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    New York City
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    Run & Gun ENG, Features, Interviews, Commercials, Documentaries, and Playback. I am an Intercom and Wireless Nerd and I also collect working vintage microphones.
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    20 years in Live Sound and Theatre.
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About Me

Hello NYC Mixers, Boom Ops, and Sound Utilities,

Experience in all types of Run-&-Gun ENG, Features, TV, Documentaries, and Commercials interest me. 

I have 20 years of Live Sound and Theatrical experience in wireless rigging, line-by-line mixing, recording, and playback. I am a live sound person who works On and Off-Broadway, which has now officially closed until 2021. Currently hold membership with IATSE A.C.T., IATSE Local 829, and I was an unplaced IATSE Local One apprentice when COVID-19 hit.

Now I am seriously looking at starting a career in location sound from the ground up and would like to shadow some folks or start as a Sound Utility. Please message me if you might have an opportunity. 

I am qualified to:

-work with high-profile talent

-sanitize and rig microphones to talent.

-coordinate large amounts of wireless frequencies.

-monitoring and replacing rechargeable batteries

-setting plant mics

-distributing IFB and intercom

-performing minor repairs

-setting up and loading out gear in an organized fashion

-operating playback

-mix scripts line-by-line

-supervising large audio crews.

-tuning and optimizing large sound systems

-mixing live audio and sending feeds to broadcast.

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