tremendously supportive team on this, and should shut up and be grateful that i got this far. Any input very welcome!
  3. Rado, I just started at the antenna cabling picture for five minutes. I appreciate all the conceit that had to be made, and you handled it in a gorgeous fashion. Well done.
  4. Olle, no harm done, worthwhile question. I don't think I set up seperate scene folders, but worth checking when its off the truck. I was looking for take 6, though, so probably not the solution. Hitting play from take list did nothing as well, unfortunately.
  5. Indeed it was. This is only a issue in trying to transport past the most rev ent take.
  6. Hey all, Just finished my first week on the job with the 633, and I'm fairly happy. That said, had a small issue. Went to playback an earlier take, and when hitting the transport knob to the left, the machine just blanked out on file info. That is, no file was selected, and I was then unable to access the most recent take for playback. Double checked the manual, was operating coreectly. Thinking this may be a firmware issue, curious if anyone else is experiencing it.
  7. Hi All, Inquiring about hot shoe mounted shock mounts. As far as I'm aware, the InVision is the best around. Is there anything else that should be on my radar?
  8. I love the idea, and I could ultimately justify the price although it feels a bit high, but I'm concerned about applying low center of gravity weight to that connector via a metal hook and cable. Feels like a fail point I don't want to realize, though it's a phenomenal idea that tidily fills a significant need. I want someone else to buy it first.
  9. When I got my Fat Max, I added some mounting points for bungees and boom bobbers. The bungees hold the bag down securely on top of the case. It holds steady through moves, the boom holders are oldy for resting though. Bungees have to be removed to open the Fat Max, which is only a minor annoyance. This set up has served as a great "project cart" for a bunch of shoots. I know the fat max will lose a fight to something one day, but that day has yet to come.
  10. Just to add, agree with meter on top, connector on side, preferably towards the top of the battery. Also agree on d-tap, and five point meters would be awesome. Excited to see direct input from a company who's products I use every day.
  11. Point well taken. For sake of saying, I was switching media, and rolled for a bit without CF in a hurried set up at end of day.. Afterwards i went to copy from HDD to external when the trouble began. Only lost a few takes, but it's still a thing. I made a dumb "it'll be fine" call and it went sour. I completely agree with you Robert, I certainly can't argue I made the right call.
  12. Hi all, End of the day today, I booted up my 788 to find that the internal appeared freshly formatted. The drive boots properly, and has all the folders that should be present on a newly formatted drive, but all audio is either gone or invisible. Unfortunately, there were a few unmirrored files on the drive. Also, I'm on firmware 2.18 if relevant. I'll be contacting Sound Devices first thing, and production is aware that we'll probably have to go to data recovery, but I'm just curious if anyone has any precedent at all for this sort of thing. I'm not expecting much, but you never know. Thanks in advance, Harris Edit: drive mounts properly to computer and looks totally healthy on computer and internally. I haven't tested rolling it because I don't want to overwrite anything.
  13. I believe in this case, he means actually slowing down, not pitching down. A high sample rate file played back at a lower sample rate will deliver a better sounding result than a digital time shift, because there's real information there. Same idea as filming at 48fps to playback at 24fps. Or I'm mistaken. Edit: nope he specifically said pitching. I'm a charlatan.
  14. Gitzo pole, AT clip, ME-66 with a Rode furry. I guess most of us would say that picture features an... inadequate package.
  15. Thank you for the timely replies guys, and so spot on. Larry, I'll be contacting you momentarily. Thanks for the support.
  16. Hi all, I'm using a Shure UA844 for antenna distribution, which I have not done extensively previously. I found today that when either BNC input is connected to a lectro SNA600 dipole antenna, the unit shuts off and ceases antenna distro, though still passes DC to the RXs. Everything was fine when connected to sharkfins. I did not have an oppurtunity to try with a ground lift, though initial research suggests it's a start. This occurred while on genny and house power. Can anyone point me in a direction for how and why this is happening? Thanks in advance, Harris
  17. Copy. Was unaware of that, thanks!
  18. Hey all, For a few days, the CF slot on my 788 has been fidgety and I've had a hard time removing the card. End of today, I yanked the card, and something went "pop." There's now a loose bracket and the card won't stay in place. I'm supplementing with an external reader for now, which i'd been considering anyway, but I can't afford to send the machine back to SD for a few weeks. I vaguely remember this issue turning up before but can't find the thread. Is this likely something Gotham or another NY local can repair, or should I assume its going back to sound devices? If so, what sort of turnaround should I expect? I'll start calling around tomorrow, bu t I'm hoping to ascertain how bad the situation will be in terms of downtime. Thanks in advance, Harris
  19. Amazon and kickstartr combined take about a 9% commission between them, so it'll be a hair. Significant part of the budget. I'm a bit confused why there seems to be an air of weariness towards this. This was a network show being funded by a hungry fan base, run by pedigrees producers. This will be a union show, with mainstream talent and above the line. The budget probably won't exceed 6m, but will a built in fan base i'd reckon a decent distribution. This strikes as actual market growth, instead of the devaluing usually produced from these services. But maybe I'm being naive.
  20. +1 for the invision. As far as I can tell mine is genuine, unmodded, and I've been happy. Could have been misdiagnosed moisture issues, but two or three times I've had what I thought may have been a static electricity issue (although now that I'm thinking about it again, I think that's wrong), where it became very noisey and low output. Persisted across both capsules I have. Ten minutes or so without phantom power cured it. Just mentioning as a heads up.
  21. Hey all, Ive been negotiating a gear package with a producer. They've asked me to have some comteks, but only pay if they use them, which they suspect they won't. Any one work put an arrangement like this before? I imagine i know where the consensus on this will go, but I'm curious nonetheless.
  22. +1 to Mattbacon Tape out, the colder signal will be of virtue, manage any more needed attenuation with resistored cabling. DSLR is simply not a single system situation. Save your main outs for the real recording.
  23. Thanks Eric, should have mentioned. Xlr side wired properly with ground shorrted to 1 & 3, senny side looked good but I didn't have a tester to confirm. Glad I got the theory right at least.
  24. Hi All, I fully expect to get reamed on and told look more, but i cant find a hard answer. Do the g3 inputs have the same "line input on ring" deal as the g2s? I advised a client recently to have some xlr-pin 2 to senny ring cables built for their hop, and I found 8 have to attenuate ~50db for 0dbfs tone on the g3 tx to get a clean signal. Not the case on my g2s with home brew cables of the same config. Did I miss a step?
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