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  1. I did as it were. I followed the setup guide. Just don't get the pop up when you hold the menu button down to pair the recorder with the phone.
  2. Has anyone been using the F8 control app on their Android phone? I loaded the firmware update, followed the instructions in the guide. But when I get to the "pairing" step, when I hold down the Menu button, nothing happens. Anyone out there having this problem?
  3. Trey

    Zoom F8n Pro

    Definitely not going to be purchasing any more Zoom recorders in the future. Glad that I got a brand new unit before all of the original F8n models were all gone. It may be some time before we know if these new chips are any good. Seems like everyone is scrambling to redesign their recorders for different components. When I do buy another recorder, it would more than likely be a Sound Designs unit.
  4. I built one of the shark fin style antennas that Andrew from Deity shows you how to build in this video. Of course this wouldn't help much for the body pack.
  5. Trey

    Zoom F8n Pro

    Anyone see that they have announced the newest F8 recorder, the F8n Pro. I really wish that they would have fixed the knobs, but the dual AD 32 bit float is a nice addition. Also the F8 app will be released for Android in March! https://www.newsshooter.com/2022/02/25/zoom-f8n-pro-multitrack-field-recorder-with-32-bit-float/
  6. I would assume that it would be included in the "box rental" for your gear?
  7. I finally got around to taking a picture of my bag. It isn't anything special, but it gets the job done!
  8. I got the boom pole cup finished. Worked out pretty well I think! I am glad that I foresaw the castor hitting the cup, and made it removable! Still folds (Pretty much) as it should. Holds the boom very secure!
  9. I am currently modifying my Olympia Tools 85-188 cart. I removed one of the side handles (there are bushings that go through the plastic handle that you will need to remove before the handle will come off). And I found some caps that fit the tube perfectly! https://www.amazon.com/4pcs-Pack-Plastic-Furniture-Finishing/dp/B07PSNYLN6/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=30mm+pipe+cap&qid=1639074510&sr=8-7 I removed the handle so that I could mount a "Quick Fist" clamp to the top shelf without the handle being in the way. Also I am building a little cup that will slip on the lip of the bottom shelf. I will post photos of it after it is finished.
  10. Ouch! Definitely different than my F4. They have shafts. Looks like the knob may just be "glued" to that little ribbed bit.
  11. Same, those would be awesome!
  12. That is who I got my colored knobs from. I really like them!
  13. I actually have one. While not the best, it does get the job done!
  14. Dang, that is pretty sweet!
  15. I ordered a BP-TRX today. So should know more about it soon. It will get a good workout on the 31st!
  16. Looking forward to getting my hands on a set of BP-TRXs. These little fellas are going to be work horses I can already tell!
  17. Oh my! Can we pre-order yet?
  18. Yeah, now I want to try one as well! Looks like a winner for sure. I cannot find a dealer. I guess you have to order them direct.
  19. I am just down in Perkins OK if you need any help! 😁
  20. The only sound department listing I can find so far is Tom Fleischman. I would assume that the sound department is well staffed!
  21. I wish that I had a 3d printer! I could use a small version of this! I also utilize a modified Talentcell battery pack in my current system. (I added an un-switched locking 2.1mm 12V DC connector) So a BDS somewhat like this would be fantastic!
  22. Even the live sound industry has been the same here. I was having to produce my own events just to keep the gear working. There is always going to been someone trying to low bid everyone just to get the gig. I can only imagine how rough 2020 was for live sound companies!
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