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  1. Just thought I'd chirp in because I'm currently working on a project fairly similar. I'm creating a new live looping music rig, the brain of which is an Intel NUC8 that I've Hackintoshed (4x smaller, 4x less expensive, and 2x the performance of a real mac!), and am similarly using a portable monitor like the one mentioned above with the setup. If you want to see more about my project, check out this thread or the Gearslutz thread linked: The monitor I ended up using is a "UPERFECT" 15.6" touchscreen portable monitor I got on eBay for under $200- and believe it or not, it actually works with macOS! It's 1080p, but to be completely honest I can't really tell much of a difference from my 15" Retina MacBook Pro. It looks nearly identical. It works as a mouse-input though, so no multi-gesture. I've heard these work even better with Windows: https://www.ebay.com/itm/224067732910
  2. Pretty cool, thanks for sharing that! I thought about using some sort of modular DIY pipe system, or something like that T-nutz, but I need to be able to extend and lower the height of the unit so I can use while sitting or while standing. Do you know if it's possible to create something with telescoping ability from one of these systems?
  3. Hey everyone, So I was referred to this forum by someone over at Gearslutz (click here for my original forum post on this, in detail), as I'm trying to build something which may resemble the 'sound carts' which I've heard some of you may have used. The concept I'm creating is a cart that I can use as a live music performance station; this consists of a small computer, a touch monitor, and peripherals to handle my user input via keyboard, audio I/O, and foot control. I'm thinking of doing this pretty DIY by getting a hand truck such as this one, and then mounting a case (like this one, with the lids hinged to the box), with my gear mounted inside the case to keep it in place, and the case mounted to the frame which can be raised to standing height or sitting height. Attaching images of the very rough concept to this post: With these details in mind, my questions to you all are: How could I mount the case to the frame such that it can easily be removed and re-attached? How can I mount the items to the inside of the case so that they stay in place during travel? I'd love to hear your perspectives on this & potential different methods you may have in mind for mounting things. Let me know if there are any questions I can answer, and thanks in advance! -Josh
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