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  1. Thanks to each of you for your reply. Honestly, three ISO tracks is probably sufficient for at least 95% of what I will do with this recorder. If I do ever need to record a fourth person then I will most likely have something like a Tentacle Sync TRACK E pocket recorder in the bag anyway. Thanks again for helping me sort this out in my own head. Now its time to record something on my (soon to be) new MixPre 3ii 😁
  2. Anyone with experience using MixPre 3ii and/or MixPre 6ii? I’ve been on the fence about which of these to purchase for way too long and need help making the decision. I’m relatively new to sound recording but generally believe in the “buy once cry once” philosophy when purchasing gear. My anticipated use requirements are as follows: PODCASTING: Rarely expect to record more than two people in person as most guests will be remote so MixPre 3ii should be fine for this. Want a device that can power mics such as SM7B without additional gain booster which is a main reason for
  3. Very good point Vincent. That's one reason I wanted to get professional guidance from this forum before moving forward. I guess if it's good enough for NPR then it's good enough for me 😆 I wasn't aware of the counterfeit thing. Will definitely do some further research if I decide to go with Octavas. These are good points and quite helpful if I am able to stretch the budget. Thanks again to everyone for contributing to this thread. You have been a great help.
  4. Thank you for each of your comments. Much appreciated. I have one more question about microphone placement in this set-up, specifically where to aim the microphone? Although hard to tell by the angle of the photo, it appears that Ms. Obama's mic is aimed directly at her mouth whereas Mr. Obama's mic is aimed in front of him with him speaking across the polar pattern (if that makes sense)? I know that overhead booms are usually aimed at the chin, but unsure how to aim it when on a lower stand that is more head level. Also, I am not committed to the Oktava 012. Other mics I have con
  5. Saw this photo and thought the set-up could be ideal for recording lengthy oral history interviews. The goal is to encourage a relaxed conversational style with interviewees that may be intimidated by too much production (i.e., getting wired with a lav and/or sitting under an overhead boom rig). The set-up in this photo seems less intimidating with the mics placed off the eye line and a little further away (maybe 18"). My questions are: 1) What specific microphones would you use for this set-up? I'm assuming these are cardioid (super-cardioid) condensers with a pick-up pattern
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