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  1. Here's the EV 668 clearly visible on the Batman TV series.
  2. After digging some more, I am almost certain the mic used is an Electro-Voice Model 668. A relatively inexpensive mic to buy used today compared the the RCA KU-3A. I've always loved EV mics especially the oldies. If you look a the cable connector at the end on the behind the scenes pics, it looks like the EV 668, on a custom suspension for the Fisher boom.
  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing!! Looks like EmRR is right. The mic appears to be an RCA KU-3A. I can't believe how far it is from the talent and still sound so rich an full.
  4. Makes sense. I just checked IMDB and it says that Star Trek was filmed at Desilu's Culver City stage which was an old RKO building. And sure enough, "Hogan's Heroes" was shot there too. I know that we have so much dynamic range now that post houses love to really push the ends of the spectrum, but most recent shows drive me nuts when I watch them on TV. I'm constantly having to ride the volume control. It's either too quiet, or way too loud. Why can't they mix the levels on a regular TV? Even on my decent mid-tier Best Buy Magnolia home theater system, I still have to ride the volu
  5. I've always wondered what microphone and recorder they used in Star Trek the original series. The dialogue is so nice and thick, even on a wide 4 person shot where the boom would have to be high because of the nearly square TV frame. You hardly hear any noise too. Really clean. This quality was common on TV shows of the mid 60s, "Hogan's Heroes" also had great sound. Does anybody know what sound gear was used in Star Trek? Thanks
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