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  1. Sorry. Does that mean you have had your second shot as per schedule or that you are well past the due date for your second vaccine shot and you worried about when you'll get shot #2?
  2. For anyone that can use Amazon, Amazon France has it. https://www.amazon.fr/Behind-Sound-Cart-Veterans-Guide/dp/1736290002/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_fr_FR=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Behind+the+Sound+Cart&qid=1612096375&sr=8-1
  3. "Post cheap, strange, ingenious, silly Chinese things" Wow. Just wow. While I really understand the basis of this post and the implied "humor", can't it be stated in a way that is not so f**king offensive? Use your imagination! Use your vocabulary! Jeez...
  4. I have moved along. I no longer (even before COVID) go to see Nolan's films as they are, for me, difficult to sit through as I often cannot understand half of the dialogue.
  5. Not my choice at all. The DOP just wants it that way, even though he's going to be renting the cameras. Why not two of the same cameras? No idea. That's what I thought, but the DOP is renting all the gear. I have a feeling that he may like one camera while the second cameraman likes the other. Weird. The DOP is also the editor...
  6. Excuse me if I seem to be reinventing the wheel but I'm really just trying to confirm (after some research) some ideas I have about using timecode in a two camera shoot. It's for a longish-term gig that a few friends and I have been talking about that may, or may not, actually occur. Call it a labor of love. We have: 1) A timecode enabled recorder (okay, okay, it's a Zoom F6 but it's affordable and I own it.) 2) Two timecode enabled cameras, one a Canon C300 and one a Sony FS7. My idea is to have one Denecke JB-1 that I would just leave on, to act as a master clock, since I think that all of the other stuff's timecode clocks either stop or go off sync when the camera or recorder is turned off. The JB-1 "Prime" would run for the entire day while other things would be turned on or off and re-synced as needed (there will be some driving/sitting around on each of the shooting days). I figure that this "prime" JB-1 would be used to feed timecode to the recorder. I'd have another two JB-1s (one for each camera) to provide them with a timecode signal. Is this an okay scenario?
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/sep/03/tenet-dialogue-christopher-nolan-sound-technology
  8. Any ideas for a small blimp that would work with the 4025? I'd rather not get something as big as the Rode blimp.
  9. Does anyone have experience using a Rycote BBG with an AT BP4025 stereo mic? I'd like to have something smaller than that mic in a blimp and the BBG looks like it might be a decent alternative.
  10. Damn, that thing looks amazing, an interview crew in one box, and they're probably wondering why it's not selling as well as they thought. (Hey Zoom, it's because you've pitched it to musicians instead of TV networks and producers...) The should re-name it the Covid Live Remote Box.
  11. Hello. Look at the Zoom F6. If you read the manual, it isn't "fiddly", it's just the way it operates. (Driving a car with a manual transmission could be considered "fiddly".)
  12. A Sound Design Mix Pre 3II can record 32 bit float files. I use Logic Pro X for my sound editing and, as I understand things, it converts 32 bit float files to 24 bit while ingesting them. If that is the case, is there any point in recording the original audio file as 32 bit float? Thanks in advance for any information.
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